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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Essie Comparison, Haute as Hello, Tart Deco & Van D'Go

Hey Ladies,

I wanted to show you a little comparison of the 3 Essie nail polishes that has been requested, two of them are in the same family & one is noticeably different but all really lovely colours.

The Swatches

As you can see Tart Deco & Haute As Hello are quite similar, Tart Deco is more tangerine and Haute As Hello is a bright Pinkish Coral. Both gorgeous colours, do you need them both? Yes if you care about nail polish which i clearly do! but if you're a normal human then you could probably live with just one of the two.
As for Van D'Go it is a very light peachy pink, I seriously think i got a dud bottle because mine isn't like any online swatches i've seen & applies like a nightmare compared to the other two above! Not impressed, I may have to order another ... just in case!

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Thanks for reading & hopefully this has been useful to someone & I hope you've had a lovely weekend! I've had a cracking one! Full of sleep, House (the tv show), boyfriend, naps & nothingness! Heaven on a plate!

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