Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Oh Thank You I Needed To Laugh!

Hey Ladies,

Well I've had possibly the most horrible few days of my life, not been having too much fun in my home life then on Saturday morning my mum told me over skype that one of my dogs (not my baby Snag) was very ill & she didn't know if he'll be ok, cue me crying for a good few hours. Then later on I get a message from my younger brother saying my mum's been advised to have him put down cue me crying uncontrollably pretty much all night & Sunday as well, plus I was already ill on the hottest weekend ever so spent it in bed. Not a happy Nicola I think you'll agree, then I get to work on Monday, finally some fun (which shows you the state of my affairs at the moment) & what do I do? Fall down some concrete stairs, bang my head, twist my knee & crack a rib! Perfect!

I think you'll agree I needed some cheering up & the thing to do it?

Thats right a loofah with Martin Luther King Jr on it (you only get one) with 'I have a clean' on the palm, what can I say it made me chuckle. I mean what the hell were the creaters smoking when they thought this was a fun idea. Whatever it was I need some! (drugs are bad don't take drugs kids) Is the thing I'm truly missing in my life being able to clean my bum with a glove with Martin Luther King on it, errr perhaps not unless its aimed at the crayzee BNP's or American White Supremicy people I can't see this being a top seller! Who knows, all I know is i'm happy enough with my plain old scrub gloves.

If you do want to 'grab your piece of bathware history' as they describe it you can get it here for £6.99. No judgement if you do pick up one!

Thanks for reading & hope you all are having a better week than I am! i'm currently in pain both physically & in my heart! Lets all hope my doggy makes it through, he's made some improvements but I get palpatations every time i get a message or a call thinking it's bad news! I hate that I can't say goodbye & tell him how much of a great dog he's been, i've had him about 15 years.

My crying has commensed! I will get back to making some YT vids this week at some point, I just need to not come home from work looking like death! .... maybe it'll be over the weekend then! :)

Friday, 21 May 2010

In a rush to shave your bush?

Hey Ladies,

I can only apologise for the name of this post I was going to resist but a few girls told me to on Twitter, what can I say? I’m a people pleaser!

Anyway onto the subject of hair removal! May not be the most pleasant of subjects but we all have to tackle the body hair!

For some odd reason when I was Superdrug a few weeks ago I randomly picked up a razor, it must have been on offer and tried it out a few nights ago.

Said razor!

I wanted to mention this because it is such a good razor when you’re in a rush, I happened to be in a rush when trying it out & could have asked for an easier hair removal tool! Because it has 2 strips of foaming soap type substance which means you don’t have to bother with anything else like a gel or foam (which just washes off immediately in the shower), although this isn’t a new concept I find it is better than the leading brands version of this (any one tried the Gillette one? The strips of goop a. Don’t lather up at all & b. Drop off after about 2 uses! Rubbish!)

Anyway, with a bit of water this lathers up enough to make the blade glide nicely on the area you’re shaving & make it such less of a hassle, I was really impressed with the ease of use. The head of the razor is really big as well which means more area can be covered meaning it’s even quicker to remove the unwanted hair. Basically anything that makes my life easier by taking up less time & effort is immediately my new best friend & this currently is my BFF. It’s literally bish, bash, bosh & you’re done! Plus the foam/soap stuff is really moisturising & made my legs so soft so you could get away with skipping moisturiser if you’re in a real hurry. Which I never am, I am an obsessive moisturiser!

A downside to this is that it is bulky which isn’t the best for travelling but I guess you’re saved from having to take shaving gel/oil so it balances out I guess! Circle of life & all that.

Thanks so much for reading & hope you're all looking forward to a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

WTF Mac?!

Hey Ladies,

I'm putting my accounting brain on & doing a quick post for you of some facts & figures before the launch of the Mac To The Beach Collection tomorrow (it was released online last week in the UK for whatever reason).

I think the item everyone wants to check out as I personally did is the cream bronzers ... see below

Ok so i can here you all oohing & aaahing
Ultra-creamy and simple to apply, this uniquely formulated bronzer glides weightlessly onto the skin to provide sheer, sun-kissed colour. Builds effortlessly and evenly. Presented in a green compact with a shell motif screened on the see-through window. Limited edition.
First of all the packaging of this collection does diddly squat for me personally as it just looks a bit cheap & tacky. (anyone else?)

The thing that's put a bee in my bonnet or pissed me off to put it bluntly is the price...

Here comes the maths, 6g's of product is the amount you get for £18

That's £3/g

So what's your point I'm guessing you're asking me

well ....

May I present a cream bronzer that's 98p/g and is ...

Chanel Soleil De Tan (aka Bronze Universal)
We've all heard of it I'm sure but this bad boy is £28 for 30g so as I said 98p/g amazing value!

The velvety finish of this light cream-gel bronzer leaves your skin with a beautiful sun-kissed look. Wear it on its own to enhance your complexion, or for a hint of outdoors radiance, over or under your favorite CHANEL Foundation.
I recently bought this (will feature in a vid soon I'm sure) & it was love on first application, I cant speak for the quality of the Mac one as I've not tried it but this is a tried & tested product so if you're going to a department store pop by Chanel first & try this out & make a comparison because its definitely better value!!

There's my bit of consumer advice there to save you a bit of money technically (we love that girly maths don't we Ladies!) & if you're in the UK Debenhams are having 10% beauty at the moment so its even better value (can you feel me prodding you with my finger like Mrs Doyle ... Go On!)

Thanks for reading & let me know what you're getting/gotten from these collections they don't interest me at all! whoo .... so i spent my money at Chanel! oh well its classier except my boyfriend said the lipstick was 'slutty .... which i like' ... men!

Hope you're having a lovely week, i made a YT vid on how to wave & curl the hair with straighteners so check it out!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Just In Case You Didn't Know! I made a youtube video!

Hey ladies,

I just wanted to tell you i made a couple of youtube videos this week of stuff i've recently bought (its so much easier to do it in a vid than a blog post!)

So if you've not seen them & are interested check them out & let me know what you think, if you have any requests or questions.

Here's Part 1
Here's Part 2 ... yes i bought so much i had to make 2 vids! ooops!!

Thanks I hope you all had a lovely weekend mine was just a weekend to myself with youtube, twitter, football & blogger so heaven!! oh & SLEEP! amazing! :)

Saturday, 8 May 2010

I Got My Jubblies Out For Xen - Tan!

Hey Ladies,

The things I do for you eh? The title is true yes, I did get my bits & bobs out to review the salon Xen-Tan spray tan!

At the moment Xen-Ten are having an event in the Trafford Centre outside Selfridges until the 16th of may, If you spend £20 on Xen-Tan products you get a voucher for a free spray tan! Also if you buy 2 or more products (excluding the mitt) you'll have the chance to win free spray tans for a year, excellent!

So my Xen-Tan spray experience, as Xen-Tan sprays are available nationwide my experience will be pretty much universal, so you'll know what to expect if you have one.

I was taken into the room where the tanning would take place, the girl who did my tanning Kirsty (I think) explained everything, she gave me the options of the paper pants (so incredibly sexy) my own knickers or I could get my McMuffin out if i wished & then the same option with my bra. I chose an order of boobs hold the McMuffin! The only person who would see my white bits potentially is my boyfriend & he can see them white, nobody needs to be that tanned!

She was very professional, applied cream to my elbows, knees (& toes knees & toes hehe) & ankles & then began to spray & kept eye contact at all times didn't take a sneaky glance at my boys I wouldn't blame her if she did they are magnificent (haha), she sprayed the tan starting with my face & making her way down to my toes & then another coat on my face as i had makeup on. It felt like a cold blast of air & wasn't unpleasant at all.

In total it took about 20 minutes which is lovely & quick & I didn't feel rushed, the tan is fine to be out in public with after its sprayed & its not horribly dark I found, like if you get the St Tropez cream applied to you in a salon.

I'm afraid I don't have before & after pics but if you look on my latest haul video on my YouTube channel (should be up later today) you'll see how dark my chest is from the spray compared to my face.

Basically it didn't work on my face & I don't know why, I avoided an oil cleanser when taking off my makeup but it just didn't penetrate my makeup (I must have slapped it on that day!)

Overall I'm pleased with the colour (apart from the face & I'm pretty sure she forgot to do an arm because there's a definite difference in colour from my left arm to my right arm!)

Would I get an spray tan again at a salon? probably not, mainly because I can apply my tan by myself without a problem, I would definitely recommend one for someone who isn't confident applying a tan before an event they're attending though.

I have received some Xen-Tan at home tanner to try so I shall get trying that out soon & see if there's a difference between the salon spray & at home cream!

Thanks for reading & sorry there's no pictures, to make up for it here's one of my dogs Scooby cuddling a teddy! He licked a new born kitten clean the other day & looked after it, i'd have expected him to eat it the fat git! I miss my dogs so much!

Love love love as always!! & thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

My Giveaway Winners!!!

Hey Ladies,

My giveaway ended last night, so me being very dedicated (& with nothing to do at work) spent a good hour writing all the entries on paper & then got to draw the winners.

If you're the lucky winners, Could you get your colour preferences to me as soon as you can so that I can get the packages sent nice & quickly.

So if you're the winner
  • Pick your Mac lipstick colour choice
  • Pick your Sleek palette choice (I have a brand new Boho limited edition palette if you'd like it, it gives you the option)
  • Choose either Pop Cheeky Cake in either beach beauti or beach babe (you can see the choices here)
  • Pick your two Barry M Nail paint colours

The Runners up

  • Pick your preference of the Pop Cheeky Cakes in either Beach Beauti or Beach Babe (i can't guarantee the 1st choice but i'll try my best colour choices here)
  • Pick your Barry M nail paint

A Classy Teatowel at work!!

The Winner!!!

The Runners Up

Ashley - Lipstick&candycigarettes

Jo - Beautylicious Love

Laura - Laura's Bloggy Blog

So congratulations to the winners & can you have your preferences to me via email at Nicolaarthur99@aol.com with your address & i'll try & get them bought & sent asap!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

My Eyebrow Saviours!

Hey Ladies,

Another post about eyebrows today, specifically the growth treatments I've used on them. So far I've tried two, one very affordable and another very reasonably priced, so I thought I'd report on their effectiveness and my thoughts on them.

The first one I tried was Elf Studio Treat & Tame - £3.50
We're obviously talking about the treat side here, I used this every morning & evening after cleansing

'Treat your eyebrows with a hair re-growth, vitamin infused gel formula to help stimulate hair follicules so your once thin and sparse brows become thicker.'

I think this statement from ELF describes it perfectly, I think after a month of using it I saw the difference this was making to my brows, it fills them in perfectly so if unlike me you had dark brows you wouldn't really need any additional colour as it really does the trick.

So why did i go in search of another I hear you cry!
Although ELF did fill in my brows it did nothing to help the length or thickness of them just filled in the sparse areas.

So I looked for another, I didn't want to go to the extreme of Librow pricing but I was happy to pay a reasonably priced amount.

The product I chose was Talika Eyebrow Lipocils - £20 for 10mls

"Stimulates eyebrow growth, for naturally thicker and faster-growing eyebrows. The clear gel has a great conditioning action and can be used to reshape the line of the eyebrows. "

Like the ELF product I use this night & day after cleansing & this is an amazing product, not only did it maintain my filled in brows, it has managed to extend them & thicken them in about a 2 month period & now I'm at the point where I am actually happy with my eyebrows (apart from their blondness) for the first time in my life & when I got a wonderful compliment from the delicious Ling regarding my brows I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat!!

Happy days, I bought this from HQ Hair which I definitely don't recommend they're evil!!! I do however recommend BeautyBay, I recently placed an order, made it Tuesday afternoon got the package on Thursday which was great service plus you get samples with the order! good times!!

As you can tell I definitely recommend both these products, if you have the length & shape you love then I'd go with the ELF, if you require thickening and lenghtening then I suggest the Talika which I've had since November I think & it's still going strong, so worth the money I think.

Thanks for reading & I got to 600 subscribers tonight, so super duper big giveaway for the next one, I'm gonna work on the prizes!! whoo!!! Suggest some if you like I love input because I'm useless at knowing what people want!!

Hope you're having a lovely day, any questions just shout or tweet me!!!

NOTD - OPI Done Out In Deco!

Hey Ladies,

Thought i'd do a NOTD for you with another new polish!! A nail polish collection post/video has been requested a few times so i'm sure i'll get round to it soon. So today's colour is OPI Done Out in Deco.

It is gorgeous, a true lilac i'd say, really flattering & feminine!! Chips like a bitch on me though! but i'm sure i'll figure out how to make it more chip resistant, I did pile it on my nails so I could watch the football in the lounge yesterday! (my dad is not a fan of nail polish smell!!) so maybe it was that.

Anyway, I can't believe I waited this long to get it as I loves it, it was always on my shopping list but I am a magpie who goes for new shiny things before a classic like this!

Thanks for reading & for all the lovely comments on my FOTD yesterday, my boyfriend didn't notice the effort! shock horror but glad you guys appreciated the loveliness of Nars Sheer Glow! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!! I really need to make a YouTube video, could you all pester me til I do!!

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Saturday, 1 May 2010

FOTD Featuring Nars Sheer Glow

Hey Ladies,

Weekends' are normally my makeup free days because i hate applying makeup when I'm not leaving my house, however today I thought I'd make an effort for my boyfriend with my appearance plus the bottle of Nars Sheer Glow which I've had & not tried since Tuesday was longing to be used. So I got my makeuping on!!

What I Used;
Nars Sheer Glow Foundation
MUFE Full Coverage Concealer
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural
Mac Blush - Spaced Out
Chanel Powder Bronzer
Benefit Powderflage
Mac Mineralized Skin Finish in Glissade

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Mac Powersurge Khol
Mac Woodwinked Eyeshadow
Mac Black Tied Eyeshadow
ELF Studio Brow Lift & Fill
Blinc Mascara

YSL Rouge Volupte Faubourg Peach

So there you go, so far my first impression of sheer glow is that of love! but i will keep on trying it & then let you know, if you want anymore reviews of products mentioned above then just let me know & they shall be done!

A quick tip for you, i couldn't find my palette with my blending shade (just a skin toned shadow) to blend out my shadow at my socket, so when this happens I use my Mac mineralized skinfinish natural (or your chosen face powder) & it really does the trick!! Saves space in your makeup bag too!!!

Thanks for reading & hope you're having a lovely Saturday!!!