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Monday, 15 November 2010

Nars Christmas Giveaway!

Hey Ladies,

Having spent some time on Saturday trying to find some items at a Nars counter I remembered how much I love the brand (you'll see the results of said shopping later this week) so I wanted to share my love with my followers as I know not everyone will be able to get hold of/afford Nars.

I will be having a sponsored post coming up (not product related & I will let you know which post!) so thought i'd use the money from that to spend on some giveaway prizes for you & incorporate it as my Christmas Giveaway (the Diet Coke ad was on last night so it's officially Christmas!)

So the winner will receive;
The Lipgloss Collection which includes - Striptease, Orgasm, Bloodwork, Harlow and Triple X
A Lipstick of their choice
A Blusher of their choice
An Eyeshadow duo/single of their choice

There will be 2 runners up they will receive;
Their choice of either a lipstick or single eyeshadow

To enter the giveaway just be a subscriber & comment with your email address & 'enter me' and if you've tried Nars before what's your favourite item!

One entry per person & I will accept Twitter entries via retweets when I tweet about the giveaway you just have to make sure your twitter isn't on private or else I can't see it, just let me know if/when you mention it anywhere so I know. It is open internationally and will end on Christmas Day at Midnight GMT (purely because i'll have time to pick the winners, buy the prizes & post them as my work is shut down at Christmas *high 5*)

So this is an early Merry Christmas from me (I love to giveaway things if you haven't guessed!!)

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