Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sunday Summary!

Hey Ladies,

Another week has come & gone, its been chaos!!

After a hectic week, this has been me!    
♥ Sleep - My week has been so draining, work has been terrible & stressful, on top of that i've had major BT Broadband troubles, 3 engineer visits booked & they only kept to 1 & did nothing yet again. I wanted to just cry & pull out my hair. Instead I chose sleep & in two nights managed to get 24 hours sleep! All I can say is I needed it!

♥ Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - It is seriously amazing! Its got such a reputation for being hard work & heavy but I find it a dream, perhaps I just am a super blender when it comes to a foundation so it's easy! Who cares, all I know is I am in love!

♥ My birthday dresses - they're both so nice, I may only need one now but nothing wrong with a bit of a choice! One is boobilicious & the other one is just fun sixties! So one makeup is sorted & i'm sure i'll create a 60's look with the other! May need some new shoes!

♥ My Miu Miu Paloma Satchel - I haven't shown this purchase in a video yet but it is such an brilliant bag, a satchel so I can be lazy & just use the long strap & then what I love compared to the Mulberry Alexa is that you can use the smaller handle on the crook of your arm as well as on your shoulder so its so practical. I haven't stopped wearing it since I got it & the leather is the softest leather ever!!

So there's my weekly run down, stressful but lightened by the lovely things in life & chocolate of course!!

Thanks for reading & let me know what your life has been like this week!!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

A Bit Of Glitter For A Birthday Is Okay Right?

Hey Ladies,

I was a little bit bored today so decided to have a play with a bit of glitter! Both my birthday dresses (yes I have two!) are black so I can play about with my makeup a bit, i'm thinking of a red lip with one & maybe some glitter with the other.

Excuse the yellowness my iphone flash is awful!

Just need to decide which one to go for.

Look one consisted of:
Inglot purple gel liner
Mac 3D silver glitter
Stila Black Smudge pot
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

Look two consisted of:
Mac Jadeye Fluidline
Mac Jewelmarine glitter
Stila Black Smudgepot
Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

Help a girl out, help me to decide & what colour lippy to pair with them?! I could always just do them as a glitter liner & pair with a strong lip! Decisions decisions!!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, I am having a lovely evening with my boyfriend & made him watch The X Factor! He didn't resist too much & at one point when someone butchered a Michael Jackson song said 'Go on Simon, rip him to shreads!' haha

Friday, 29 October 2010

My Birthday Wish List

Hey Ladies,

So my birthday is fast approaching I shall be turning 24 on the 14th November which pains me to say. 24! when the hell did that happen? Any way I thought I'd post some of the goodies I'm craving, just in case my friends are at a loss for what to get me :p or anyone is feeling generous! haha

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch
I've earmarked this for my boyfriend to get me, I've been wanting this for ages & was waiting til my birthday to get it & every frigger from YouTube got one! I wasn't impressed! :) It's just so pretty!

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation
I got a sample when I got unmatched (they are incapable of listening to me when I say I have very yellow skin & they match me with a pink one! All that orange layered foundation has clearly gone to their heads) I seriously wished I didn't record my favourite foundation video without this, I absolutely love it. I need a bottle, in fact went into get one today & they had every shade apart from mine so she gave me a large sample! Typical!

Monica Vinader Rings
They are so lovely, I think I'm on a rose gold kick at the moment, these may have to be a Christmas present but I'm willing to wait! They're not stupidly expensive & really beautiful pieces, I want a few to swap & change.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
I have used this before & never repurchased, mainly because I was about 15 & thought it was so expensive, then got hooked to other products. I'd love to give this another go now I'm older, I'm all about the easiness of everyday tasks!!

I'm not too greedy am I? I think that's quite a restrained list for me! What's on your Christmas lists?
Thanks for reading & hope you're welcoming the weekend as much as I am!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Nail Rock Wraps, Sometimes I Just HAVE To Blog!

Hey Ladies,

I've seen these nail wraps been mentioned a few times & was lucky enough to have them sent to me by Nail Rock & all I can say is WOW!! & I don't say that often, in fact i've not even finished doing my nails & i'm blogging about it!

Let me tell you more about them;

'Nail wraps are the new way to adorn fingers and toes. The new NAIL ROCK designer nail wrap range is designed to last up to 7 days on nails and 8 weeks on the toes, with each at home nail wrapping treatment taking just 15 minutes to apply. Unlike nail polish they won’t chip or stain the nail and quicker to apply as no drying time required. '

You basically stick them on lightly use a hair dryer lightly & press & repeat over the entire nail & file off the excess! It's SO EASY!! Seriously easy, I basically am wearing these for my birthday outfit so only wanted to try one out so thought i'd do accent nails & it took literally seconds! Couldn't be happier with them.

I obviously can't comment whether they last 7 days or not at this stage but personally I would only really use them for a night out as something special. You get 2 sets for your money a set that will fit on toes & one for fingers, you can obviously use both on fingers you just need to trim them.

They are £6.50 for a pack available in 24 different styles & you can get them from Asos & Topshop!

My biggest question to myself if i've been sent something is ... would I buy it with my own money?
My answer ... Most definitely yes! There is some purple leopard print wraps which will be in my grubby mitts very soon! & I love them so much I will be giving a few sets of these away soon! I'm that impressed!!

Thanks so much for reading! I might do a tutorial on them if anyones interested! Hope you're having a lovely week!!

Monday, 25 October 2010

NOTD: Eyeko Punk Polish

Hey ladies,

Another NOTD for you courtesy of Eyeko! I didn't paint my nails for like 2 weeks recently & my nails deteriorated so much so it's my theory that nail polish helps your nails grow! In reality the layers of polish just strengthen the nails & stop them peeling & you picking them!

This is such a lovely neon pink so as Cheryl Cole/Tweedy says 'it's right up my street' (you have to say it in a Geordie accent!)

The formula however isn't the best it's really thick so it splodges on most of the time. I actually ended up pouring some nail polish remover in the bottle to thin it out & make the application easier!

It has a really unusual satin finish by satin I mean not matte & not shiny somewhere in between! But this is pointless because I want my polish to last more than an hour so have to apply a top coat. A shiny top coat! Ah well Eyeko, it's good idea & is a unique polish in a very saturated Market so does set it aside!

Thanks for reading & if you've got any requests or questions please let me know!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Sunday Summary!

Hey Ladies,

I know these are done by a few bloggers so I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon, I don't talk too much about personal things on here so I suppose it's a better way to get to know me better if you don't follow me on Twitter!

Excuse my post work face!

♥ Red Lips!! I was never a red lip girl I much prefer hot pink but I suddenly had the urge to buy a red lippy but I ended up with a red Lip liner & I loves it!

♥ Work has been crazy, I had my last day at work last Friday, had 2 days of unemployment which I spent getting up early & helping look after my boyfriends beautiful little boy only to be rang by my work on Tuesday afternoon & asked to return the morning after & even work overtime on Saturday. So it's been crazy! I'm shattered!

♥ Primark Cardi's - I got the most amazing wool knitted cardi (in the pic above) last Wednesday from Primark & it was £7! It's so soft & warm, such a great piece for the winter in my wardrobe, for every week I have my job I'm buying one in a different colour!

♥ My Birthday - It's fast approaching, my boyfriend knows what I want! Hint hint! I have an outfit for my night out & a meet up with two of my favourite bloggers coming up! The plastics will reunite! :)

♥ Getting to 900 Followers - Its such a lovely feeling when someone subscribes & so appreciated when people take time to comment, I do notice who comment the most & I love those people! I think I might start sending little prizes to the most commenting subscribers because they're always so lovely! So thank you one & all! You all brighten my day & I love having you in my life, hopefully these summaries will let you have an insight into my life!

So my 1st summary, whats your loves this week been?

Thanks so much for reading & i'm currently attempting to upload a YouTube vid if my internet will allow it!!

Giveaway! Topshop earrings!

Hey ladies,

Well I got to 900 followers this week so I thought I'd do a mini giveaway to say thanks! It's not much because I've got really amazing prizes for when I get to 1000 subscribers so spread the word. I've had them in my house for a couple of months! Its so hard not to claim them as my own!

So to the giveaway!

You could win the above earrings.

Just be a subscriber & say enter me in the comments. It's open to all countries & will be closed on Sunday 31st October!

Good luck & thanks for reading my blog it does mean the world to me all the lovely comments I get!

Friday, 22 October 2010

St Tropez Wash Off Range & Skin Illuminator

Hey ladies,

I technically already blogged about this but I wanted to show you the actual products once they were sent to me. The offer has expired where you get the fashion week kit but you can purchase these products individually as well!

Skin Illuminator - £15
This is a cream Illuminator quite thick in consistency that leaves you with a irredescent blue sheen would look amazing on a night out on your cheek bones, d├ęcolletage etc. Not one for everyday but certainly great for the dare I say it ... Festive period!

Wash Off Instant Glow Body - £12
This is just simply a wash off instant tan, the colour is really natural so great for the pale girls if you want a hint of colour or a great booster if you love to fake tan! For £12 I would definitely buy this with my own moola as I think it gives a lovely finish to your skin & you get a decent amount for the money!

Wash Off Instant Face Glow - £10
This stuff is genius! I am unable to apply any fake tan on my face or neck as it gives me the most horrendous spots! So it's such a pain when I want to fake tan & then have to match my face with bronzer so this is a great product for me, also if your tan on your face fades quicker than your body after a holiday or fake tanning which mine certainly does this is great for evening it up! This looks scary dark but once blended it's lovely & a great alternative to foundation on lazy days or for mixing in foundations to warm up the skin! Love it! & certainly recommend it!

From top to bottom not fully blended!
Wash off body
Wash off face
Skin Illuminator

So there's the fashion week kit, they're all available individually on the St Tropez site & I am impressed with the wash off range sometimes I'm too lazy to fake tan or have to be tanned at short notice so these are great products to have.

Thanks for reading & if you've got any questions just leave a comment!

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Favourites: Lipsticks!

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd point you in the direction of my YouTube Chanel, I decided to start a favourite product series so thought you'd all be interested.

I'm currently editing my favourite foundation video so you've got that to look forward to as well, let me know your favourites below, you all know I love to buy new things!! & let me know what you think!!

NOTD: Eyeko Lilac Polish

Hey ladies,

Since I've not done a NOTD in ages I thought I'd do one using an Eyeko polish I received at their event a couple of weeks ago in the goody bag. In truth it was the only polish in reaching distance of me & I couldn't be bothered getting up!

Application wasn't the best to be honest, I applied a really sheer coat & then a thick one so it probably won't see Friday as it'll most likely peel but I can live with that, it would have needed about 4 thin coats to be opaque otherwise. Its a pretty colour, nothing revolutionary but for £3.50 you can't grumble!

Thanks for reading & hope you've had a lovely start to the week!

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Saturday, 16 October 2010

St Tropez Fashion Week Kit!

Hey Ladies,

After Fashion Week St Tropez wanted to create a kit for people at home to recreate the looks & so they came up with the Fashion Week Kit! The kit includes a Wash Off Mousse, Skin Illuminator and a free St Tropez Wash Off Face and St Tropez Applicator Mitt. 

The kit is available now for £30 and will be free delivery for all in the UK and only available for a week, so take advantage!

Personally I want to get my hands on the Wash off Face, Fake tan always breaks me out so a wash off one when I have fake tan on my body is something I must own! 

St Tropez also have a section on the site dedicated to the Fashion Week which is great to look at when you've got the time so check it out!! 

I hope you're all having a lovely Saturday, I personally am having a nightmare trying to upload a video to YouTube! 8 Times i've bleeding tried!! but I shall persist & get it up! I'm trying to be a good girl & do more videos!!


Friday, 8 October 2010

DKNY Be Delicious Review & Giveaway!!

Hey Ladies

I was asked If I would like to try out the DKNY fragrance Be Delicious as they're celebrating their 5th anniversary! (which I can't believe, how has it been out 5 years?)  I also was given the opportunity to give my readers a couple of bottles so of course said a double yes!

So first of all the perfume I hadn't smelt it before so as soon as it was delivered at work I got spritzing in the middle of the office, I immediately noticed how fresh it smells & very unlike me.

It is described as

'Innocent, sexy, wholesome and provocative, the top notes include cucumber, grapefruit and magnolia. The heart of this sensual fragrance is tuberose, rose, violet, white muguet and of course apple and it finishes with white amber and woods.'

I definietly agree with the description & I have to say have loved smelling it on myself all day, it's certainly a day fragrance not a night one as it's so fresh and a definite pick me up at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. So my bottle is certainly going in my handbag!!  Loves it!

So on to the competition, they were very generous & gave me two prizes to give out,

1st prize - a 30ml bottle of the Eau de toilette with a makeup bag
2nd Prize - a 30ml bottle of the Eau de toilette 

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Be Delicious, DKNY have launched a competition on their Facebook page with a trip to New York City up for grabs (check out the "Core Club" tab on the page). Entrants have to design their own « Be Delicious » bottle and Donna Karan herself will select the best design and the author of the creation will win the trip as a reward!

To enter just be a subscriber & leave a comment saying you'd like a bottle, the winner will be chosen at random at midnight on the 22nd October!

Good luck to everyone & I hope you get entering the competition by DKNY! I want a trip to New York so gonna get out my art stuff!!

Thanks for reading & spread the word!! :)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Say No To All The Hate! Love A Guru!

Hey Ladies,

Last night I was sat having a look at the Guru Gossip site & laughing to myself at these people who think it's ok to slag human beings off when all they are trying to do is help other people for the most part! Having met some of the Gurus who are getting all this stick & seeing how they were geniuinly upset by it I thought it was time for something to be done.

So I set up a forum where we can 'Love A Guru' spread some positivity which we all appear to be lacking at the moment, no controversy, no criticism just supporting one & other & giving the praise where it's due.

So pop down & share a bit of positivity for a Guru you love, if there's some you're not keen on just skip them & focus on the ones you respect.

Check it out here & let me know what you think! It's a little basic as I only did it last night but Rome wasn't built in a day as they say!!

Lots of love & lots of positivity is what we all need!