Saturday, 25 September 2010

Product Rave - Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation

Hey Ladies,

When I attended the Bourjois event a couple of weeks ago the product I was most excited about trying was the new Bio Detox Foundation which is due to be released in October.

Whilst I held off applying it unlike Gemsmaquillage in Starbucks, I did apply it the morning after and have everyday since.

I love foundation, I think its probably my favourite makeup item to research & try out because I love healthy looking skin and minimal makeup (mainly because I'm lazy so I say its the look I'm going for) I have loads of the stuff from the incredibly cheap (£1.50 2True! Its actually good!) to the expensive (Nars, RMK, Chanel et al!) So I know a good foundation when I see one. This most certainly is one!
This is a 98.8% organic foundation & is eco cert if you're into that kind of thing, personally chemicals are my favourite friend so it's not something I necessarily look for but Bourjois claim that the formula enriched with chlorophyll brings oxygen and filters pollution to purify skin when applied.

I love this foundation I really am seriously impressed, it creates the most beautiful velvet look to your skin so I imagine people with 'normal' skin could just apply this & skip setting it with a powder, on dry skin this finish could be too matt but if you've got oily skin this is a dream; you will still need a powder to diminish your oily bits but this gives a medium coverage which can be buildable to achieve the look you like.

It smells like apples which I quite like despite not liking apples but once its on your skin the smell does disappear, it sets really quickly so you need to work fast but once its blended you get a really naturally bright & healthy look to your skin. For me I find that it lasts from when I plonk it on at 7:30 until about 7pm with a good setting powder, I have oily skin and do have to blot away the shine during the day but the foundation doesn't transfer so stays on your skin.

I think it will be about £13 when it's available which I wouldn't have paid had I not been given it because I kind of hate brands who sell their products in Boots or Superdrug & their prices are pushing up to higher end in some products, kind of cheeky & Bourjois are guilty of this. However now I've tried it I can honestly say I will buy another bottle of it when mines run out & could even be persuaded to try a different one from Bourjois.

When all's said & done, at the end of the day (as footballers always say) I can totally recommend this foundation, yes it was given to me but trust me when I say I don't bull shit my readers - their eyeshadow trio they gave me for example I thought was shit so I don't mess you about! I would recommend this to everyone, they have seriously impressed me into trying their other foundations!

It's funny I can justify spending £30 on a RMK foundation but not £13 on a Bourjois one, strange how my mind works, eh? Anyone else like this! Or am I as mad as I think I am!? Will you be giving this one a go?

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Friday, 24 September 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Posh Polish!

Hey Ladies
I know you'll have seen the Eyeko polishes from loads of other bloggers but I got sent some so must tell you all about them being the nail polish addict that I am!


I love this colour, it is very similar to Sephora by OPI Metro Chic just without the purple undertone that makes it so unique, this is a gray brown and is lovely. It applies very easily and I have to say I am so impressed with the change in quality compared to the older Eyeko polishes I have which were just a nightmare to apply! The bottles aren't huge but this isn't a problem for me because i'd have to resemble Lakahmi in order to finish a bottle I have that many.
Hope you're looking forward to the weekend & had a great week

BNIB Kurt Geiger boots £75 off

Hey ladies,

Thought I'd send you a link to some Kurt Geiger boots I am selling size 7.

They're on asos at the moment for £175 but don't suit me so I'm selling!!

They're here on ebay, if you're interested & want any more pics let me know!!

& if anyone is interested in a Chloe Paddington bag in cream let me know!

... I'm having a clear out!

Remember my charity blog sale, all proceeds going to Cancer Research! I've raised over £200!!

Random Pic of my Dog with teddy bear ears on!

Thanks for reading!!  Its the Weekend!! whoo!!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

My Semi-Permanent Tattoos!

Hey Ladies,

I've been asked a few times to do a post on the subject of temporary tattoos & kept forgetting so i'm doing it now!

Semi - Permanent tattoos are supposed to last for about 5 years maybe more/maybe less, many people disregard them as an almost myth, I can accept that they may not fully disappear to nothing but the one I have had for 6 years has faded to practically invisible, I can see it because I know it's there, everyone else has to really inspect my wrist to see it.

My tattoo's were a little more expensive than a permanent one and I went to a place that specialised in them, the idea is they are like a normal tattoos that just don't go as deep into the skin as a regular one, I was told that if you exfoliate regularly (which I certainly do) they fade more evenly & quickly.

Tattoo Number one - Nearly 6 years after it was done. My tattoo wasn't the circle I was just pointing out where it was!

As you can see you can barely see it & trust me its like that in person i dont just have a crappy camera (far from it!), not everyone has these experiences so ask around & really do some research on where you're going!

Second Tattoo - about 4 years old i'd say!
As you can see this is fading a bit unevenly but i'm going to have it infilled when i get my next one done so its more even as i want to have it longer than 5 years.

Overall I am really pleased with my tattoos they really have faded nicely & I would recommend them but can't obviously guarantee that you'll be as lucky as me! If you have any questions let me know & i could maybe do a video answering them? what do you think? let me know!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I Can't Make Up My Mind, Help!!

Hey Ladies,

So I had a weekend of browsing on the internet, all it managed to do what put me in a right old kerfuffle! There's too many lovely things to chose from, here's my current confusion list.

I love bags & I think its time for a new one, I love the Mulberry Alexa but it just hurt my arm so I wanted to search for another satchel type bag, my choices Chloe Elsie (Grayish Cream) or Miu Miu Paloma (Black)! Elsie or Paloma, Paloma or Elsie? Attaching names to them doesn't help its like Sophie's choice (she has to pick between her two kids by those damn Nazi's)

Cloud Nine The O Rollers
I really really want these but can I? should I? Every time I enter a new stage in my life I want to chop off my hair & these work great with short hair, the temptation is killing me! I need volumous hair in my life!!

MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara
Yes I know it's supposed to be amazing but can I really justify spending £19 on a mascara when I'm more than happy with my L'oreal Voluminous or do I dare just in case I fall in love & it costs me £19 a bleeding mascara tube! (this is the point where you tell me its worth it)

A Vintage Art Deco Ring
This is the exact one I want but I can't get it yet! I am so afraid it will sell before I can get it, someone fancy getting me an early birthday present, I do need cheering up!! I love vintage rings that have history!

A New Tattoo
I only get semi permanent ones ( & before any one says there's no such thing, I've got a fully faded one to shut you up) & I want a new one to go in its place, there or there abouts I just need to pick the font, help me out! I'm veering towards the middle one. The great thing is you can fill the sentence in with a Sharpie to suit your mood. Right now it would be 'Love is ... SHIT!'

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts how naughty should I be?!!

Hope you're having a nice week so far! :)

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

I Wondered How Long It Would Take!

Hey Ladies,

Being in bed off work ill can only mean films & online browsing which is when I came across this from Urban Decay!

Yes the Chanelesque temporary tattoo's have been an inspiration to Urban Decay in their new product ... basically the same with different designs, but a whole lot cheaper!

Perhaps a nice alternative if you missed out on the Chanel ones, you could draw on the double c's with a sharpie!!

As the title suggested I wondered how long it would be until other companies pushed them!!!

Thanks for reading & let me know if this is something you'd consider purchasing, my boyfriends son who is 3 would love them, he loves having tattoos!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

A Few Of My Favourite Things!

Hey Ladies,

Since i'm bored at home avoiding tidying I thought I share with you my current favourites with you!!

 Ah where to start?

Of course the Anime Lip Tar from my last post, up until now I only applied it in the privacy of my house mainly because I hadn't had an excuse to wear it! Neon pink seems such an impractical colour but I know i'll get a lot of use from this, it kicks my Mac Chatterbox lippy's arse that's for sure!

Eye Combo!
Really simple with just the Benefit Creasless Cream Shadow in RSVP which is gorgeous, I love the CCS's because you can just slap one on & it doesn't budge all day without a shadow on top, I love them so much I just bought a couple ... okay four!!
My two favourite Nars shadows are Nepal & Fez, they blend beautifully into each other and Nepal is basically the same shade as RSVP a champaigny pink so perfect layered on top of the RSVP and Fez is a bronzed brown, this combo is perfect for the day time with just a tiny sweep of the Fez & then you can pile the Fez on at night for a more sexified look!

Nail Polish!
I have been loving my Metro Chic, I promised myself I'd apply a new nail polish every time I painted my nails for NOTD posts & to boost my Nail page but I have broken this rule quite a few times & used this more than my allotted allowance! Naughty Nicola! It is a really interesting gray mixed with brown & purple, you don't get more unique than this!

My Cynthia Vincent Luella Zip Wedges are without doubt the comfiest shoes I have ever stepped out in! FACT! I can wear them for a good 10 hours on my feet & they feel like I've been wearing flats! I think with shoes for the most part you get what you pay for! They get so much attention too! Sexy mamas!!

I cannot recommend this Paul Mitchell Super Strong Liquid Treatment enough, It's just a leave in treatment on damp hair that you spray in & it makes all the difference, its supposed to rebuild damaged hair & I really think it works! It's fairly inexpensive too!! I've seen it on ebay 250mls for £13 which I think is more than reasonable!

This foundation I got at the recent Bourjoir event, I was sceptical at first mainly because I can never find a shade that suits me in lower end brands ie 'drug store' brands, but the lovely Bourjois ladies at the event matched me to a shade & it does suit me so I now know my shade if I want to try another of their foundations. I probably wont because I love this! Bio Detox foundation makes my skin look lovely & doesn't feel at all heavy, It sets super quickly so you have to work fast but gives you what I would call a velvet look to your skin ie, not fully matt not glowing, inbetween so great for normal to oily skin & it stays put all day with a powder on top! It smells bloody amazing too ... like apples!! Not out yet i'm afraid so keep an eye out for when it is!

So there's my favourites at the moment (I couldn't be bothered to wait til the end of the month!) I was going to maybe do a monthly favourites & then add on my top 5 nail polishes of the month at the end, what do you think?

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend & thanks for reading! let me know what's in your favourites at the moment!!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

FOTD: Featuring Anime Lip Tar

Hey Ladies

I went out for a friends birthday last night, I was going to film a tutorial on my look but I ended up having to apply it at super speed because I only had an hour to shower & get ready.

So I thought i'd do a FOTD for you & I can do a tutorial at a later date if anyone wants it.

My iphone's flash turns me orange!!!

The iphone does capture the Lip Tar better than my fancy camera!! Typical!!!

What I had on
Bourjous Bio Detox foundation in Vanilla
MUFE Full cover concealer
Laura Mercier secret brightening powder
MUFE HD invisible set powder
Mac Rich Coral Cream Colour Base
Stila Bronzer
Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Ether

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in RSPV
Nars Nepal Eyeshadow on the lid

Nars Fez Eyeshadow in the crease
Mac Liquid Last Liner in Black
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Mac Brow Pencil in Dirty Blonde

OCC Lip Tar in Anime

I had a lovely night with my friends & got very drunk, I got in at half 3 in the morning!! So naughty!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend & if you want any reviews on the above products let me know!!!

Thanks for reading!!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

So Many Events So Little Time!

Hey Ladies,

So I'm sure you've seen a few posts about this by now but last Saturday I popped down to London with the company of the gorgeous Gemma  (Gemsmaquillage) & had a couple of events to attend, we actually had to leave the first one early to make the second!!

So first up we went to the Bourjois  event

We were shown their new products for Autumn & Winter, I think the most notable products were the mascara, eyeshadow trio, foundation and concealer.

I think you'll have all seen the Volumizer Mascara which uses the same wand with 2 'settings' one with the stopper (the bit that removes excess mascara) really tight so there's not much mascara on the wand so you get a more natural look & the second the stopper isn't as tight so you get more of an intense effect. What I dislike about Bourjois campaigns with their mascara is the great big false lashes they have on their models! If the mascara is that good you wouldn't need to do that.

They said this was a patented design but it looks familiar ...

It's cheaper than Mac though.

I will do the reviews for the products we were given I just wanted to mention the mascara as its the only one out at the moment but the rest will follow & trust me one of them is unbelievably positive!& a full review of the mascara!

Next we rushed to the Illamasqua event.

They showed us their new shop & new collection!

Add caption

Alex's demo in progress

Add caption

Glitter Floor! - I want it in my bathroom!

Alex Box painted all the mannequins

I want these nails!!

Ahhh Nail polish! 

I'm sure you've heard about the new collection & I will be doing a post on it in more detail along with the products I was given

So that was my eventful day, I met so many lovely people & got reunited with a few more scrumptious ones!! All in all a day of laughs & lovely products!

Thanks for reading & i'll hopefully get time for some more posts this weekend!! Are you looking forward to any of these new collections??

Barry M Mushroom Winner!!

Hey Ladies,

Just wanted to announce the winner of my Barry M giveaway!! I shall do the YouTube one later (I can't get on YouTube at work!!) I went on & it gave me the number 43 (i can twitpic it for proof!!)

The Winner is .....

Deborah (

So if you'd like to email me you're address & I will get it to you as soon as possible! Well done & sorry for all the losers!!! (:p) I shall be doing more giveaways very soon!!!

Sorry for the lack of posts I am just so tired at the moment & haven't had a weekend spare in quite a while! Yes I am that incredibly popular!! :) I will update you later on my shinanigans fingers crossed & will record a haul video soon!!!
Love, Love, Love

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

NOTD: OPI Charged Up Cherry

Hey Ladies,

I am sending my apologies for no new posts in the past few days, I've been busy in life & too lazy to blog! Anyway I have been meaning to do a NOTD with this polish for ages, if you watched one of my haul vids on YouTube you will have seen me showing this & the lid was stuck on even though I'd never used it, I tried tapping it, soaking it etc & finally with my brute strength I got it open & here it is!

OPI Charged Up Cherry
I love this polish its a bright redish hot pink! This one will get noticed, as for my dotty ring finger I regressed a couple of years & decided to do some nail art! (as you do!) Please excuse how dark it is in the picture this was the only true colour I could get!

Thanks to all my new subscribers! I don't know where you all came from that's for sure but I'm glad you're here! I'm nearly at 800 & once I get to 1000 I can FINALLY do my giveaway! I've had an Alexander McQueen scarf waiting in my room for months! It has been so hard not to use it!

Thanks for reading & hope you're having a lovely week so far! I really convinced myself it was Friday today! Sadly I was WAY off!! Who's going to the Illamasqua event on Saturday? I cannot wait, how exciting is it they are opening a flagship store & we get to see it first?!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Barry M Mushroom Giveaway! CLOSED!!

Hey Ladies

I was searching for Mushroom by Barry M for ages & the lovely Lydi offered to send me one then said she couldn't find one in her town! So randomly passing Superdrug one day I spotted it (I obviously went inside the shop first, my eyes aren't that good!) & found it!! Good times!!

Then the lovely gorgeous splendiforous Lydi sent me the Mushroom & OPI Pandamonium Pink to me as a surprise & I love her!

So I thought I'd give the one I bought away to a lovely subscriber of mine!! I don't think I've ever finished a bottle of nail polish so It'll just sit here gathering dust!!

Just in case you didn't know what it looks like!
So all you need to do is be a subscriber & say 'enter me' below! One entry per person! Simples!

You have one week, I'll close it 8th September at midnight GMT!!

I still have to pick the winners of my other bloody one from my YouTube channel! I'll do them at the same time next week!!

Thanks for reading & being a wonderful subscriber, I love comments & feedback & people generally declaring their love for me! hehe