Tuesday, 27 July 2010

NOTD: Essie Mink Muffs ... Tee Hee

Hey Ladies

I'm back from Spain *sigh* although very happy to see my boyfriend incredibly filled with sorrow to leave my dog ... & get back to work. Life must go on.

I thought I'd post a nice NOTD for you with a very popular shade Mink Muffs by Essie

It's a gorgeous taupe chocolate brown shade, darker than Galaxy not quite Dairy Milk I'd say with a bit of gray in it. This is also incredibly easy to apply in two coats so good Essie yay!

Love it! Plus I'd have bought it even if it was a horrible colour just for the name, in case anyone asks me at work what its called! Anyone else ever buy shades of nail polish just for the name? let me know which ones!!

Thanks for reading & I'll see you soon, please feel free to tell me how much you missed me since I've been away! :)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Nail Polish Porn? Orly Plastix Collection

Hey Ladies,

Rarely does a nail polish collection come out where I want every shade ... okay so that's a lie but this Fall collection from Orly has me licking my lips! I want them ALL!

Get ready for some nail polish filth

Don't you just want them all?

Such pretty colours and the finish of the nail polish is using a new formula 'which coats the nails with a glossy matte 'plastic' finish', what ever the frig that is! Orly's nail polishes are great quality & so i'm sure these will be no exception

The shades available
  • Viridian Vinyl Glossy blue-green
  • Purple Pleather Shiny purple
  • Old School Orange Classic orange
  • Retro Red Traditional red
I'm gonna be getting them all! :) They are supposed to be available from the end of this month so watch out! Are you gonna be purchasing any of them?

Still in Spain on a personal note, I'm ready to return to the UK because I miss my boyfriend but dreading it all at the same time! ah life eh?!

Thanks for reading & let me know any nail polishes you're eying up, you know me i'm a nail polish addict I am always on the look out for my next fix!

Monday, 19 July 2010

Update & Duty Free purchases!

Hey Ladies

So I am in Spain! (thank God) after a very long night at the airport on my own I made it to Spain, I was nearly crying when I landed I was that relieved to get here, sorry if I worried anyone with my last post, I did take it down when I got so many worried comments, texts & tweets, you all helped so thank you!

When I got to my mums house I was told outside the door that my dog had a stroke a few nights before. So I cried & cried, looking at my dog now he's as happy as ever but he's just not the dog that I know, he could fully recover from it but he's 15 so I've got the next 6 days with him then I probably will have to say my goodbyes because I don't think he'll be here the next time i visit. I want to cry just looking at him but he's still wagging his tail so happy enough.

Next I want to say I can't upload any videos to my Youtube channel as i was hoping as my mum has switched from the Internet to one of those Internet dongles which is impossibly slow, i can try & film some vids & edit them here but the uploading will have to be done when
I'm back in old blighty!

Now that that bit of house keeping is taken care of I wanted to share with you the few things I got at duty free, I was very very very good considering my mood &
lack of sleep & only walked away with 3 things!

First of all I wanted to pick up a tinted moisturiser, I rarely wear makeup when I'm in Spain so I just wanted a tinted moisturiser to even out my skin tone & provide a little
SPF as well. I had eyed up an Estee Lauder tinted moisturiser but Manchester Airport terminal one is for lack of a better word …. Shite! So of course they had nothing I wanted.

I settled on a Clinique one called Almost Makeup, I can't stand Clinique most of the time, the orange faces the white coats but I do quite enjoy their makeup, it isn't sillyly expensive and most of the makeup is great on the quiet so I was happy to settle with them (I had looked at Clarins, one of their offerings had 3 shades, all really pink tones & all horrible colours & the other offering stank of … well Clarins which is enough to make me sick!)

The Clinique's shade range is equally pap as the Clarins but I found they were more yellow toned & I had to get the darkest shade (shade 4) as they were all very light! but so far I like it!

Next I went rooting in Mac's drawers for limited edition things (there was no staff on at 4:30 in the morning so I had to have a root!) & I came up with nothing! Ugh, I was after a cream
blush that was released a while ago & a gorgeous coral colour but sold out so quickly :( I can't even remember the name of it! (answers on a post card please!)

I was very very boring I'm afraid to say & settled on two items, an eyeshadow & brow pencil! (you'll get a better haul on my youtube soon I've filmed it & half edited it before I left England!)

My eyeshadow choice was expensive pink, it looks really dark in the pan but once swatched it is a gorgeous pink with a peachy gold sheen, absolutely beautiful & one I know I can shove on quickly before work so will get a lot of use out of it!

The brow pencil I got was in the shade Dirty Blonde (my kinda name! :)) A very boring purchase but I quite like it!

Swatches (brow pencil, eyeshadow & tinted moisturiser)

So there's my very boring purchases but all great holiday buys I think! If you want a post about what I think are holiday necessities then let me know & I'll get on it! It's very boring at my mums & there's only so many games of cards a girl can play without needing other things to do! On another note, I miss my boyfriend so much! & I wont see him until Sunday! aaah! he's banned me from going on holiday without him again which is sweet! Anyway I'm rambling! I missed all the hoopla from the Mac 8pm thing, what was it all about & why 8pm last night!

Hope you're all having a lovely time whilst I'm away, 5 days in & I'm very brown & have very white hair & my eyes look stupidly green like I'm wearing contacts! I look a dick! haha!!

Thanks for reading! update me on you, I need as much entertainment as possible here!! :)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

I Hate Sephora Because I Love Sephora, NOTD Sephora by OPI Read My Palm

Hey Ladies

I recently was browsing Sephora & saw a Sephora by OPI nail polish I had to have, one problem; Sephora isn't in the UK anymore & doesn't even deliver here (insert your own expletive here) .....
Why I was torturing myself looking on the site who knows! Anyway I immediately headed to Twitter & asked if one of my US friends would do a custom purchase or swap with me & the lovely Jean agreed!

So here's my NOTD (I will be doing a haul video with all of my goodies soon)

It is the most beautiful Jade coloured nail polish I have ever seen! An absolute perfect Jade unlike OPI's Jade Is The New Black (which isn't jade but I still love it) This polish applies like a dream one generous coat is enough & looks amazing! I got so many compliments over the weekend from it! I have loved every Sephora by OPI polish I've ever tried, I definitely need a back up of this! One of my top ten nail polishes may have to be demoted now!

We need Sephora back, who will sign my petition? Join my Facebook group here

Thanks for reading & hope you had a lovely weekend, I went to a Zoo it was so exciting as I don't remember visiting one when I was a child, I even text my mum telling her all the animals that I had seen! :)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Mac Jazzed, Variation of a theme perhaps?

Hey Ladies,

I just wanted to share with you some of my more recent lipstick purchases & swatches of them because basically they're all pretty much the same!

In Natural Lighting
In indoor lighting

Yes they're all different but only slightly! so this in total cost me £70 for one shade! haha!

From top to bottom; left to right
Mac Ever Hip
YSL Rouge Volupte 26 Tender Peach
YSL Rouge Volupte 30 Faubourg Peach
Mac Jazzed

The YSL's are slightly different due to textures but the Mac ones are incredibly similar. You wouldn't think Mac would release such similar lippys in such a short space of time!

Ah well I love them all, I've got a good enough back up of Ever Hip & vice versa if i run out of either so mustn't grumble! Are you guilty of the old buying the same shade only slightly different? I know I am mostly guilty of it in my nail polish sprees!!

Thanks for reading & hope you're having a lovely week

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Ramble: DHL are SHITE!!!

Hey Ladies,

If you don't like a ramble filled with morals then look away now!

Last week during the Into The Groove release I placed two separate orders with two separate email addresses on the Mac website (free delivery coupon could only be used once per account), one to be delivered to my home & one to be delivered to my work (my dad tuts at every package). The reason for two packages? I was resisting Stereo Rose until watching a Kelanjo19 haul video (god dam that beautiful angel!) so initially only got jazzed then the next morning bought Stereo Rose.

Quick picture of a puppy! So you know it's not life & death

So whilst at work & tracking my packages like a daemon the tracking numbers both reported they'd been delivered to my neighbour ... Both!

I got home & saw even though one clearly had a different shipping address they'd both been delivered to my home. The delivery driver put on the delivery note she assumed that the other shipping label was a mistake & 'to call her if its not your package'

Begin rant
So yes she had made the correct assumption they were both my packages but what right does she have to do that? It could have easily been a different person than me who the other package was for & who the hell would actually ring them up & say 'yes come & pick up this free stuff i could keep myself from the same website I ordered from'... Not many I'm guessing.

I think its a complete pathetic lazy service personally. I wanted your opinions should I complain? am I over reacting? or should i be really cheeky & pretend I never got the package that was supposed to be delivered to my work to Mac, cue evil laugh Bah ha ha!!

Thanks for reading, It wasn't a really long one but I really want some feedback, I know DHL are unpopular amongst bloggers who order Mac & now I'm one of those said bloggers!

Another little Haul, Mac Into The Groove, YSL, Body Shop & Lily Lolo

Hey Ladies
I've been bad, I just posted a 10 minute vid full of loveliness .... & have another with clothes etc waiting in the wings & i'm here again posting about more goodies. I have a problem!

hehe ah well more for you to perve on. Although I'm sure you're sick of Into The Groove, I know I am.
I wasn't too bad!

The Good stuff!
Mac Jazzed Lipstick
Mac Stereo Rose MSF

YSL Rouge Volupte number 26 Tender Peach

My Shitty Swatches*
YSL on the left, Jazzed in the middle & Stereo Rose on the right.

The Body Shop Stuff
I wanted to do a comparison, I've got the facial buffer already but i needed another for my travels!

I have heard good things about this! Shame I got a damaged one! I should pay attention more!

Lily Lolo

Honey Peach eyeshadow ... It's gorgeous, lovely peachy gold perfect for a quick lid colour or highlight!!
One product I can't recommend enough from Lily Lolo is their Wakiki Bronzer, if you've got tanned skin it gives you the most amazing golden glow. My aim to be a bronzed goddess every summer wouldn't be complete with this product!

*Swatches will be improved by this!
Which is on it's way to me as of about 5 minutes ago. High 5* for better swatches & improved blogging! :)

Anyway thanks for reading & if you want any reviews let me know! check out my haul vid as well!! Let me know if you want a day in the life or request videos for me to film when i'm on my travels to my mums in Spain with my fancy smansy camera!

Friday, 2 July 2010

OPI Rumple's Wiggin' NOTD

Hey Ladies

I recently got this polish (coming in a haul soon I promise) & I immediately fell in love with it so wanted to do a NOTD with it.

It is the most perfect lilac shade, no gray in it like Done out in deco & no pink undertones like Lucky Lucky Lavender so I think it will suit everyone. I also have to say wow in its wearing & application, It has a pro wide brush which I love & sort of levels it self out on your nails so no streaks, lovely. Plus I've had it on 5 days & its only worn not chipped which is unheard of really on my nails so I popped another coat on to cover up the wearing off! lovely shade totally recommend!

Thanks for reading & hope you're looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Review: Origins Clear Improvement Mask

Hey Ladies,

So as I promised in my Mario Badescu review here is my review for a mask which I think is pretty great for congested skin!

Don't I look damn sexy wearing it!

So what does it claim?
Activated charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers. White China clay absorbs environmental toxins. Lecithin dissolves impurities.

What I Think
Its funny I've just read that description now & I actually can't think of a better way to describe it other than it feels like a magnet on your skin, when you apply it you feel your skin throbbing, not a stinging sensation that I've had from other clay masks but it feels like the rubbish in your skin is being pulled out.

This mask gives you instant gratification once you remove the dried mask (which isn't hard to remove like some clay masks) your skin does look instantly clearer, it certainly removes the blackheads from my nose, it could make you have a few spots a couple of days later only because its drawing all the impurities out. The smell is hard to place, not offensive at all it basically smells like any other charcoal mask so wont choke you to death like the other Origins one I have that smells like farts!

I use this every so often when I think my skin needs a clearing so a couple of times a month but if you do have problem skin once a week would do the trick i'm sure, i'm just scared of it drying out my skin. I'm very paranoid like that.

But skin care is my passion & love so if you've got any questions, requests for reviews (i'll happily buy stuff) then let me know & i'll get on it!

Thanks for reading & sorry for subjecting you to that picture of me, I look wrong without mascara!