Wednesday, 22 December 2010

NOTD: Mavala Black Cherry

Hey Ladies

A couple of weeks ago it suddenly dawned on me that it isn't summer any longer & as I looked at my nail polish collection I realised I don't have many winter suitable polishes .... So I had a shop (you'll see it at a later date!) & then had a bit more of a shop the other day & picked up this bad boy!

Mavala Black Cherry & OPI Mad As A Hatter
As you can see (hopefully) it is the most beautiful blackened redish purple so the name Black Cherry is pretty perfect I absolutely love it. Formula wise it took 2 coats to get this intensity but one coat left you with a redish purple so if you aren't going for a strong nail it would be lovely on its lonesome, as for the glitter it's Christmas this week so I had to add some sparkle!!

Hope you're all having a lovely week so far, I am yet to buy presents (eeek) I'll get there eventually! Thanks so much for reading & remember to enter my Nars Giveaway!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Sunday Summary! ... On Tuesday!

Hey Ladies,What a week it has been! (or actually more like 2 weeks since my last summary)

Photo totally stolen from Kelly's Blog!

♥ No more work/New Job - I left my job which was making me miserable! Perhaps not the best time of the year to not have a job but I am relieved to be out of there, it wasn't at all nice most of the time! A few days off would have be nice as well! My plans for a nice stress free time before Christmas however have been dashed as I start my new job today! I have had to relocate to my boyfriends in the process as well as its very close to his house! So on Saturday I think I had an hour to pack my stuff & move! (an hour because I was lazy & ill with a chest infection so was in my pj's til about 5pm!) It's been over 24 hours now & we don't hate each other so I can say it's going well!

♥ Meeting Kelly & Gemma - I loved seeing Gemma & Kelly again at the Trafford Centre & I can't believe it was a month since I last saw them because it flew by, we made the executive decision as well to try & meet up once a month which I think is very achievable & something I'd love to do. We all exchanged gifts & had some very intense moments of actual love in the process whilst every one watched at Starbucks!! 

♥  Snow - This time around i've enjoyed it because i've been able to sit in a nice warm house & not go out in it/struggle to get to work, I just got to see the beautiful sugar coating it leaves behind tucked up in a snuggly bed!

♥ Shopping - All from the comfort of my own bed of course! & non of it Christmas related all for ME! (cue evil laugh) On the Christmas front I have yet to wrap a thing or get anything for my boyfriend, his child or my brothers (aaah) Do you think they'll mind getting something from Asda (there's a massive one literally next to my new work!) The selfish shopping has commenced purely because I know i'm not really gonna get any Christmas presents so I'm on operation make myself feel better (a haul video will certainly follow i'm sure)

♥ 1000 Followers - I got to 1000 followers last week & I have to say it was the most loveliest feeling & had me on cloud nine! Seriously thank you all so much for all the wonderful comments & feedback you give me, I wish blogger had better communication means because I don't know if anyone goes back to see if I leave a response to comments so unless there's a question I tend not to because I just think no one bothers to look back (mainly because I don't! ... Lazy Nicola)

So that's been the last 2 weeks of my life, I have enjoyed it for once!! Let me know what you've been up to & PLEASE someone tell me they're as unprepared for Christmas as me! 

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Saturday, 18 December 2010

John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Review

Hey Ladies,

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past month or two you would have seen the release of the John Frieda at home foam hair dye kits, I got invited to the unveiling of it in London but sadly couldn't make it & then got asked if I wanted to be sent a sample to try out, well I don't dye my hair regularly so I said no. However I was in Boots one afternoon & my curiosity (plus the fact it was on offer) got the better of me & I decided to give it a whirl.

As I said I don't dye my hair regularly as its naturally blonde, I tend to dye it darker before I go on holiday (as it ends up white otherwise) & then even it out to my natural colour once I'm back, there once was a time that I dyed my hair brown but couldn't be bothered with the maintenance & lets face it blonde roots & brown ends looks completely wrong.

So I didn't go for a radical colour just basically the same as it was I just wanted to try out the difference a foam is compared to the regular dyes.

First of all I am very impressed with the size of the conditioner & gloves included, quality touches like this make me repurchase products, the gloves are really thick & reusable if you like to fake tan with gloves (which I do).

The difference between this and a regular dye is obvious in application but even when mixing the dye it is very different, instead of shaking it like mad like 'normal' dyes you kind of tip it on its side & back & forth like that until it is mixed. To get the foam out you actually squeeze the bottle & a really rich foam is dispensed, & let me tell you you get loads of the stuff, i've got really long hair & the bottle covered my hair with ease & there was loads of excess product which you should still apply & I did. A big difference is the smell, it has the faintest smell of hair dye but nothing compared to liquid dye which is too much for me sometimes.

It is easy to apply, you literally slap on the foam & keep applying & massaging into your hair, it doesn't drip & I didn't find it messy really (I applied it on my bed!). The biggest difference I found is when removing it, usually liquid dyes are a pain to get out of your hair (I end up using shampoo to get it out) but the foam just disappeared when I put my hair under the water so it got a big thumbs up from me for that.

The finished result
I'd say I got a good result, nice & glossy and my hair didn't feel as dry after washing out like other dyes & the conditioner they supply with it is really good!

Overall it was a very odd experience pumping out the foam & applying it but I am pleased with the results & the quality of the product. I have heard other companies are hot on the heels & releasing foam dyes so it would be interesting to see if they are of equal quality.

Let me know if you've tried it & what you thought of it, I hope you're all more prepared for Christmas than me I have bought nothing & start a new job on Tuesday & moving to my boyfriends this weekend in all this snow! (I think the word you're looking for is fooked!) ah well!!

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Top Winter Skin Saviours!

Hey Ladies,

Like everyone my skin changes so much in winter not necessarily on my body but certainly my face & I slap it full of moisture in different ways so I thought I'd show you some of the products I love to use!

Oil Cleansers
I tend to always use an oil cleanser to remove my makeup but in the winter I tend to use a more 'rich' formulation, they don't dry out your skin & help if my eyes are a bit dry. I've found my favourite formulation for the winter if my skin is a little parched is the Nars oil cleanser.

Boots Botanics Super Balm
In winter my eyes seem to dry out easily & if I have an allergic reaction I'll look like a 90 year old woman for a good 2 weeks before it sorts itself out. With quick intervention I can stop my skin round my eyes drying out with this product, whether its supposed to go round the eyes I wouldn't know but it doesn't do anything but make them better & soothe as well as moisturise.

Nars Aqua Gel Hydrator
I first thought this was a regular moisturiser but its a moisture mask, you just apply it before bed & wake up with skin that feels so soft & well rested, it certainly does the trick but in fairness it should for the price!!

Blistex Relief Cream
Yes the packaging is shite but if you've got cracked chapped lips it really does sort mine out within a couple of applications, I think I must have about 10 tubes scattered through out my house/handbags so there's always one handy. I wouldn't ever be without it.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre
I haven't done my review on this yet & I will get to it but this stuff is just great! Makes my skin super soft and just a really easy cream to fit into your skin care routine as I can't see anyone reacting to it, its like a hug for your face in a tube!

So there's my winter skin saviours! You must share yours with me, I have a bit of a fetish for skin care! In other news I have spots at the moment as I'm a bit ill with a chest infection so I'll have to do a post on how I combat break outs!! Oh & in other other news I got to 1000 followers on here which makes me unbelievably happy & humble that people take the time to read what I write so I want to say a very sincere thank you to you all!! If you haven't entered my Nars giveaway get on it!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Oil Cleanser Series - Dermalogica Pre Cleanse

Hey Ladies,

Continuing with my oil cleanser reviews I thought i'd review the Dermalogica Pre Cleanse (as the title suggests)

So Dermalogica describe Pre Cleanse as;

'The professional's deep cleansing weapon! Achieve ultra clean and healthy skin with a double cleansing regimen that begins with PreCleanse. This plant-based cleansing oil, fortified with Olive and Kukui oils, thoroughly melts layers of excess sebum, sunscreen, waterproof make-up, environmental pollutants and residual skin products that build-up during the day.'

Like I said in my last oil cleanser review I find that most oil cleansers perform the same as they get all my makeup off easily, don't dry out my skin & are gentle on my eyes, hence why I use them. If you haven't used one before I will explain how to use one (as my friend Jade bought one after my last review & didn't use it properly resulting in the oil being left on the skin!) To use an oil cleanser start with a dry face, apply a bit of the oil on your fingers, massage into the skin & eyes (if your eyes go cloudy don't panic!) then wet the skin, which emulsify's the oil into a milk & then remove with a wet wash cloth!

Back to the Pre Cleanse

Packaging - Like all Dermalogica it is very simple, I like the Dermalogica white & gray personally but it could be considered boring. Having said that I like it, the packaging for the Pre Cleanse is a bit crappy because it has a flip lid which you have to pour out which results in excess product being dispensed so you do use up your first bottle quickly then you learn to be 'less generous'
Price - The rrp of this product is £31 but you can get it much cheaper online so it ends up about £22 (which I found here including p&p) so it ends up at 14.6p/ml which is about 6p/ml more than the Nip + Fab & it is one of the more expensive oil cleansers.
Formula - The Pre Cleanse is a slightly thicker oil than the Nip + Fab which I do prefer as it doesn't drip (oil tends to be a pain in the arse to remove from clothing) What wins me over with the Pre Cleanse (& it is my favourite oil cleanser) are the ingredients I always check out the ingredients & I was shocked to see how many of the high end ones have Mineral oil as the main ingredient (Shu Uemura & YSL I am looking at you) The Pre Cleanse is packed with other oils which include olive oil, apricot kernel oil, safflower oil, kukui nut oil & rice bran oil, they all sound nice but i've no idea what they do but mineral oil is such a cheap ingredient & I don't expect it to be in high end products! (if you want a post on mineral oil i'll happily do it!)
Smell - Pre Cleanse has the faintest smell about it which is lemony (which happens to be my favourite smell!) it is certainly not offensive & not overpowering, so if you're sensitive to smells it won't be a problem.

Overall as you can tell (because I told you so) Dermalogica Pre Cleanse is my favourite oil cleanser i've used, I probably used it for about a year before I started experimenting with other oil cleansers but I probably will return to it once my current one has run out, I do miss it!!

Thanks for reading & I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I wont be doing a Sunday Summary as there's nothing really to report this week! How sad eh?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday Summary!

Hey Ladies,
Another week has come & gone, seriously it flashes by!

View from my desk at work!
I think most have us have been subjected to the snow this week, can't say i'm a fan when I can't get to work because of it (I live on top of a giant hill & we don't get our roads gritted)

♥ Shopping! - I have bought quite a lot this week (you could see a haul vid coming up) I need to seriously stop & start buying some Christmas presents for people! But i'd be stupid not to take advantage of an Elemis Today's Special Value on QVC & 25% off Shu Uemura wouldn't I?

♥ Dresses - I have officially decided the outfits I love to wear the most are little cute dresses with tights & cute little shoes & a cardi for work, really flattering & easy. So I am on a quest to buy lots of different dresses. At the moment i'm wearing 2 pairs of tights it's so cold but Marks & Spencers 100 denier tights are AMAZING! I don't feel cold at all but when I take my tights off my legs feel freezing! They're magic tights!!

♥ Time to myself - up until last night I didn't see my boyfriend for about 2 weeks & although I missed him I loved having time to myself ie. SLEEP! half past 10 bed times has done me so much good! 

Today's sad face has been my Blog! I bought my domain apparently a year ago & google didn't email me to let me renew it & thankfully someone informed me on Twitter that it wasn't working so I managed to finally sort it out after a bit of a panic & I should be back to in a couple of days fingers crossed!!

How's your week been? enjoying the snow as much as me!!


Saturday, 4 December 2010

NOTD: Minx Nails & Illamasqua

Hey ladies,
If you saw my November favourites on YouTube you will have seen that I have a sheet of Minx Nail Wraps & today I finally had time to try them out!

I think when you're doing at home nail wraps it's easier to have one nail as the focus hence why I painted the rest with Illamasqua Jo'mina nail polish.

They're more expensive than at home alternatives like Nail Rock wraps because they are a professional product but I do find the quality to be better & they are much thinner than Nail Rock wraps & available in more designs.

I would definitely recommend people to get them done in the salon, Its obviously easier to get someone else to do a full set than doing them at home as you have to get the equipment & learn how to do it etc. I'm happy to do my own as I only really like them as an accent nail unless I was really pushing the boat out!

What do you think? Have you had your nails minxed before?

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