Monday, 21 December 2009

Monday Poll!!

Hey Ladies,

I thought I’d do a Monday updatey thing which I saw on the gawjus Laura's blog, mainly because i'm being a lazy so & so.


Jolly & content, having done an 8 hour shift I should be miserable but I can't be miserable in snow! I have taken a few tumbles though, so managed to sprain my ankle & wrist & twist my knee so hobbling along & have the biggest bruise all down my right thigh! Ah well!

Left or right handed?
I'm a righty, but having broken my right arm a few times when I was a kid resorted to me using my left hand and so I am ambidextrous & I eat with a knife & fork like a lefty!

Where do you consider home?

Home for me is where I am right now, in my bedroom of a house I’ve lived in for 23 years, my dad’s house. Also my aunt’s house as I have my own room there & they have bought a new house & actually are converting a room for me! haha! or where ever any of my family live I would consider home as home is just a feeling of complete relaxation & comfort, being able to get up & make yourself a cup of tea & look in the cupboards etc.

Three things you’re grateful for?

1. The chef - currently today he's dying of man flu & even though I told him to spend his day off in bed he went shopping for my Christmas presents so I have something to open on Christmas day. Bless

2. Christmas - even though I will be working on Christmas eve until 4pm there's nothing quite like Christmas & I’m glad I am able to celebrate it, granted I may not believe in baby Jesus but I get presents if I at least pretend for one day to celebrate his life! hehe!

3. My brother being ok after he completely destroyed his first car, the idiot! But he was completely unharmed thank the Lord! hallelujah! Haha, the same definitely can’t be said for his car! Haha!

I'm completely lazy when it comes to makeup application for work and so ...
Eyes - Nothing but mascara
Lips - Nada
Cheeks - Illamasqua Rude cream blush

Have you ever studied abroad?
Nope, I am sad I ever studied in this country so wouldn't do it in the future either!

Do you collect anything?

Erm, not really

Last text you sent?

My poor baby, hope you find some food! My ankle & knee are seriously killing me & I need to tidy! ugh! :( could do with your arms round me & you winkle in me! xxx

Haha! sorry TMI!!! ... to the chef obviously

I work in arctic conditions at the moment so my outfit consisted of black jeans, a vest top, blouse, jumper, fleece, apron & hoodie, with 3 pairs of socks & black mini uggs! haha or right at this second jogging bottoms & hoodie, with the hood up coz I is well 'ard man!

Weekly Goals:
Sleep as much as possible as I’m working every day til Christmas from last Tuesday! I’m failing so far & also clean before Christmas day also a fail & wrap all my presents before Christmas Eve ... Fail!

Hope you're all doing well leading up to Christmas & are loving the snow like i am if you're in the UK!

cya all soon!!



Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Sorry But It's Got To Be Rant Time! - HQhair!

Hey ladies,

I hope every one's all merry about Christmas coming up, sadly now i may just drag you down but I'm afraid its gonna have to be said.

When i receive good customer service and a good experience from online shopping, i don't rave enough & recommend them to everyone, when i have an average one that's neither good or bad i don't waste my breath, but when its a bad one i think people deserve to know if they are considering ordering from the website.

Well this is a bad one as the title suggests.

In October HQhair relaunched their site, quite frankly their old site was a mare to navigate & discover new products, unless you focused on a particular brand you couldn't see any products, anyway with their newly relaunched site there was a £5 off code for the first how ever many customers put an order in. Brilliant i thought, so wanting to test out a couple of things that you ladies probably will be interested in hearing my review on (still keeping it under wraps for now) i put my order in.

A few days later i received my package and instead of getting the two products i ordered there was only one, i looked at my invoice and it said the other one was to follow, after a few days i forgot all about it (my age catching up with me). Then one night a few weeks later i realized i still hadn't received it, so took to twitter to rant, as hqhair follow me on there i got a message from one of the staff asking for my order number & seeing if she could get to the bottom of it. Then i got an email saying it was out of stock & will be back in stock in 8 - 10 days. Fine i thought, but why let a person order a product that's clearly not in stock!

Anyway the 10 days came & went, and i got another email after about 15 days saying it will be 4 more days. In the mean time i placed another order for a bliss skin care set using a code with 25% off saving me about £7! brilliant i thought.

Tonight i received two emails from HQhair, one saying my product that i ordered first will be 'another 4 days' & then got an email a week after i placed my order saying my order had been canceled with absolutely no reason why.

I headed immediately for the site to see if it was out of stock which it isn't according to the site. So i could repurchase this set but it will cost me the full price plus the shipping cost as the 25% off has expired.

I am officially never buying anything from their site again. On the website there is no customer service email address just a telephone number, so in order to complain about the shitty service i have received from them i have to spend more money on the phone call & time i quite frankly don't have, i have one day off before Christmas day on Thursday & it wont be spent on hold to their shit customer service team.

HQhair are predominately a website service, they do have a salon but their main revenue is from their website & they cannot afford to treat customers this way because word of mouth certainly spreads and after this experience i will never recommend them to anyone.

I have heard so many people on twitter tell me about their bad experiences with them & i want to know if you've had any & was it resolved. I will be calling them & will update you if they decide to pull their heads out of their arses long enough to listen to a customer because quite frankly you can have all the fancy website in the world but it doesn't mask the fact that 2 out of 3 products in 2 months have not yet reached my door and that is appalling!

Hope you're all well & sorry for the rant & swearing but it had to be said! HQhair are fucking shit!

cya soon

& just so we all get a nice warm feeling after that rage here's a picture of my dog fattie bum bum when he was a puppy pre fatty & just plain spuddy (his real name)if you got to the end of this epic leave me a message saying fatty bum bum (i wont get offended its just water weight hehe)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

November Favorites

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd do my November favorites seen as though we're in December already, which i actually can't believe! So here they are!

- Dermalogica Pre Cleanse - After using my Philosophy purity cleanser for about 5 years i decided to try something new (mainly because Selfridges didn't have the large bottle of the Purity in stock, so with me you snooze you loose!!) So i picked this similar cleanser, similar in the sense that it's a makeup remover so step one of my face routine. Its a lemon scented oil that you apply dry to your skin, work in and add a bit of water & it turns milky & you rinse. It leaves my skin squeeky clean & removes every spot of makeup & doesn't sting my eyes!!! yay!

- Benefit Powderflage - I never posted to my blog that i purchased this but i did & i'm really glad i did! (i'll post a full review asap!) It is a lovely product & really makes a difference to the look of dark circles!!

- The Body Shop Nutriganics day & night creams - I got sent these to try out & have yet to post a review on them which i really need to do! I think they are really lovely creams, not a fan of the smell but they do what they're supposed to & moisturise well! I have been reaching for them every day over my other creams so that should say something!

- Illamasqua Glint & Burnish Bronzing Duo - I purchased this & the Glint & writhe at the same time (again didn't blog about it tut tut i know!), this one is the darker of the two & it is just lovely & gives you the most gorgeous golden glow so not really a day time bronze & highlight but i have worn it & not looked too dolled up so you can get away with it but i prefer a matte bronzer for day time. Anyway i've used it so much in the past month that it had to get a mention!!

So there you go, thanks for reading & link me to your favorites for last month, i have a Christmas present list to get working on so need recommendations!!! Hope you're all having a lovely beginning of December (la la la, la la la, la la la la la) hehe!!

Cya soon

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I did a Mac order!! .... Ooops!

Hey Ladies,

So the other night when Rihanna's performance on the X-Factor results show (i only tuned in to watch her perform, i can't stand the programme personally!) caused a twitter flush of questions about her eyelashes i decided to investigate! They were so long, full & fluttery so i started at Mac & decided they must have been the 48's, they were added to my cart immediately but you know how it is i had to get a couple more bits so here's the damage! (i thought i was restrained, i suppose paying for next day delivery so i could have the lashes for my works Christmas party was a little extreme)

44 Lashes - 'A unique combination of separate bundles at inner corner and dramatic winged outer corner combine for a full and fabulous effect.'
48 Lashes - 'Longer wispy bundles with an even edge create a flirty fringe that verges on the dramatic.'

Both these pairs of lashes are so long, need to decide the pair to wear tonight!! they're gorgeous i am in love with them! i shall attempt to post a picture of what they look like applied if i'm not too drunk to remember! :)

Brule Eyeshadow - 'Soft muted creamy-beige (Satin)'
Woodwinked Eyeshadow - 'Warm antique gold (Veluxe Pearl)'

Both of these are lovely basic shades, i do have a tenancy to go for the wild colours that mac offer so its nice to have a few muted tones & woodwinked is the most beautiful goldish colour!

Powersurge Eye Khol - 'Golden bronzed-brown with golden shimmer'

I saw Nicola of Pixiwoo using this in a tutorial as a base so had to have it, anything gold is sold to me & this is a gorgeous shade!

So there's my little show & tell for you, i think i was restrained sort of! Let me all know which pair of lashes you think i should go for & your favorite Mac items, i do have enough really but being the addict i am could always buy more!

Thanks for reading & i hope you're all having a lovely week!!