Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Hi My Name is Nicola :)

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd do this tag because its a nice one

I pinched it from Victoria

Never in my life have I been: Unloved, Embarrassed, to the moon!

The one person who can drive me nuts is: my boyfriend. He moans, he sulks, he whinges but he is amazing so i don't mind him driving me slightly bonkers, i'm sure i do the same to him!

High school: I was a geek, top set for everything & actually paid attention! (it didn't carry on into sixth form & university)

When I'm nervous: I bake & cook & clean!

The last song I listened to was: Empire of The Sun - We Are The People

If I were to get married right now my maid of honour would be: My cousin Becky who's my best friend! :)

My hair is: Very Long & very blonde (naturally) & with a recent fringe added (will do a post on it)

When I was 5: I had a broken arm twice, did it once getting some milk standing on a stool. Had my pot taken off then a week later was on a bouncy castle & broke it again!

Last Christmas: Had a family breakfast with my entire family (there's loads of us) & then had a lovely lunch with my boyfriend, Dad, Brothers & Aunt

I should be: more bothered about everything, i'm so laid back i'm horizontal most of the time & have an 'i don't give a shit attitude' so i should care more i think!

The happiest recent event was: me getting my job! its a very nice feeling when you met someone for 5 minutes & they liked you so much they changed the job to full time as opposed to part time & adapt the role to suit your needs! warms the cockles!

There's this girl I know that: I cannot wait to see on Saturday for a girls night out ... well there are 3 girls i know in this case. You will see my FOTD & OOTD (outfit of the day) pre partying!

I like you when: you leave me lovely comments & suggestions & requests & when you subscribe i always smile!

The world could do without: Drugs, illness & bad people & me when i have a hangover!

Most recent thing I've bought myself: Lots & lots of makeup, clothes & nail polish (you will be seeing the damage when i do a haul video or post)

Most recent thing someone else bought me: A white rose! (from my boyfriend for getting my new job, nearly 2 weeks old & still going strong, the rose i mean)

My middle name is: Jayne

The animals I would like to see flying besides birds are: Dogs or specifically my dog, so he could fly from Spain whenever he wanted to come & see me ... I miss him :(

Once, at a bar: I can't remember & prefer not to!

Last night I was: Crying my little eyes out whilst watching The Blind Side, which is a great film!

There's this guy I know who: Makes me very happy ... Most of the time

Tomorrow I am: Working & then sleeping the entire bank holiday! Apart from my night out on Saturday

Tonight I am: Going to be having a play on my new Blackberry hopefully (it should be delivered tonight, watch everyone be out my house after 5pm so no one can sign for it)

My birthday is: 14th November

I think everyone should do this, i'm so nosey!! Sorry for the lack of pictures, i'm doing this at work!! :)

Hope you're having a lovely day & week & i'll see you soon (probably tonight with another NOTD, i'm thinking OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender! Thoughts?)


Tuesday, 30 March 2010

NOTD!! China Glaze High Hopes

Hey Ladies,

Whilst sat at my desk at my new job bored out my brains today I admired my lovely polish and so took a pic to show you all. By the way i'm really enjoying my new job, it's a bit slow at the minute but it's sure to pick up.

So I present China Glaze High Hopes from the new Up & Away collection. As i bought loads of nail polish recently I'll do a NOTD when I wear them so you can see them in all their beauty. Of course I added the Lorraine glitter nail with my Opi Mad as a Hatter!

This is such a different colour than I was expecting, it looks red in some lights but in others its a strong red coral. I really like it & of course with the glitter nail it looks amazing!! I did get a compliment in boots about the polish so its a winner!!

Hope you are all having a lovely week & looking forward to the 4 day weekend ahead! I know I am! Thanks so much for reading as ever, let me know your favorite polishes at the moment as i'm addicted to buying them & painting my nails (plus my boyfriend has some serious arse kissing to do, those of you who follow me on twitter will be well aware of this, so he can buy me more polishes to make up for it! so get suggesting to make him pay!)

Friday, 26 March 2010

Handbag Of The Week! I've Finally Changed My Handbag!

Hey Ladies

As the title suggests i've finally switched from my Balenciaga bag to a different one!

I bought this bag from H&M the other day mainly because I don't really want to take a designer bag to work with me (i don't know if i'm being paranoid, i'll probably switch back to designer when my Mulberry Alexa arrives)

Anyhoo Here it is

Its a really nice slouchy bag with short handles for on the shoulder or arm or use the long strap for a satchel! love it! There's some really nice details which i've failed to show you as well! my apologies, but its currently in H&M for £24.99! I loves it!!

Seeing as I wont take my designer bags to work I have switched back to my Chanel purse so at least i have that to stroke!!

Just a nice quick read for you & thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Yves Saint Laurent & Pixi Haul

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd show you a few makeup items i've picked up recently, I wanted to wait til all my purchases arrived to do a video but i think i'll have too many for 10 minutes so i thought i'd pop them on here instead.
So here's what i got!

YSL Rouge Volupte #30 Faubourg Peach

Such Lovely Packaging!!


I think the online swatches of these on the YSL site are shite! It looks pink on the site whereas its a milky peach, just the most gorgeous colour & formula. My aim now is to buy one a week until i have all the colours i like (perhaps starting with a back up of this) As soon as i fell in love I text my cousin who's 21 next week & said when I come to Manchester we're going to Selfridges & i'm treating you to one as an extra present, I seriously want everyone to own one!

The Pixi Stuff

Consisting of:
Eye Beauty Kit in Mirage (for a giveaway)
Awakening Eye Beauty Kit in Miracle Velveteen
Moisture Tint Gloss in number 15 (beige) & number 5 (Pink & for giveaway)
Sheer Cheek Gel in Fresh
Liquid Eyeliner in Black
I also got an Eye definer (Pencil highlighter) In number 3 (forgot to put in the pic!)

The Miracle Velveteen Palette!

I picked a really neutral palette for myself as am more likely to use it, I think its good for your makeup bag because its so teeny tiny.

Overall I think Pixi is quite an appropriate name for the products because they are so small & for the money they are not worth it. The palettes are £18 each & they are tiny. Thankfully I didn't pay full price for these items i bought them from who are having a massive sale on the Pixi brand so now is the time to buy it.

I could never recommend it full price to anyone, even when i've had a bit of disposable income i've refused to pay for things that aren't worth it, the colours aren't brilliantly pigmented i thought but essentially i paid £3-£4 for the palette so can't grumble! I do like the moisturising gloss things i have to say though.

Hope you're all having a lovely week & let me know if you've bought products that aren't worth the price tag! I know I certainly have although the YSL lippy ain't one, yes it's £21 but I think they're unique & you cant find that formula anywhere else so worth the pennies.

Thanks so much for reading & I shall be doing my giveaway soon for my loverly subscribers once i pick up a few more bits, any suggestions for prizes? let me know!!

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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sorting Out My Makeup Bag!

Hey Ladies,

I have been super bored today so I decided due to starting work on Tuesday it was about time to get organised, I'll be busy tomorrow spending the day with my boyfriend and his son so tonight was the opportunity to sort my life out! Mainly my makeup bag.

The past few months i've not been putting makeup away just piling it all in my massive makeup bag so have been dipping in and out of it everyday & my makeup was just everywhere!

Case & Point! (excuse the iphone pics, my cameras not charged!)

The Giant makeup Bag

Plus my normal makeup bag plus loads more

Newly organised makeup bag!

My Everyday Items

Foundations - Mac face & body & Illamasqua Full coverage which i mix together
Concealers - Makeup Forever full coverage, Maybelline pure cover mineral (something like that! & Benefit Powderflage
Highlighters - Pixi eye definer number 3 & Mac lutsre drops in sunrush
Blusher - Mac Ripe Peach Blush ombre (of course)
Bronzer - Clinique true bronze in sunkissed
Setting Powder - Makeup Forever HD powder
Eyeshadows - Pixi Miracle velveteen beauty kit & Stila with 4 shadows in (no idea colour names)
Liners - Pixi black liquid liner, Stila smudge pots in black & violet, Mac fluid line in jadeye & Kryolan eyeliner in 905 (nude for waterline)
Brows - ELF brown liner
Mascaras - Maybelline Colossal volume & Mac Pro long lash
Lips - YSL Rouge volupte in Faubourg peach (swatch & FOTD coming soon) & Mac freckletone

My Everyday Makeup Brushes
The Cleared out stuff!

Also I don't want to be dragging round my full makeup bag with me all day because in truth i rarely touch up my makeup but I do like the security of some items with me, so I'm going to start using my lovely Mulberry makeup bag again.

My touch up Items!

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend I have had a man free one so been able to be bored & therefore shop! More of this coming up! (not good!) But you will all get a nosey at what i've bought!!
Thanks for reading & i'll see you soon!

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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Things I'm Loving & Hating

Hey Ladies,

Thought I'd update you on what i'm loving & hating at the moment !!

1. I GOT A JOB!!! yay! high 5! I got a phone call from my recruitment agency on Thursday at about half past 4, had an interview on Friday at 11am & had the job by 2pm that same afternoon, not only do i start on Tuesday (aaahh) When i went to the interview I was told it was part time & the lady who interviewed me loved me so much she made me full time! double high 5!!

2. Shopping!
Due to a new job i needed some office clothes so i went online & went slightly mental! eeek this is seriously what i've bought online in the past 7 days, the dresses are for my cousins 21st & other cousins wedding & just a nice summer maxi dress (went shopping today & bought loads as well) will do a haul with everything when they've arrived! (may be a 30 minute video!!)

3. Peach!! I am loving all the peach that is so in right now! As i've always said i'm a peach girl so i'm rocking the peach truely which includes my mac ripe peach blush & brand new Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Faubourg Peach which I got today (seriously need to buy backups because i'm not sure if its permanent!)

4. My Skin! It is truely behaving with my new skin care routine and so I am using a foundation with barely any coverage i'm loving it! I don't like the loads of makeup look so when i can look as natural as possible it makes me very happy!

5. My Nails!
My Mavala treatment has worked wonders & so i have them painted every day & repaint them every 3 days or so & of course i'm rocking the Lorraine nails, except my mad hatter hasn't arrived yet so i'm having to make do with a silver nail instead of glitter!

My Laptop! seriously it turns its self off at every avaliable opportunity & when i try to shut down i get the dreaded blue screen & my memory gets dumped! but now i've got another job the first thing i'm buying is a lappytop! i'm thinking of this sony one, if you've got any opinions on sony laptops let me know. I want a Macbook pro but i'm being sensible!!

That's about it really! I'm a lover not a hater!!

Let me know what you're loving at the moment & laptop suggestions if you've got any i'd love to hear about them. I did check out the sony one in store & it looks cool which is a total jusification for me getting it in girl world whilst my man goes on about the amazing ram of the other ugly laptop!! :)

Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far!!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Serious Hair Envy!!

Hey Ladies,

I was having an Adam Sandler marathon last night with my boyfriend & when I was watching 50 First Dates I couldn't help but yern for Drew Barrymore's messy beach locks.

I wants them so badly, my hair is so straight I wish it could look like this, so this is where you guys come in, can any of you recommend products/techniques to achieve this look? preferably that dont take ages, i'm so lazy!!!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, I truely am not, but hey ho life goes on!!
Love you all

Friday, 12 March 2010

Nails of The Day Featuring Barry M!

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd do a quick easy NOTD to show you my new Barry M polishes that featured in my latest haul video

279 Bright Pink

Love this colour, one coat & its a lovely subtle pink & another coat & its a really gorgeous bright pink as the name suggests! Plus i've had this on since Wednesday & no chipping which is unheard of for my nails!! whoo!!
294 Cyan Blue

Sorry for the toes, if you're not a fan i've only got one pair of hands!! As for the one nail blue one nail pink, i'm in a silly mood!! I love this blue shade reminds me of the OPI Suzi Says Feng Shui which hopefully i shall be ordering along with mad as a hatter & jade is the new black if my boyfriend fancies treating me!

Thanks for reading & hope you have a lovely weekend! & i definitely recommend the Barry M polishes I have loads & they're all fantastic! I think i'm a bit of a nail polish hoe!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

You Are All Stars! 400 subscribers!!

Hey Ladies,

With our sun just one of 50 billion stars in our galaxy, amongst more than 50 billion galaxies, it is easy to think of ourselves as insignificant. Although we are separated from galaxies by unimaginable distances, we are connected to them, I found out that the iron in our blood was created when a star in its dying phase, exploded. We are literally made from stars, we are their descendants the only difference is time!

You are all stars not only literally but also for subscribing to me & being interested in what I have to say & this week I reached 400 subscribers, so I want to say a big thank you, it means the world to me & I shall be doing a big giveaway soon so you my beautiful subscribers can win some goodies!!

If you're feeling down on yourself remember you're made from the heavens! So look up & see how beautiful the stars are & know that you are as beautiful as they are!!

Loving you all lots!!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Giveaway Winners!

Hey Ladies,

Just a quick post to announce my winners, I did a video on YouTube with them a few days ago & then realized not all my subscribers watch my vids & as 2 winners we're from the blog comments I better post them on here!!

So check out my video & the winners please email me with your addresses so I can send your goodies! & get subscribed to me!!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!! I reached 400 subscribers which i'm thrilled about but I will do a separate post about that with another giveaway attached most likely!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

H&M Organic Skincare

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd do a post on the upcoming H&M organic skincare range that is being released this month (don't know the exact date, early March from what I can tell)

The product line intially will consist of body wash, body scrub, body lotion, hand cream and lip balm avaliable in either raspberry and melon or lavender and mint scents, as well as a toiletry bag and cosmetic bag made from organic cotton.

First of all I love the packaging & the toiletry bags will be mine, i've been looking for some nice ones as I spend a few nights a week away from home so these look like a nice option. The prices range from £2.99 to £4.99 so very cheap and though the products are not 100% organic its a start if you're into organic skin care. I am a little bit disappointed there is no facial care products but i suppose they take more time & money to devlop so hopefully they'll be added to the line at a later date.

The products are made from sustainable ingredients such as organic apple juice, sunflower seed oil, almond seed oil & jojoba and are in recyclable packaging and also the formulas meet the requirements of Ecocert which is Europe's leading organisation for the certificate of natural and organic products.

I definitely will be trying it out when i see it in store, i think the raspberry & melon scent will be a winner for me, i detest the smell of lavender!

Thanks for reading & i'll see you soon!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

February Favorties!!

Hey ladies,

I was planning to do my February favorites on my YouTube channel but every time i try & do a bloody video someone comes home & I get distracted! :( I will do a non haul video eventually!! So for ease i though i'd write about them instead!

So I guess we'll start with nails as they dominate my favorites.

Mavala Scientifique Nail Hardener & Nail Strengthener
The Nail Hardener (the one above the other two) is a blue liquid which you paint on the nails & it seems to absorb into the nail & essentially its supposed to bond all the nail layers together to harden the nail. No nail strengtheners i've used before are anything like this & i think this works wonders, i've been using it religiously since i got it & my nails are hard as ... well nails! (ho hum!)

The Nail Strengthener comes with 2 little bottles, the white formula you paint on has loads of nylon fibres to help support the nail and add layers to prevent any breakages, and the second pink formula simply smooths out the nail in order for you to apply a colour. Its supposed to make your polish last longer but my second bottle wont open (i got sent another & the same thing happened so i only use the white on its own) so i've not tested a colour over the top yet.

Essie Nail Polishes
I first of all adore the shades of my Essie polishes i've been using recently, very on trend for Spring with the pastel shades & although they are difficult to apply I think they're really worth the hassle of one more coat of polish than i'd do with OPI. I ordered my polishes from & after receiving Neo Whimsical instead of Van D'Go i was a little annoyed when the seller told me to purchase the Van D'Go & she wouldn't charge me postage when sending me the right polish (how kind) I swiftly told her to shove it & I wasn't paying for her mistake so i would buy it from any other seller but her! (that showed her) I'm glad I got the Neo Whimsical now as its a gorgeous pastel lilaccy pink and really flattering on the fingernails, i'd never imagine i'd pull it off! As for the other two colours perfect for me as they're coral shades which are always my favorite.

Light Foundation
My skin has completely changed recently, it's gone from oily to normal/dry and due to me no longer starving my skin of moisture i've been slapping on E45 & my Avene Rich Skin Recovery Cream, and with this my pores have plumped up so much, meaning i need much less coverage, so foundations once totally useless on me give me enough coverage now along with my concealer for any bad bits. So my Mac Face & Body which I kindly received from Kelly and my £1.50 star from 2True i've been using loads! Good times! (I've also concluded that my skin was dehydrated so my pores were enlarged, i'm gonna do a skin care video soon hopefully)

Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer
This seems like a contradiction to my previous favorite as I don't need a full cover type foundation but my dark circles do need coverage & this is perfect. It is as good as my beloved Bobbi Brown corrector & creamy concealer, doesn't budge all day & isn't drying so doesn't look cakey! Just what i need in a concealer!
Coloured Gel Eyeliners
Now that i've finally worked out how to as Tim Gunn would say 'make it work' with gel eyeliners I love wearing coloured ones, in particular my Mac fluidline in Jadeye (turquoise is my favorite colour) & Stila Smudgepot in Violet (makes my green eyes look amazing, everyone compliments me when i wear it) It such a quick easy look that requires no faffing & blending which i'm far too lazy for & really brings attention to the eyes & away from 'the boys!'

Mac Freckletone Lipstick
I'll put this in my February Favorites & then it wont be in a favorites because its gone straight from my shopping bag into my permanent makeup bag, ie the things that i use everyday. This colour is the most perfect colour for me & I don't feel the need to buy any more lipsticks (barring YSL Rouge Volupte shade 2, I cant help myself!) The texture is great, not drying or heavy a nice light moisturising lipstick & the colour is a peachy brown which is my lip colour but better! This is my holy grail & i shall never part from it!

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum
This smells amazing, I don't know if it will take the award for my number one perfume from my Coco Chanel Mademoiselle but its giving it a good go. According to the House of Frasier site this fragrance contains top notes of tea and bergamot, middle notes of sambac jasmine, orchid, freesia, and rose, with a base note of patchouli. That equals pure loveliness!! I've been wearing this practically everyday since i got it!

Talika Eyebrow Growth Serum
Basically for most of my life i've had blonde half eyebrows and whilst my brows are still blonde thanks to this I have full brows that don't stop half way! I love this & recommend it to anyone having problems with their brows, its about £20 & works very quickly. I only really saw the results fully last month when I had my brows tinted & saw how filled in they have become & even! I love this stuff.

So there's my February Favorites for you, hope you enjoyed reading & link me up to yours if you've done them i love hearing favorite products!!

Handbag of The Week! Balenciaga Giant City Bag!

Hey Ladies,

It's been ages since i did one of these posts and mainly this is because i've rarely switched bags since I got this bag in November, occasionally I have but this has been my main one. I think the rest of my bag collection is feeling neglected. Anyway I was having a conversation on twitter with Bickyyy she was asking me about the bag so I said i'd do this post showing the bag as she wants one.

So the bag is a Balenciaga Giant City Bag in black with golden hardware!

I use it as an everyday bag but its certainly big enough for an overnight bag, this is the amount of rubbish i can fit into it!

This gives you a indication of the size of the bag!

I love Balenciaga bags they're one of my favorite designers and i think this is my favorite of my 3 Balenciaga bags, its really practical for everyday use & big enough for times when you need to carry around loads of stuff which is everyday for me.

When choosing a designer bag i think its really important to choose wisely. In the past i've chosen very fashionable bags & these ones are ones that I don't use anymore, a classic bag in classic style in a colour such as black or brown that goes with everything makes the piece an investment and well worth the money you pay, it will last you a very long time and you can save on other areas of your wardrobe!!

Hope you enjoyed having a nosey & having a lovely weekend, hope you have a lovely Sunday


p.s. Those are clean knickers by the way!!!

Friday, 5 March 2010

FOTD!! Featuring Mac Ripe Peach Blush Ombre

Hey ladies,

Yesterday I got the Ripe Peach Blush Ombre & obviously had to use it today so i thought i'd take the opportunity to show you what it looks like on. I've not done a FOTD for ages! Nothing complicated at all, some coloured liner & nice fresh cheeks.

The overall effect

Closer Look At the blush

The Liner

What I used

Max Factor Lash Extension Effect Mascara
Mac Brulee eyeshadow
Mac Jadeye Fluid Line applied with 210 brush

MUFE Full coverage concealer shade 8
2True Smooth Matte Foundation Shade 2 (no laughing at my £1.50 foundation, i love it!)
Benefit Powderflage
MUFE High Definition Translucent Powder
Mac Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach
Chanel Bronzer (names rubbed off the compact!)

So thats my Face of The Day for you. I love the blush ombre, the shade is perfect for me as i always say i'm a peach girl! Its just like Nars Gina blush but with a bit of golden shimmer, not too much though as i hate shimmer (the main reason i don't own Nars stuff, although I will be getting gina as its matt) it gives you a glow so i really recommend it.

I had a slightly torrid time getting mine, I ordered it on Monday & it was delivered on Wednesday which i think is nice & quick, I was at my boyfriends for a few days so persuaded my dad to bring it to his house & i opened it & the bloody thing was smashed! :(
I emailed Mac & they told me it was out of stock so had to be refunded, thankfully i was shopping when i got that email (thank god for push email on the iPhone) & so i popped to my local Mac & picked one up! I love it!

I resisted anything else from the new collections which is good, i'm not a lipgloss girl really but the creamsheens look quite nice maybe i'll get one in the future but i'm satisfied with my purchase for now. What did you ladies get from the collection? loads or are you holding out for the Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lipstick?

Hope you're all having a lovely week & i'll see you soon. Gonna announce the winners of the sanctuary giveaway i posted ages ago!! so watch out for that on my YouTube channel!


Monday, 1 March 2010

A Few Bits & Bobs!

Hey Ladies,

Sorry for my absence, I'm back from Spain & had such a lovely time seeing my dogs & my folks & having my boyfriend to myself for a week! Although he discovered I'm not the nicest of travellers, I may have told him to f-off quite a few times on the journey to my mums (I'm used to travelling on my own so when he tells me he's going for a fag 6 minutes before our train i get a little stressed) I discovered he's a big baby as well, if anyone watched that married, single, other on ITV will know the first episode was a bit 'emotional' well he full on blubbed like a baby (so did i, but that's not the point) Bless!

Anyway I bought something at duty free & have bought a couple of skin care items as well (will do a review once they're tested thoroughly)

(sorry about the pics, i cant locate my camera so got the pics online)

My duty free mad moment ...

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb 50ml Eau De Parfum Special Edition

This was about £40 for the Special edition & the regular edition the same amount & type (i.e. 50mls eau de parfum) was £10 more so i got the special edition & its so sparkly!
Why i got a perfume i have no idea, I've got so many but I've wanted this for ages & the bargain factor got to me a bit! ah well! I love this scent, recommend it to everyone.

I made a couple of online purchases when i returned, my skin has gone haywire recently so its gone from oily/combination to dry & i mean dry. When i went over to Spain I was hoping to pick up some Embryolisse from a pharmacy (I swear i saw some once) but i couldn't find it anywhere so have been resorting to using E45 as my moisturiser (I can seriously leave a layer of this on my face overnight & my skins still dry the next day), a brand which I did see however was Avene but due to the shite Euro/Pound rate i decided to wait until i was home & order online & also due to the stupid 100ml carry one allowance (I only take carry on).

Anyway here's what i got.

Gentle Gel Cleanser - 200mls about £10
Described as a cleanser which gently and thoroughly removes impurities and make-up without drying and moisturizes skin and provides anti-oxidant protection leaving skin soft, supple and smooth.

Sounds good to me!

Avene Skin Recovery Cream - 40mls - around £12
Described as an instant soothing cream for hypersensitive and intolerant skin, fragrance-free cream that contains a minimum of ingredients to ensure maximum tolerance, it uses glycerine to give the skin an intense hydrative boost and plant derived lipids to help restore a sense of comfort to the skin and regenerate the skins natural barrier.

I've had a rash from sensitivity (& kissing my boyfriend & his stubble) for months, got rid of it with a gel product (which i'm going to be doing a review about soon) & it did return so i'm looking at repairing the skin & the barrier thing sounds good so that i can have a kiss & not be worried about rashes!!

Let me know if you've tried any Avene before, I really like the brand & have used some of their products for years & really want to try more.

Hope you've had a lovely few weeks & are all well.

See you soon

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