Monday, 25 January 2010

Swoon With Me!

Hey Ladies,

With the release of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland film being released soon (i.e. i haven't a clue, never seen the original anyway, i may download it tonight) there's two brands who are releasing a collection, the big hitter being Urban Decay who have released their Wonderland Palette, something which i'm not too bothered about really, the one that got me is by the brand Paul & Joe. They released another Disney collection last year which was to die for and this time it's an Alice in Wonderland one.

How bloody gorgeous are they, there are 2 options to choose from Daydream (which is my finest trait) which is the blue packaging and Fantasy which is the pink packaging.

Not only is daydream the perfect description of me but the light orange lipstick is better for me than the pink, although they're not strictly lipsticks more lip conditioners which is fine by me.

So for your moola you get the tin which has a mirror, blotting tissues & a lippy and will set you back £25 in the uk! ouch! i know but they're worth the pennies because they're so damn gorgeous! & you can use the tin for your regular blotting tissues once these run out not that you're allowed to use them of course, too pretty for that!

They're avaliable at the end of next month from Asos if you live in the UK & if you all beat me to buying them i'll kick off & it will be smacked botties all round! you've been warned!!

Hope you're all having a not so miserable monday!! I'm not, I got the sims 3 to work on my computer when I checked on the site if it was worthy to run it & they said no so HA! in your face!! i can now say goodbye to any social life i may have had. I'm off to Leeds tomorrow for the Aussie party & i actually want to take my laptop with me!! how sad!!

Cya soon!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

I Think I May Have Changed My Mind!! Stila Smudge Pot!

Hey ladies.

Having coming to the conclusion that gel liners don't work on me i made a vow to myself that i wouldn't buy anymore ... however after seeing a video on youtube about how much someone loved their Stila smudge pot my vow was broken. Shock horror!

I went on ebay & purchased one for about £8 from the US (not full size, it was part of the trio you can buy but i just got a mini black one).

Once it arrived I immediately applied with my Mac 210 & found it was a lovely rich black & applied very smoothly & easily, I was impressed. However like every other gel eyeliner i have bought before it started to transfer on my lid and wear off, I stopped being impressed & once again decided gel liners just weren't for me.

When I recorded my last show & tell video on Youtube for some reason, maybe because it was part of the haul i applied it & it lasted the afternoon & entire evening!

I do have a theory ... of course! Normally i'm far too lazy to apply eyeshadow so if i'm wearing liner i just slap it on & it transfers, for some reason (bear in mind i've not done any scientific research) whenever i use an eyeshadow it doesn't! Jackpot! i can officially use gel eyeliner just have to stop being lazy & apply some shadow underneath! whooo!

I don't know if its specific to Stila because i gave my others away so cant test them out, i can however confirm i've just ordered another smudge pot in violet! hehe

Hope you've had a lovely week & weekend so far! mines not been the best but ah well nothing i can do!! Let me know you're favorite gel liners, i think i need to start buying them all again & work on my research!! hehe

Cya soon! (i have another show & tell video to record but it keeps getting delayed!! so watch out for that soon & my winners announcement for my giveaway)

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Oh It's So Pretty!! Estee Lauder Michael Kores Very Hollywood Collection

Hey Ladies,

I was totally perving at a Estee Lauder Michael Kors Very Hollywood collection that will be released on February 1st specifically the Bel Air part, which is peaches, if you're a pink girl then Rodeo pink will be perfect for you. I'm a coral/peachy girl so this is just makeup porn for me.

I mean look at those glosses, lipstick & blush & i'm intrigued by the nail polish as well!! I can leave the eyeshadow & pencil as i've got things like them already.
But i'm wanting, no needing these colours as they're perfect for the look i go for, i haven't craved a blush since i started using my Illamasqua rude cream blush which i wear everyday so i think i definitely need this one to break the spell Illamasqua has cast over me!

Estee Lauder do gorgeous shades of their products i think & with their demographic being the slightly more 'mature' wealthier woman the quality of the products are worth every penny you spend because the one thing those type of ladies don't tolerate is crap they'd have the CEO of Estee Lauder hanging from his/her balls before you knew it. So i've always found that any product i've tried has been excellent & if you haven't tried it out because their colours aren't as wowing as a brand like mac check out their basic products like their foundations, mascaras etc as they're second to none i've always found!

*sigh, i could perve all day but what's truly heartbreaking is that i don't have a job anymore so can't really afford Estee Lauder! If anyone would like to send me a belated Christmas gift (i kid, i kid) or Estee Lauder are feeling charitable upon me you're welcome to send them on to me to test! hehe!

Anyway hope you're having a lovely week, I woke up today with the worst sore throat which was weird! & was all tarted up do record a haul video for my Youtube channel & my brother got sent home from work (he hobbled in on crutches last night after hurting himself playing football ... idiot! so was rendered useless at work) so that didn't happen, don't want him thinking i'm mental talking to myself about primark! haha

Anyhoo tell me if you are yearning for anything from the Michael Kores collection & what are you favorite products from Estee Lauder I love being nosey!

See you soon!

Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Quicky Tippy!

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd share a quick tip type thingamagiggy with you all.

The humble conditioner.
I don't know if anyone else does this but instead of using shaving foam/oil use hair conditioner!
It works a treat! Keeps the skin soft, way less messy & cheap as chips! I'm using the conditioner above as an example as its my conditioner of choice, i of course don't use this instead i use my dad's crappy Pantene conditioner. (who's balding?! why he has conditioner i'll never know its a volumising one so it may be to poof up the last bit of hair he has! haha)

Anyways if you've never tried it I thought i'd pass it on as its so good, I never use a shaving gel now & if you're in a rush (& a bit of a skank like me) & need to shave your legs in a rush do it over the bath with conditioner & there's no need to moisturise afterwards! :)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far, i'm looking forward to a nice evening with my boyfriend & some spaghetti bolognese! & if you've got anymore quick tips & care to share i may do a series of them! :) & will give you the props of course!

Peace out! & love to all!

Lets help Haiti

Hey Ladies,

I'm sure you're all aware of the tragedy that struck Haiti on Tuesday, the lovely Gemma has set up a way for us to give some money towards the cause & help those in need.

Here's where you can donate

or here for Doctors without borders

Please give anything you can spare & we can really help people who need it more than we do our next lipstick on our shopping list!!

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

My Sweetie Haul!!

Hey Ladies

Just a quick video for you, no offense intended to anyone just a little fun!!!

if you can hear that mobile phone sound i do apologize & the quality went a bit crap when i converted it! :( ah well! its just a silly vid i guess!!

hope you're having a lovely day!!

cya soon for my normal posts!!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

So I Discovered Something Tonight ...

Hey ladies,

Being the dedicated beauty blogger & wanting to give you my opinions on the recent Lush stuff I got, I took my first free night since its arrival & called it bath night!
So I ran my bath, had my face mask at the ready (review coming at a later date) crumbled a bit of my bubble bar and added my bath bomb.

Waded in (as a woman my bath had to be scalding to the point where i looked like sponge bob square pants sidekick, so you have to gradually get in!!)

So I 'relaxed' with a Rick Gervais audiobook (a guilty pleasure) & i led there in my 'lush bath' as everyone keeps going on about & i discovered ....

I really don't like baths.

I was bored after about 5 minutes & just had to do my thing, scrub, hair remove & get out!

Baths are no fun on your own & I can't lie there for 20-30 minutes & twiddle my thumbs! or watch a bath bomb fizz to nothing, whilst umming & aaahing! So i've come to the conclusion that no matter how many fancy things that fizz and pop baths are boring, so give me a shower any day.

The next question is what do i do with all my Lush stuff?

Let me know if you enjoy a bath or find them dull as old dish water even with a bit of Lush!

Thanks for reading & i'll see you soon!

YouTube/Blogger Giveaway!! All finished now!!

Hey Ladies,

So to say thanks to everyone for subscribing to both my blogger & Youtube channel i thought i'd off load an unwanted gift on who ever will take it & i've thrown in some runners up prizes for a couple of lucky losers too!

Sanctuary Total Body Retreat

No7 Day Time Mini Colour Compact

Bits & bobs!! I'm sure I'll add a few more bits before I send it!

So the rules:
1. Be a subscriber to my this & my Youtube
2. Comment with 'enter me' below & you can enter twice by commenting on my video!
3. Uk only i'm afraid as the 1st prize is quite heavy! next time i'll find a lighter prize i promise!
4. I wont ship the 1st prize with all the packaging i'm afraid as it'll be a bugger to send as its so big! so you'll just get the products!
5. Closing date is 20th January 2010!!!

So good luck & my fingers are all crossed for you all!!!

Cya soon!!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Bandwagon? Me? ... Never!!! ... well maybe! Lush & Bodyshop Goodies

Hey ladies,

So i jumped on the Lush bandwagon everyone seems to be on at the moment, now i am a complete lush amateur who has only bought a couple of their soaps before so i went online (online being the key in this story, i detest the smell of Lush shops, they make me sick so i can only grab a few things before the smell gets too much. So never been able to last long enough to try out stuff) Any way here's what i got!

I've seen in blogs lush package their stuff in popcorn! Where's mine? I was peckish! haha

Bubble Bars/Bath Melts
Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar
- Patchouli and frankincense scented, i'd have to smell it in a bath before i make up my mind about this one as i think it may be a little overpowering!
You've been Mangoed - With nutritious mango and avocado butters to make your skin feel as if it's just had a really healthy breakfast and is all set up for the day, Sounds good to me! & smells divine!!

Massage Bars
Each Peach Massage Bar - Essential oils of Persian lime, red grapefruit, sweet orange and mandarin help to encourage a sunny disposition, Slightly annoyed there's no actual peach in this but it smells lovely so mustn't grumble! Heavanilli - Natural shea and cocoa butters smell of jasmine, vanilla and tonka, My favorite perfume is Jasmine & vanilla so i adore this smell!!

Big Shampoo - Sea salt shampoo for shine, softness and volume & smells like a margarita with lemon, lime and salt, with a handful of vanilla and iris thrown in. I'd seen this on a few blogs & thought i'd try it out, it is quite expensive for shampoo but you only need to use it a couple of times a week at the most! I can't wait to try it!

Vanilla In The Mist - Roasted cocoa beans and sweet vanilla, I'd say its more cocoa beans in smell than vanilla but is a lovely smell.
Porridge* - Oats are soothing for the skin, while orange juice is refreshing, I've used this soap before & I'm a big fan!!
Angels Delight* - Toning tangerine and orange essential oils to give it a heavenly, fruity scent. Smells nice but I'm not keen on the glitter that is within the soap.
Snowcake* - marzipan and amaretto with a little almond in it. I hate marzipan so not the biggest fan of this scent!

Honey Bee* - In addition to soothing honey, it has Moroccan Rhassoul mud to deep cleanse and soften your skin. Smells Lovely
Big Blue* - Lemon, lavender and seaweed for clear thoughts. A lovely fresh smell.
Think Pink* - Lavender, tonka bean and vanilla for endless fun and welcome refreshment. Not so keen on this as its a bit overpowering, but there's midget gems in it so its cool!
Avo Bath* - For liveliness and softer skin, with lemongrass to stimulate sleepy brains, freshly mashed avocado and olive oil to moisturize your skin. This smells so fresh, has to be a morning bath, which i never have! haha
Butterball - Ylang ylang & vanilla for buttery soft skin, anything vanillary i fall for as its my favorite smell!

* indicates a free product, if you spend £30 online you get £10 of free stuff (i think i got more than £10) & if you buy 2 massage bars you get a free massage bar tin.

The Body Shop

Before Christmas The Body Shop sent some bloggers who i assumed went to the bloggers event a gift voucher worth £20, a lovely early Christmas present. Sadly I haven't been into my local town where my Body Shop is since i received it, so i went yesterday & got a few things.

I got two peach body butters, which smell amazing! just like the peach juice my mum makes in Spain, they are on sale for £5 each!!!
I also got some Jojoba extra rich night cream, my skin is so dry in places at the moment so I'm drenching it at night with moisturizers so hopefully it will help. Reduced to £3 in the sale!
So thanks to The Body Shop, i've got some more to spend so will pick more up when i'm there next.

As for me for those of you don't follow me on twitter i did get sacked yesterday, & i'm really ok, gutted to leave behind the friends i've made but i got a bit of money for leaving so can't be too sad. I'm gonna have a bit of relaxation time because i've not had anytime off in about seven months so deserve a week or two of lying in baths & bed & reading a book or two! (my lush order will help that no end) & i can do some more posts & videos so my channel & blog will benefit hopefully.

Hope you are all well & thanks so much for the support on here & twitter from everyone & the advice given it gave me a confidence to go into the meeting without any support & stand up for myself & NOT CRY! I'm so proud of myself for that. I love this community for this kind of stuff!!

Love to you all & apologies for the epic post!! :)

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Show & Tell Vid On YT!!

Hey Ladies,

I've finally got around to doing another Youtube vid so here it is!!!

I'm gonna be doing a little giveaway in my next video for my subscribers so hit that button!!! :)

Hope you're all well, I've not had my meeting yet about being fired so theres a little update on that if you dont follow me on twitter!!

& i'll Cya soon

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

30% Off Nails Inc Treatments!

Hey ladies,

I thought i'd share this voucher with you all for 30% off Nails inc treatments valid until the end of the month. I've had my nails done by them before and although pricey i thought it was brilliant. So treat yourself & get down to one of their nail stations.

Download & print off the voucher here , fill it in & take it with you for your treatment & receive the 30% off.

Hope this is useful to someone!!

Thanks for reading!!!

Love love!!

Monday, 4 January 2010

Illamasqua Velocity Nail Polish How I Love Thee!?

Hey Ladies,

So my long talons are no more! Bad times, I'm not on a new years 'get my nails in shape' kick I just didn't have the time over Christmas to get them done! As my only days off were Christmas day, boxing day & new years day! Very bad times I think you'd agree! So I got sick of my scraggly nails on boxing day & chewed them all off, its very satisfying I assure you although very stupid & painful I admit!

So anyhoo they've been looking a state since then with no polish on & whilst I was cleaning today amongst all the 'omg i've been looking for that everywhere' discoveries including my very expensive Moxie ring which I assumed i left at the chefs house & he moved so it was lost forever (relief wasn't the word) I found my Illamasqua Velocity Nail polish I picked up when I was in London for the Maybelline event. Sacked off cleaning & did my nails & i've remembered why I loved it so much in the 1st place ... just look at it!

Ahhhhh!!! Such a pretty colour! So that's all this post is about really, I could tell you a bit about the Illamasqua polishes I guess, 2 coats & that's all you need you could push it at 1 if you're in a rush and they do last, now i've only used Illamasqua polishes on my fakie nails that I can remember so I can always do a review of the lasting power on my real ones after this application. There's so many amazing colours like most of the Illamasqua range & it is pricey at £12.50 a bottle but the colour range is really great & some of the colours are quite unique so i'm guessing you're paying for that. I'm seriously joansing for their polish in lament, which is a bright coral!!

Anyway I hoped you've enjoyed cooing over the colour like i am! & have a lovely week til I speak to you again, I may be getting fired tomorrow so i'll keep you updated! To say i'm bricking it is an understatement!!

Love, love, love

Bliss 'Pore Favor'

Hey ladies,

I hope every one is well! I thought i'd talk to you all today about a Bliss set I picked up over Christmas, I am prone to blocked & enlarged pores so anything that promises me clear skin I snap up.

The blurb
'Say adios to clogged pores with a full-sized bottle of our spa-inspired steep clean mask, fight 'grime' with a try-sized bottle of out cleansing and exfoliating fabulous foaming face wash and 'skin'-vest in your face's future with a deluxe sample of best of skintentions spf 15 daily moisturizer.

So from that you've gathered you get the Steep Clean Mask, Fabulous Foaming Face Wash & Best of Skintentions moisturizer, I purchased this from asos & it was about £35.

So the main attraction in this package is the Steep Clean Pore Purifying Facial Mask, which is supposed to dissolve dead cells and debris, exfoliate and smooth skin's surface and prevent clogged prominent pores. All of which I need.

So ... Does it work I hear you cry?
Rarely with a face mask to I see instantaneous results, I normally wait a few days to see my skin get brighter once all the crap has come to the surface but with this mask my skin looks instantly brighter & healthier & the pores clearer. Basically there's two parts to this mask which get dispensed onto your hand which you blend 'to activate the exfoliating enzymes' which turns it green you then rub the gel over the face which then turns white & sit around for 15 minutes at which point its gone a bit clear & wash it off, simples! & hey presto alacazam you've got yourself a brighter clearer complexion!

As for the other two products they're nice bonuses essentially getting them free as the mask is normally £35 so its better than a kick in the teeth, the fabulous 'foaming' face wash doesn't foam in the slightest however so why its called that i've not a scooby doo! But its a nice face wash & it has some exfoliation properties in it as well. As for the moisturizer, it does what it should I guess, its a light moisturizer which sinks into the skin nicely and smells (not that this will be useful to 99% of people) exactly like the sun tan lotion I buy at my mums in Spain! its a nice smell by the way & reminds me of fun in the sun so I automatically love it for nostalgic purposes!

Anyway I really recommend this mask for anyone who's skin is looking dull & has clogged pores, I've used it a couple of times & haven't reacted to it or broken out because of it. Let me know if you've tried any Bliss products as i'd like to try a few more as this has been a good experience with the brand.

Hope you're all well & thanks for reading this! you may be treat to another post tonight so its like Christmas has come again for you all! haha!! ... I am kidding!

Love to you all

Sunday, 3 January 2010

10 Products I'd Like To Try In 2010

Hey Ladies,

I hope you all enjoyed the passing of the New Year with a few beverages, I sadly didn't & settled for a Chinese at home with my boyfriend.

So I thought i'd do a post about the products i'd love to try this year as the title may have suggested because I'd find it really interested to hear your opinions if you've tried them before or lusting after them like i am.

Where to start?

1. Beaute - A Canadian brand, their cheek & lip gel in Fluron $29 looks to die for as do their weightless lip creme in wanted $26, i went on the site to order today & whilst i'm happy paying the cost of the products which is expensive i refuse to pay $45 for shipping! So i may have to live without this one! Around £60 for 2 product delivered = bad times.

2. Dr Sebagh -antibacterial powder & breakout creme £55, anything with 'high tech' powders & thingimabobs will do for me. Described as 'A highly effective treatment to combat clogged pores, overproduction of oil and bacterial proliferation that leads to acne and skin inflammation.' yes yes yes please!!

3. StriVectin SD eye cream £51, described as 'An eye cream to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles around the eye' I love eye creams so I love trying out more expensive products to test them against cheaper ones, plus you get about 40mls in this so it will last a very long time so worth the steep price.

4. Shu Uemura Balancing Cleansing Oil £27, i love cleansing oils & have been recommended the Shu one many times so am gonna aim to purchase this one after my Dermalogica Cleansing oil is finished, described as 'A light, refreshing cleanser and makeup remover that thoroughly cleanses the skin without disrupting its natural balance, leaving it purified and blemish-free' Sounds good to me!

5. Kiehl's Over-Night Biological Peel £40, described as 'This effective overnight peel stimulates the desquamation process; the biological means by which the skin restores itself. With continued use the formula helps reduce the look of pore size and hyper-pigmentation' Love the sound of this one & have been interested in trying Kiehls for a while as the majority of their products are reasonably priced.

6. Mac 138 Tapered Face Brush £35.50, 'A domed brush of ultra-soft, natural fibres featuring a slightly pointed tip with round chiselled sides. Specially designed to streamline and enhance the makeup technique of sculpting and shaping' I love the idea of this brush & wanted it for ages, its just so expensive, i should probably purchase it online so i cant see the money changing hands so i can look at myself in the mirror!

7. Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Vow £12, instead of using a white pencil for my waterline to make me look more awake, this is a apricot yellow colour i've been craving which looks more natural, i refuse to pay the shipping for this so will just have to wait to get it at a counter.

8. Mac Freckletone Lipstick £12.50, described as 'Full-frontal neutral peach (Lustre)' because of my colouring i find it really difficult to wear pink nudes so hopefully this peach nude will be perfect for me. I am going to have a day at the Trafford Centre in Manchester & do all this shopping hopefully!

9. RMK Recovery Gel £38, described as 'Recharge your skin with RMK Recovery Gel. Its ‘sealing’ effect allows the goodness to permeate and prepare a soft and plump canvas overnight for your next morning make over' this sounds like a wet dream to me at the moment so me wants right now!!

10. Mac 134 Large Powder Brush £35.50, 'An extra large paddle-shaped brush featuring a fluffed, rounded tip. Of soft natural fibre, this brush is specially designed to provide flawless application of powder to face or body' I'm so lazy with my makeup application if i can find a giant brush to apply my powder 2 seconds faster than a smaller brush its mine!!

Perhaps i should have done 12 products & committed to one each month as a monthly treat! inevitably another product would distract me each month & i'd end up with nothing but i may give it a go so stay tuned!

I'd love to make this a tag & see everyone's most desired, in our little fickle world its products but my real want this year is this ...

To see my baby in Spain, which hopefully i will be doing in February with the Chef if i don't get fired on Tuesday! So fingers crossed, i'll be geniunely gutted if i can't go. I've not seen him in 6 months & seeing him over a webcam is just not the same so i need to go & spend a week with the old grump! (he's such a pauser)

If you fancy doing this post link me to it i'd love to see them & i hope you're all having a lovely new year so far! loving the snow once again in old Blighty!

See you soon