Sunday, 29 November 2009

Emergency Skin Care Kit! & Containers Bargin!

Hey Ladies,

I know, i know, i know ... where have i been & why am i being such a pap blogger/you tuber/twitterer?! well no excuses but work & life is still keeping me uber busy, i have literally not been either at home on my own or at home at all for the last 7 nights, so i've stolen this rare opportunity to do a post!

And as the title suggests its about my skin care kit, not emergency as in this saves my skin when it all goes wrong but because i'm such a dirty stop out these days & spend so much time at the chef's house (my man friend)that i need to pack a bag at a moments notice before i go to work & so i grab my skin care kit that i made up & got the idea from the gorgeous Muhsine

I've had one for months & it saves so much time & SPACE, but when i was browsing my local primark i spotted this beauty for £1!

It's basically 3 bottles & 3 little jars with labels & a funnel! Me being incredibly retarded & wanting everything perfect i essentially bought this kit for the labels! i want a label maker! & i even bought 2 of these kits, i think they're great.

So here are my over night essentials that i feel the need to take with me ( i know most of these are excessive but come on i'm a beauty addict, i need my lotions & potions to keep me sane)

So there's;
L'oreal Elvive Shampoo
L'oreal Elvive Conditioner
L'oreal Elvive Leave in conditioner
Naked Body Wash
Garnier Hydralock Moisturiser
Dermalogica Pre Cleanse
Garnier Pure Active cleanser
St Ives Apricot Scrub
Natural High Eye Cream
Superdrug Vitamin E Moisturiser

(stop rolling your eyes at the sheer number of products!)

So here's the kit all pretty & finished

BTW i have my 2 cleansers already in my little Dermalogica travel bottles & couldn't be arsed to transfer them!

For the leave in conditioner i just pored it in to the new container & because its a spray swapped the top from the big bottle to the new bottle & it fitted with just a little trim off the length of the tube!! (not just a pretty face you know)

Just to prove that it shuts!! & i always throw in a lip balm!!

There you go! hope its useful to some people & gives you some inspiration to create your own kits! & hope you're all well!!!

Thanks for reading & if you've got any requests let me know & i'll attempt at being a better blogger, i am looking for some iPhone apps to blog from which i could do on my lunch breaks from work!! so let me know if you know any good ones!!!

Love you all!!

Monday, 16 November 2009

It was my Birthday!! FOTD!!!

Hey ladies,

Thought i'd show you all the FOTD that i did for my birthday night out & a couple of pics of me slowly going down hill! You wouldn't want to see the morning after pics, it wasnt a pretty sight!

What i used
Mac Rubenesque paintpot
Stila Barefoot Contessa eyeshadow on lid
Stila Makalu eyeshadow on eye line to smudge
Benefit powderflage as highlight
Rimmel sexy curves mascara
False eyelashes

RMK makeup base primer
Illamasqua rich liquid foundation mixed with some RMK creamy foundation
Maybelline Mineral concealer
Mac Mineralized skin finish in medium dark
Benefit powderflage
Illamasqua Rude cream blush
Stila sun bronzing powder in shade 2
Benefit moon beam

Nothing! i'm lazy!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! i went to work on sunday morning still really drunk! i couldnt even walk in a straight line! such a state! haha

Cya soon

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation Review!

Hey Ladies!!

I know i know, i’m a pap blogger & have been MIA quite a bit at the moment, i am constantly at work at the moment or being distracted by a boy, those of you who follow me on twitter will know all about it, had a death in the family & just haven’t been on my own for the longest time, so have had no time for anything let alone blogging, i have had time to shop, there’s always time to shop so i need to do a haul video or blog post ASAP, i.e. before i buy anything else. (i began writing this post a week ago & failed at that aim! big time)

So i wanted to do a review on my Illamasqua purchase for you all, after the makeover ‘experience’ i received at the Illamasqua bloggers event i had to buy the rich liquid foundation mainly because after rubbing 90% off with my scarf my skin was flawless.

My view on the product

In a word WOW! This stuff is unbelievable, the coverage is the fullest I've ever found to the point that i haven't tried using it on its own yet which is unheard of for me!

I personally have been mixing it with Revlon colour stay foundation or Nars matt foundation, i know you’re supposed to mix with a moisturiser but my oily skin would mean it would slide off & i need to not look like shit at work. These combinations last for a good 10 hours at work so i love the lasting power. As for coverage of blemishes it works a treat & the same for dark circles, my use of concealed has dropped dramatically and to use the word flawless with this foundation would be an understatement as it makes you look dead with the level of pigmentation and pore coverage that you get. This is obviously a good thing but can be a pain in the arse when you’re in a rush as you have to do more extra steps to make yourself look alive so you do look like you have a bit of makeup on so if you’re after the ‘no makeup’ look this really isn’t for you.

As most of you will know my holy grail foundation is my RMK creamy foundation, so as with testing any foundation i do have to compare it. So does this compete/beat the RMK? I have to say in a few departments it really does.

The coverage test is certainly won by Illamasqua as is the price as it’s about £10 less than the RMK, however the overall winner has to be the RMK due to the finish you get, it makes my skin look practically flawless and glowing whereas the Illamasqua makes my skin look completely flawless and dead. This means i use less makeup with the RMK & look glowing compared to the more makeup i need with the Illamasqua & i look flawless but have the slightly made up look.

I definitely recommend this product to everyone who needs/wants a fuller coverage & i’ve used it every day since i got it so i think that says a lot! The colour range is brilliant but choosing your shade may be tricky if you cant get to a Illamasqua counter, i personally used Illamasquas online swatches.

Illamasqua Swatches

Hope that was useful to some of you & let me know your favourite foundations, i love trying new ones out!! & let me know how you all are, i miss being on twitter so much & miss everyone!!

Thanks for reading & have a lovely evening/day!

Lots of love & hugs & kisses