Tuesday, 30 November 2010

November Favourites Video

Hey Ladies,

Just a quick reminder to let you know I finally made a new YouTube video & it's my November Favourites so check it out!!

Hope you're having a lovely week so far! I'm praying for the weekend already!!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Sponsored Posts, What Do We Think

Hey Ladies,

So I recently posted a sponsored post & I had a few emails with questions about how it came about etc, and once I got the opportunity to tell my readers & fellow bloggers about it in another sponsored post (this) I thought i'd pair the two together!

    Question 1
How did you get to do a sponsored post?
    I got an email one afternoon from ebuzzing.co.uk explaining what the site is about and offering me the opportunity to write a sponsored post, I was in work just scanning the email & I have to say the word 'buzzing' made me think it could be a 'specialist' kind of site so I kind of ignored it until I got home from work. Once I read it properly & checked out the website I understood ebuzzing.co.uk allows you to display videos and publish articles about brands that you like, when you want, whilst earning some extra cash.

    Question 2
Why do sponsored posts?
    I personally have a full time job and currently work about 45 hours a week so don't particularly benefit too much from the money gained what I do find it useful for is to give back to my readers and use the money for giveaways like my current Nars giveaway. I wouldn't personally do reviews of products that are sponsored because we all know where that leads, whenever I am offered to test a product I am 100% honest & always say when its been sent I think if I added I was being compensated readers would be less likely to believe what I would say, however letting readers know about offers that are occurring etc and getting compensated for it to give back to them I think is acceptable.
    Question 3
How can I write sponsored posts?
    ebuzzing is a completely free service to join and although they approached me you can simply register with them & start picking campaigns to write about, what I like about ebuzzing is that you have to state that the post is sponsored and they give you a few bullet points about what they want you to include in the article and the rest is up to you they don't demand you write particular phrases & say everything is wonderful they really encourage yourself to shine through in the article you're writing.

    Find out more on ebuzzing.co.uk

    What I love about this service is you really can pick & choose, they've offered me a few other things to write about & I haven't taken them up because I don't think they're relevant to my readers & although the benefit is with you that you get the chance to win things with the money I gain I don't want to ram content that you're not interested in down your throat.

    I personally would love to see loads of different brands get involved with ebuzzing, like I said not to test out things & get paid to write the results but places like Boots & Superdrug would benefit greatly with ebuzzing campaigns. To be able to show up & coming offers that will be in store would be so useful. For example Boots 3 for 2 offers I always seem to miss them & buy my cosmetics about a week before they re-appear, if they used blogs to tell their customers when the offers take place it would be great & i'd certainly hold off buying my bits until they were on offer, I don't know about you lot!

    So ultimately what I would like to know is your opinions on sponsored post?s & these kinds in particular. Would you prefer none at all & less giveaways? Or do you think its acceptable to just write about offers not specific products & be compensated. I am really interested in some feedback because hey if you all hate the idea & I lose you all as followers there's no point me earning the money to hold the giveaways is there now!!

    Hope you're having a lovely day & if you're in the UK loving the little dusting of snow on the scenery!

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sunday Summary!

Hey ladies,

Another week has come & gone and the weather has gotten even colder, so it's time for another Sunday Summary (I want you to hear cheesy game show music in your ear when you read that)

This was my face earlier when Katie left The X-Factor, i'm still numb! Still onwards & upwards she'll obviously get a record contract & I have all the iTunes songs downloaded (yes I paid to download her performances)

So this week i've been loving.

♥ Making YouTube videos - I filmed a couple today & I really get on a roll & do a couple at once, one is currently uploading & taking forever!!
♥ New clothes - I really wanted a new coat & looked everywhere then finally found one I loved from Very.co.uk & it was only £30 in the sale!! whoo!! I also always make sure to browse the bigger girls section because the tights are always great, super opaque because you don't need to stretch them at all! I found a great top in the collection, its supposed to be worn baggy so I got it knowing it'll be a bit big for me & I love it!

♥ Christmas - I have finally accepted Christmas is approaching & so far i've bought a couple of presents for some fellow Bloggers/YouTubers and that's about it, I should get a move on really. The feeling of Christmas gets me so excited, i've officially watched my first Christmas film this weekend (Elf) and all this talk of snow is enough to push me into the Christmas feeling. I have a feeling my Christmas will be as bad as my birthday so it's a good job I love giving presents rather than receiving them!
♥ Press on Nails - I seriously am converted to them, if one set lasts 2 weeks that means 2 sets lasts one month for £6.99!! I will never get Gel nails again, I don't have time to get them infilled & the cost a fortune to maintain so press on's for me all the way, they look great painted as well so once they look a little shabby a lick of nail polish & they look back to their best!

So that was my week! Hope you've had a lovely weekend. I am not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow!! What have you been loving this week!!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

NOTD: Models Own Pure Purple

Hey ladies,

I've still got the press on nails on & the tips were getting a little ragged so needed to paint them. Tis' officially winter seen as it's freezing so I wanted to go for a darker nail!

It applies nicely & is opaque in two coats & nice & glossy without a top coat!

I'm not used to dark colours on my nails really so this is nice & refreshing & could cause a relapse in my nail polish collecting ... I don't have many winter shades hmmmm!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far! I didn't get out of bed today. Heaven! What you been up to in this awful cold?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Nailene Press On Nails Review

Hey ladies,

I've seen so many reviews of these nails in the past few months so whilst stood in Boots I thought I'd buy some & give them a try!

Nails in original length

As you can see I did feel the need to file them down slightly as they look a little tacky longer.

I have now used the two sets you get with the packet & I held off reviewing them until I did because if you can only use one set it kind of makes them expensive at £6.99 per pack. I am glad to report that I managed to use both sets with a little filing before applying for the second set.

... And do you know what? I think they are fantastic, the glue I personally think was developed at NASA because it's strong bloody stuff! Nailene recommend you wear the nails for a maximum of one week, for the sake of being a dedicated reviewer for you & just lazy in general I decided to see how long they lasted, I kept my 1st set on for 2 weeks & at that stage there wasn't even a sign that they were coming off, I had painted them & needed to redo the colour so decided to replace the set with a new one! Very impressive!

I have to say the only negative thing I picked up on was the tips do wear off, so they can look a little shabby after a couple of days if you're a little rough with your nails like I am. To make up for this I just painted them with a lovely nail polish & fakey nails means no chipping!

Overall I really recommend this brand, I clearly was happy with paying the £6.99 for the pack & I would certainly purchase them again, I found them easyish to apply, there is a risk that your fingers end up being glued together which hurts like hell when you pull them apart but once you get the hang of it they're easy peasy! A very welcome low maintenance addition to my life at the minute, I don't have time to paint my nails 3 times per week like I use to so these just make life easier!

Have you tried these little beauties or recommend any other press on nails!! Let me know!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Oil Cleanser Review Series - Nip & Fab Clean Fix

Hey Ladies,

I LOVE oil cleansers! Love them, so thought i'd do reviews of the ones I've tried so far (there's been a few) & i'm always up for trying out new ones so jumped at the chance to try one that is a bit easier on the purse strings that other brands!

I present to you the brand Nip & Fab from the creator of Rodial Marie Hatzistefanis & their Clean Fix Oil Cleanser.

First of all I feel that most oil cleansers are pretty much the same in terms of their performance, I love them so much because they remove all make up effortlessly (the word effortlessly being the key word as I'm a lazy cow!) With less tugging on the lashes when removing mascara I've also found my lashes to be much fuller than before using oil cleansers and my skin hasn't ever reacted badly to one. So when I'm reviewing the oil cleansers that I've used the differences & my final recommendations will be based on factors that aren't really performance related as they all seem to work the same for me.

Packaging - Not the most luxurious packaging as it comes in a basic plastic bottle with a pump (which I think is necessary for an oil cleanser otherwise it goes everywhere), but completely practical & tidy looking being see through so would be fine on most bathroom counters.
Price - The initial price of the cleanser puts it at the lower end for oil cleansers at £9.95 as most of the major oil cleansers start at around £20. However you do get 120mls for your money so it works out at 8.3p/ml compared with say YSL cleansing oil (review coming soon) which works out at 9.45p/ml which is obviously more but not that much which you would expect from a brand like YSL.
Formula - It's quite a watery consistency and so spreads nicely across the face but can end up dripping off your chin so watch out, once some water is applied I found it emulsified very nicely & turned into a milky consistency without any effort (when it turns to a milk it makes it easy to remove the oil). Because it's so watery I find you go through the stuff quite quickly.
Smell - I found the only way to describe this smell is freshness/nothingness, there is no distinctive smell if any to be honest, which I think is a good thing as overpowering smells tend to deter me from using products. 

Overall I think this is a good lower end oil cleanser and I recommend it to people starting out with oil cleansers as it is the cheapest i've seen & easy to get hold of so if you're unsure if you'll like using one you're not wasting too much money if you feel they're not for you!

You can get it from Boots & the Nip & Fab site

Thanks for reading & if you've got any questions just ask! Lets have a vote for which oil cleanser you'd like to see me review next! Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse
YSL Pureness Sanity Oil
Nars Cleansing Oil
Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil

Monday, 22 November 2010

Win £40,000 With PayPal!

Hey Ladies,

What would you do with £40,000?

Personally I would just grab my passport & get on a plane to the Maldives. A month in Paradise & away from work & the current weather sounds like heaven at the moment. Obviously a huge shopping day would have to be carried out but I find that whenever I have loads to spend I can never find anything to spend it on! Anyone find this happens to them? I'd then move out & into a new flat with my boyfriend & spend lots on furniture & making it my home, finally I'd get my dog back from Spain so he could live out his days with me & get a little puppy for him to teach his snaggy ways to!
So do you fancy winning £40,000? Well you can with PayPal all you have to do is buy something with PayPal and you'll be entered automatically into the weekly prize draw! And you get an entry each time you use it and so the more you buy the more chances you get! I think I may have a chance at winning if that's the case! Terms and Conditions of the competition

If I was on an immediate have to spend some money kick, I have had my eyes on these.
Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch from Asos £199

French Connection Riding Boots £160

French Connection Drape Dress from Asos £85

Origins Skin Care from Boots From £20 - £40

Freya Nadine Bra From Figleaves £27

Quite a good Christmas list as well!! Hint Hint!! So tell me what would you do with £40,000? Can you imagine it all spent on niceness just for yourself! heaven!
Thanks for reading & I hope you've all had a brilliant week!

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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday Summary!

Hey Ladies,

I failed at a Sunday Summary last week because I had very little positivity to report on, my Birthday was possibly one of the most miserable I've had so wasn't really in any mood to lie & pretend it was great!!

This week however has been a little better!!

♥  Christmas Presents! - I've been doing some shopping online & thinking about what I'm getting people, it just makes me so excited & in the mood for Christmas! Why are Dad's so bloody hard to buy for?!

♥  Unhealthy Obsessions - I cannot stop listening to Katie Waissel from the X-Factors performance of I'd Rather Go Blind, the words constantly repeated wouldn't be sufficient! Despite the fact that the nation can't stand her I LOVE HER! 

My unhealthy obsession doesn't end there - The Smurfs App! It's taking over my life! It's such a great free app & there's so many levels! love it!

Blog sales & giveaways - I love clearing out my stuff & doing blog sales (makes you feel less guilty for buying stuff) & giveaways always excite me so I've got the both going on at the moment!

♥ Nars - This is my giveaway at the moment & I've done it because I realised how much I loved it last week on my shopping trip to The Trafford Centre in Manchester. Yes it's expensive but I find I have no problems ever with a product. I used to hate the brand as quite a lot of their products have glitter in them & I'm not a glitter fan, however as I've spent time at counters swatching away I've found there are lots of great things without glitter as well which is my kind of thing! 

♥ My Skin - I've seen an amazing difference in my skin recently thanks to a few additions to my skin care & its making me very pleased. If I had a tan I would go out with just some powder on which = happy Nicola!

So that's been my week apart from being incredibly busy at work as per usual & working late but there was a gas leak on Friday so I got to leave earlier than 7pm which is a bonus, although the gas properly burnt my throat so it hurts quite a bit!

How's your week been?


Monday, 15 November 2010

Nars Christmas Giveaway!

Hey Ladies,

Having spent some time on Saturday trying to find some items at a Nars counter I remembered how much I love the brand (you'll see the results of said shopping later this week) so I wanted to share my love with my followers as I know not everyone will be able to get hold of/afford Nars.

I will be having a sponsored post coming up (not product related & I will let you know which post!) so thought i'd use the money from that to spend on some giveaway prizes for you & incorporate it as my Christmas Giveaway (the Diet Coke ad was on last night so it's officially Christmas!)

So the winner will receive;
The Lipgloss Collection which includes - Striptease, Orgasm, Bloodwork, Harlow and Triple X
A Lipstick of their choice
A Blusher of their choice
An Eyeshadow duo/single of their choice

There will be 2 runners up they will receive;
Their choice of either a lipstick or single eyeshadow

To enter the giveaway just be a subscriber & comment with your email address & 'enter me' and if you've tried Nars before what's your favourite item!

One entry per person & I will accept Twitter entries via retweets when I tweet about the giveaway you just have to make sure your twitter isn't on private or else I can't see it, just let me know if/when you mention it anywhere so I know. It is open internationally and will end on Christmas Day at Midnight GMT (purely because i'll have time to pick the winners, buy the prizes & post them as my work is shut down at Christmas *high 5*)

So this is an early Merry Christmas from me (I love to giveaway things if you haven't guessed!!)

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday Summary & Giveaway winners!

Hey Ladies,

I swear time is at super speed it doesn't feel like its been a week since my last Sunday Summary! Not funny!

This picture sums up my week just a blur! But it's consisted of;

Friends - I had such a lovely night out with two of my favourite friends (yes I rank them!) & have a up & coming road trip to Forever 21 with Kelly & Gemma which I'm so excited about so I'm all about time with friends at the moment.
Paul & Joe Lip Balm - It is seriously amazing! I will be doing a review but it makes my lips look so lovely & plump!!
My Birthday - It is 7 days til i'm 24 which is so scary but i've had my night out so no horrible hangover this year for the day, I think it will just be relaxed & I don't think i'll be seeing anyone or doing anything, that's my kind of birthday!
Tidying - I had such a nice clean up today, tidy house tidy mind & all that, plus I washed all my makeup brushes which is so satisfying!
Sleek Blush in Rose Gold - It has been described as a dupe to Nars Orgasm but it's so so much better, I can't stand how glittery the Nars one is, the sleek one is the same shade as the Nars a kind of peachy pink but with a gold sheen rather than a gold glitter. It is Love!


I miss my dog an incredible amount! It makes me so sad that I don't have him waking me up every day! :( I love this picture, I took it a few years ago & was lying on the sofa & he literally walked over me & pushed himself between me & the sofa for a cuddle!

Right now for the competition winners please email me your details to Nicolavc86@gmail.com

DKNY Giveaway Winner - Dainty Dolly Mix

DKNY Giveaway Runner up - Sadie

Topshop Earrings Winner - Jennifer

Thanks for reading & well done to the winners!!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Eyeko Giveaway!

Hey Ladies,

When I attended the recent Eyeko event they gave us a lovely goody bag so I thought i'd share the goodies with a subscriber!!

So up for grabs is ...
Military Polish
Saucy Polish
Pastel Polish
London Lip Gloss in Shoreditch
Line & Shine in Electric Blue & Teal

All you need to do is be a subscriber & comment below with your email address & if you've you've tried eyeko whats your favourite product?!! You've got til November 14th at Midnight UK time to enter!!
I will try & be a good girl & pick the winners of my last two giveaways tomorrow & put them in my sunday summary!!

FOTD & NOTD My Birthday Night Out!

Hey ladies,

I thought i'd show you the final makeup I sported for my birthday night out last night!!

So as you can see I went for using glitter as an eyeliner!

What I used:

Eyes -
Inglot Eyeliner Gel - 83
Mac Glitter - 3D Silver
Sleek Ink Pot - Dominatrix
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara
Mac Brow Pencil - Dirty Blonde

Face -
Makeup Forever HD Primer - 2
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - Sand
Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer -8
Makeup Forever HD Powder
Sleek Blusher - Rose Gold
Lily Lolo Bronzer - Wakiki

Lips -
Barry M Lip Pencil - Red

I had such a fun night but got extremely drunk so really suffering today, when I was applying my makeup I spilled my 3d glitter everywhere so I have glitter all over my room! & once glitter has entered your life it ain't leaving!

Thanks so much for reading!!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Moisturiser Review

Hey Ladies,

A few months ago I was sent the Vichy Normaderm so I've been trying it out thoroughly & wanted to share my experiences with it!
'Oil-free hydration clinically proven to fight the cycle of acne imperfections. Clears blemishes and blackheads and helps prevent new ones from forming, purifies and helps control oils. Skin feels soft and comfortable.'

First of all I love the smell of this product, it doesn't smell really chemically more fresh smelling which is great in the morning I find, I detest foul smelling skin cream it just puts me off using them in the long term.

I found using this on its own at night wasn't enough for my skin because I tend to have dryness around my chin & nose and so I switched back to my normal night cream, however for the day this is brilliant, it gives you a lovely matte feeling to your skin and helps with the amount of oil produced by the skin during the day so less need for powdering . It's instantly absorbed and makes the skin feel lovely and smooth so it makes applying foundation really easy without the use of a primer.

In terms of reducing spots & blackheads, I saw no difference in the latter however in reducing spots over time I have seen some improvements, at the moment I don't use it as an overall moisturiser but one on targeted areas that have been getting a bit spotty and I find that it does speed up the life cycle of any existing spots and stops some spots ever forming fully.

Priced at £11 for 50mls its widely available at Boots & online so really good value & easy to get your hands on so a product I highly recommend mainly for very oily skin or a targeted treatment when you're trying to rid yourself of spots but don't want to completely strip your skin. I certainly will be buying another one when I run out for my spotty times!!

Thanks for reading & if you've got any questions just let me know!!

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