Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday summary

Hey ladies,
I'm currently on my way home from my weekend in London for IMATS so thought I'd be productive & blog since I've been rather naughty & not done any in a while.

Weekend in London - I obviously couldn't miss this from my highlights this week (mainly because it's the only one)

I have had a blast, IMATS was ok but we (Gemsmaquillage, Fleurdeforce & I) only stayed til about 12 o'clock on the 1st day & didn't return. It was so crowded & we'd bought everything we needed to so decided to go for some lunch. I will probably do a separate post about it!

I mainly attended to see blogging friends & have a weekend with Gemma (gemsmaquillage) in London. We have just laughed & found ourselves in funny interesting situations & had a great night out on Saturday which resulted in dancing & getting back to the hotel at 5am!

Chanel Particuliere nail polish - I really don't know how I lived so long without this baby. It's such a great polish & so easy to wear. I have had it on since Friday & it's gone with every outfit & remained chip free!

Make Up For Ever - If I was to pick one brand & stick with it for good MUFE probably would be it, so at IMATS I took advantage of the 35% off & got a few bits k
I've been wanting to try & have to say I love them (will tell you all about them at a later date)

Before this weekend it wasn't the best week but onwards & upwards I guess, so for 2011 my aim is to be happier & have more adventures. (I should have probably made that aim at the beginning of January)

Hope you've all had a great weekend & if you went to IMATS let me know how you found it.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Product of The Week!

Hey Ladies,

This week's product of the week would have been a hole in the head, sadly no one was kind enough to let me review it (yes it's been that bad!) so this weeks product of the week is ...

My skin has recently gotten a bit spotty in places thanks to stress so the Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion has come in very helpful, its a really thin white liquid that smells horrible.

' Designed to treat deep, cystic blemishes. Sulfur based solution allows the lotion to be quickly absorbed into the skin, treating the source of the deeply rooted pimples'

What I love about this is you can apply it under & over makeup unlike my Mario Badescu drying lotion which leaves big pink dots on your face! I seriously sit at my desk at work & apply this bad boy, I have no shame when it comes to getting rid of a break out, I am relentless!!

I find it doesn't cure spots overnight, I'm yet to find anything that lives up to that claim, it calms my spots & really helps reduce life cycle & is really useful to have in your handbag if you feel a spot coming on. It's a little messy as its such a thin consistency so does tend to run from the area you apply but like I said I have no shame so can quite apply have white drips down my face in the office. Perhaps I should care more!!

Hope you're having a lovely week so far, just to let you know if you bought anything from my blog sale it got posted either on Saturday or Today depending on when it was paid for so you should be receiving the item(s) soon. Thanks for reading & if I ever find my bloody camera cable I will post a haul soon & my current nail polish obsession!!

Oh you can buy the Mario Badescu here for £14.50 (not a sponsered link or anything, I buy all my Mario Badescu at BeautyBay because I talk to the owner on Twitter & she's lovely)

Monday, 24 January 2011

Tresemme Naturals Review!

Hey Ladies,

I have recently been on a mission to use up the obscene amount of bottles of shampoo I had in my house and one day I realized I finally did it, barring one bottle of shampoo that was dreadful I had no shampoo left, no shampoo left. I had a problem, I needed to buy some more, I decided to try a bit of Tresemme (as the title would suggest) I tweeted them & asked which range they recommended for my long hair, they recommended the Naturals range & as quickly as it was recommended it, I was offered a bottle of their shampoo & conditioner to test out, I accepted ... obviously.

I got sent the Nourishing Moisture shampoo & conditioner

The Naturals range;
  • Formulas with USDA certified organic Aloe Vera and Avocado, hydrate hair naturally and protect against breakage and damage.
  • Hair will feel 10X stronger after just one use.
  • Perfect for all hair types, this hypoallergenic and dye-free shampoo is even safe for color-treated hair.
Now I don't know about hair feeling 10 times stronger after one use, but with the shampoo my hair certainly washes so easily without the need for conditioner, the smell is lovely, kind of fruity and refreshing. I tend not to use the conditioner, not because I don't like it I just wash my hair every night & use leave in conditioner afterwards & then use a deep conditioner once a week. It's a testimony to the shampoo that I can do this (only ever achieved with one other shampoo) without my hair feeling dryer than an Arab's sandal by the end of the week.

When shampoo's are on the more natural side I find they don't lather up really at all so was surprised when this one did with a really rich lather. Overall a great shampoo infact I've bought 2 bottles since (one for home & one for my boyfriends house) I just wish they'd sell pumps for the giant 900ml bottles I am a tiny little woman & can't lift it!! :)

I would like to try the styling products to see if the Natural formula has any effect on the results & would love to see Tresemme add a deep conditioner to the line (hint hint), have you tried any of the range? I really recommend the Nourishing Moisture Shampoo as you can probably tell!! Hope your Monday has been better than mine (I don't even want to repeat the experience, you'll read about it soon enough I expect)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday Summary & The Best £4 I Spent This Week!

Hey Ladies,

I've had a very hard week, its been full of work & horribleness. At the beginning of the week the heating wasn't working which meant cold cold water, I had to have a freezing shower! no fun! When it was finally fixed I went to Asda after work & bought these bad boys;

N-Spa Vanilla Creme Brulee Shower & Bath Gel & Body Creme

These seriously smell amazing, I want to eat them. There's actually text on the back that says 'This is not food' yes I do need to be told. The bubble bath foams up really nicely & isn't drying at all, I do use it as my body wash as well, the smell doesn't really linger on your skin but I just love the smell when you're in the bath, does make me hungry though.

The body creme smells just as delicious & is very moisturising, maybe not as much as say The Body Shop body butters but lets face it the Asda one is £10 cheaper! Now this product does linger on the skin & you smell scrumptious for hours, scrumptious for yourself maybe not the sexiest smell for the man in your life hence why I apply it twice a day! ;)

These bad boys are £2 each & available in a few different scents, for £2 I dread to know what's in them!!

Shopping & Good Friends

I have had a great weekend meeting up with Kelly, Gemma & Laura at the Trafford Centre & bought a few lovely things, which I will post once I find my camera cable.

Picture totally stolen from Gemma
Job Interview

I have a job interview on Thursday & it could be a very good opportunity to get into journalism & away from my current job, I was hoping to move back home but it's literally a two minute walk from  my current job! insert very bad sad face! But still fingers crossed!!

I hope you're all well & have had a lovely weekend I am very looking forward to IMATS next weekend, lets hope this week flys by so it comes nice & quick!! Let me know if you're going!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Product of The Week!

Hey Ladies,

I've got another product of the week for you below.

Eve Lom Rescue Mask.
I have just posted a not so great review on the Eve Lom Cleanser but I have to say I love the Rescue Mask.

They Say;

'Eve Lom Rescue Mask is the ultimate deep cleansing treatment mask which helps to clear congested skin, enhances the overall skin condition and boost complexion'

All I can say is this product really does work immediately, on application it heats up & then dries after about 10 minutes, I use it as i'm sat in the bath & it is really relaxing as it's a decongestant so great if your nose is a little stuffy as well. My skin is instantly lifted, brightened & clearer & not irritated or red in any way, because it is a clay mask it really isn't for the dry skinned so I use the Eve Lom TLC cream afterwards (which is like lard)

I definitely recommend it for the oily skinned ladies out there! I'm avoiding discussing the price as it's really expensive £30 for 50mls! (eeek!) for what is essentially a basic clay mask it is a tad overpriced like most of Eve Lom's products. I am gonna attempt to make my own home made version which could save me some money & avoid the parabens which are present in this mask, so i'll let you know how that turns out!

Thanks for reading & I hope you're having a lovely week so far! What are the things you've been loving this week??

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Summary! ... Blog sale!!

Hey Ladies,

This week has been a toughie, I have come to realise my new job is (for lack of a better word) shit, really boring & repetitive so much so I am definitely looking for another, a bad day at work plus a sad film meant most of Thursday night was spent crying! But i've been home this weekend which has been just what I needed!

I've needed lots of cuddles!
My hair - it was one of my loves last week & it is again this week, I've washed it & discovered the perming process hasn't damaged it in the slightest which is great & I've worked out the best way to style it without any heat which is always ideal (wash at night, leave to dry & 2 corn rows before bed then Toni & Guy curl cream in the morning scrunched into it, easy peasy)

Whittard Hot Chocolate - My brother bought me a gift set of different hot chocolates for Christmas, including mint, chilli, caramel & ginger hot chocolates, i've been loving trying all the different flavours, i'm boring & love the mint, I was going to buy some from the Whittard site but it's £4.50 delivery!!!!! & £5.00 for the bloody hot chocolate if i'm honest it tastes the same as the Options mint hot chocolate so i'll be sticking to that until I start weeing money!!

Tresemme Naturals Shampoo - I got sent this a while ago & absolutely love it, the smell is gorgeous & it really makes my hair feel great, I haven't conditioned it for over a week & not felt the need to either thanks to this shampoo!

Blog sale - Because i've been living elsewhere my makeup at my house is just not getting used so i've been through my stash & gathered it together for a blog sale tonight I just don't need it & happily living with my makeup at my boyfriends so can get rid of it ... in time for IMATS & makeup forever!!!

That has basically been my very boring (as usual) week! Hopefully next week will be better, i've a feeling it wont be!!

Illamasqua Throb Collection!

Hey Ladies,

I know you've all probably read about the Valentines day Illamasqua collection named 'Throb' but I'd thought I'd show you anyway.

Nail Varnish - £13.50
Leave your mark with Illamasqua’s bold, rich, vibrant colours. ‘Throb’ is a powerful red Nail Varnish, the colour of blood spilled by desperate, rejected lovers. ‘Load’ is a rich, cream coating for the nails and the midnight matt finish of ‘Scorn’ is a deep statement of obsession.

Intense Lipgloss - £13.00
Come out of the shadows with Illamasqua’s high-shine, colour-rich Intense Lipgloss. Sure to be a cult classic, awaken your mouth’s erotic sensuality with the seductive red of the new ‘Succubus’.

Lipstick - £15.50 
Let your lips speak volumes. Indulge in Illamasqua’s colour-intense Lipstick with a highly pigmented formula. Assume the role of a femme fatale with ‘Sangers’, Illamasqua’s new blood red Lipstick.

I seriously want all of this collection, Illamasqua do some seriously good red lipsticks & this new one doesn't disappoint & their intense lipglosses are great if you're in a rush & want a red lip look without the fuss. As for the nail polishes I absolutely love Illamasqua nail polishes, the colours are so unique that I can seem to justify the prices so I definitely will be getting a couple if not all 3!!

Selfridges Throb set
Selfridges are selling the collection on the Illamasqua counters in this gift set which also includes a nice box & blindfold & it costs £69! Illamasqua do entertain me with their names & now prices unless its coincidence!! (which I just worked out is, that's what all the products add up to!)

Let me know if you're getting anything from the collection, if I'm being restrained I probably will get the Lipstick & the red & cream nail polishes!!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Eve Lom Cleanser Review & Dupe!

Hey Ladies,

I recently purchased the Eve Lom Ultimate Kit & have been using the products since so I thought I'd review their cult cleanser for you.

They say;

With a powerful blend of Egyptian chamomile, hops, clove and eucalyptus oil, together with cocoa butter the Eve Lom Cleanser cleanses, tones, exfoliates all in one. Even the most stubborn make-up and eye make-up will be removed.
The specially woven muslin cloth is used with the Cleanser to improve skin circulation while cleansing and exfoliating the skin in minutes.
The result is clean, perfectly balanced skin and a radiant complexion.
Suitable for all skin types.

My Thoughts;

Firstly this is a lovely cleanser, it feels really rich & luxurious & once you warm the balm between your fingers spreads nicely so you don't need to use loads, one of my first thoughts about it was that it may not last a long time but I found I could use less & less each time so will last a decent amount of time.
It is very effective in removing all of your makeup, so there's no need to repeat the process unlike what I find from some other cleansers & I found it didn't irritate my eyes in the slightest, as with any skin care routine I always double cleanse & so I use a different cleanser after using this & in the morning as I'm treating it more as a makeup remover than a cleanse because it would end up very expensive if you used it 3 times a day! My skin doesn't feel dry after using it or oily either so I agree most skin types would be suited to it but maybe really oily girls should consider a different cleanser.
The smell is very floral & herby (kind of like essential oils) it's bearable for me, not my chosen scent if I'm honest but I can put up with it as its not on my face for long (I don't bother with their method of removal, basically very long winded dip the muslin cloth in water press & repeat 5 TIMES!! Who the hell has that patience??)
The price is my issue because it's ridiculous! For 100mls which is about standard for a cleanser it will cost you £50, now personally I will invest in my skin for a quality product, I'll happily spend that amount, this isn't a quality product if you look at the ingredients.

paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil), cetearyl alcohol, peg-30 lanolin, bis-diglyceryl polyacyladipate-2, aluminum stearate, theobroma cacao (cocoa butter), peg-75 lanolin, chamomilla recutita (chamomile oil), eugenia caryophyllus (clove oil), eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus oil), humulus lupulus (hops oil), phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben, p-chloro-m-cresol, eugenol, isoeugenol

Mineral oil is one of the cheapest ingredients in skin care & its the main ingredient in this 'high end' product which I think is just cheeky, they just slap the Eve Lom name on it & charge people far too much, there's also a few parabens in there which people might not like. Mineral oil & parbens are in many skin care items mainly so the product doesn't spoil, a long shelf life for a manufacturer means if the products aren't selling quickly they're fine to stay in a warehouse for long stretches without the need to throw them away. I did make a decision to avoid mineral oil in products when I saw it in my YSL oil cleanser and I didn't even think Eve Lom would have the stuff in it so didn't bother looking ... until I started writing this review.

Apart from the ingredients (which I would totally overlook if i loved a product) I wouldn't buy this again because simply I don't love it, I think it's ok it works perfectly well but it's just not love. As Gemsmaquillage would say 'we didn't bond'.
With any products which use muslin cloths as their method of removal I feel it's more the cloth making your face have the radiance you receive than the actual product! So overall I like it but don't love it.

My dupe for this to end a very long review is the Boots Botanic Cleansing Balm, no mineral oil in sight for the grand old price of £6.36 & I have it on good authority (I will test it out after the Eve Lom) it is exactly the same if you use it with the muslin cloths & that's coming from my friend Jade who swears by Eve Lom, I am happy I introduced her to it & saving her fortunes now.

Thanks for reading & I hope this is of use to someone if you were thinking about trying it & let me know if you've tried it & more importantly did you love it? I hope you're all having a lovely weekend, I have come home from my boyfriends & currently in Stephen Fry heaven with him on my tv & me in my bed (not in a rude way, I love my bed & miss it every night I'm in my boyfriends)

IMATS news - I very much might be going so let me know if you are, bit last minute but hopefully I can make it!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

NOTD: Zoya Jacy

Hey ladies,

I had a bit of a spree on nail polish recently & Zoya was on my radar so I thought I'd show you the shades with some NOTD's.

It is the most gorgeous magenta with a gorgeous fine shimmer through it. I usually don't like shimmer in my polishes but this is refined enough to look really nice. A very lovely colour but it didn't half chip & that's on press on nails so I dread to know what it would be like on natural ones!

I hope you're all having a lovely week, I cannot wait to go home this weekend & be reunited with my bed! I may do a YouTube video if I have the urge so get your requests in & I'll try & do them!!

Thanks for reading & lots of love to you all!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday Summary!

Hey Ladies,

So we were all (or most of us) back at work this week, am I the only one dreading a 5 day week starting tomorrow? I've not worked 5 days a week since the beginning of December (EEEK!!)

Obviously my hair is my current love, I had convinced myself before that it would be difficult to maintain but a couple of plaits in my hair at night & its good as new in the morning or as my boyfriend said this morning 'you're hair looks stunning' <--- always puts a smile on a girls face!

Coffee & shopping with one of my bestest Jade, leopard print platforms were purchased & she got me student discount, I love her for that & for being her amazing self!!

Stephen Fry, now this isn't a new love but he is my current obsession, I downloaded his autobiography from iTunes that he narrates & I've listened to it before bed, before work, during work, after work ... you get the picture. His voice is so calming & his life is so interesting, this has caused me to download anything he's ever done on the TV/internet over the past few days & watch QI constantly (which my boyfriend likes thank god).
My boyfriend: 'you were downloading stuff last night weren't you'
Me: 'Yes'
My boyfriend: 'What was it?'
Me: 'Guess??'
My boyfriend: 'Stephen Fry?'
Me: 'Of course!'

I have a problem! My name is Nicola & i'm a Fryaholic!

Makeup wise I've been loving big lashes & just Mac All That Glitters eyeshadow, really simple & looks like you've made an effort, I can't be bothered with Gel eyeliner until I have my Stila Smudgepot & a new Mac 210 in my hands (FYI the sigma 210 I personally think is shite compared to the Mac one, wish I hadn't lost it!)

I've given in & accepted that I now enjoy baths (two in a week, compared to my normal two a year ... I do shower once or twice in between!) So me being me off to Lush I pop. I really don't like Lush! The shop smell is enough to make me vomit but my boyfriends son enjoys a blue bath so I promised him I would get him another bubble bar. I made it out vomit free & with a bath bomb for me & bubble bar for him. Frigging £7! rip off!!

So that's been my week basically, I've enjoyed it apart from being back at work obviously, I've gotten more settled at the boyfriends house & finally had a bit more sleep, discovered I can stay in bed til 8 o'clock & be at work for 9 o'clock which is amazing and generally feel more content! Plus Victoria Beckham is pregnant which is just brilliant!

Hope you've all had a brilliant work, let me know!! & recommend any none Lush bath stuff!! Please tell me i'm not the only one who can't stand the shop!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

My New Hair!! Toni & Guy Loose Perm Review!

Hey Ladies,

I've had the straightest hair since I was born, I brush it & that's about it, don't blow dry it, don't straighten it. Nothing. It's all well & good having straight hair, getting ready is easy & quick but it's boring. Very boring.

I can remember wanting a perm when I was in high school & I'm talking 80's perm. Don't ask!

Maybe not quite this permed!!
So when a fellow blogger Amanda  was talking on twitter about her equally straight hair I told her about loose perming (having never tried it before) She got it done (obviously not just because I told her to!!) & I instantly needed it.

So today I headed to Toni & Guy for a perm, I had my consultation on Wednesday on what to expect from it & to have a strand test and she booked me in for today I think if I had left it a couple of weeks I'd have talked myself out of it.

I was greeted by a very lovely young man with a menu of drinks (whom i later found out was 16!! god I'm old) he got my hair washed & prepared & then my technician got to work.

I have to say she wasn't chatty & just concentrated on my hair, which I kind of like, she was perfectly polite just didn't ask the traditional questions 'you going out tonight?' 'going anywhere nice on holiday this year?' etc (i hate small talk)

I have to say when I saw the bendy rollers my heart sank, I've used them on my hair before & they just end up with a horrible curl. From that point I thought it would be a disaster, but I had faith, she said the most it could be was beachy waves so I prevailed.

sexy or what?

It took an hour to put all the rollers in she did it in such small sections, once the perming solution was added (which stinks!) it only took about 20 mins, then off to get it washed out & neutralized which took about 30 minutes.

I was taken back to my seat & as she started to dry it I could see how curly it was, my heart sank all I could think was 'what the fuck have I done!' I hated it. She told me it was best to leave the ends to dry so it didn't go frizzy. As it dried the curl got less & less harsh & I love it now!! Phew!!

So the moment you're all waiting for ...

Before, very straight.

After. CURLY!!
I love it, I am aware that it will be less wavy once it's settled, it was a little frizzy once I got home thanks to the weather so I literally put it in a couple of plaits for 30 mins took them out & it was sorted. Finally none boring hair!!

Overall I was really impressed with Toni & Guy which I always am, all the staff are friendly & know what they're talking about. As soon as a drink is finished they offer you another & not crappy Nescafe (other coffee's are available) they have proper cappuccinos & champagne which I love! Yes it's expensive but I prefer to pay a little more & know I'm in the best hands possible.

Thanks for reading & if you've got curly hair let me know you're favourite products to use, a whole new hair routine is needed now!! :) Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far!!!

Friday, 7 January 2011

Product of The Week!

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd start a new regular feature in 2011 as well as my weekly summary & it will be My Product of The Week (the title kind of suggested that!) Just a short sharp recommendation & review of what I love at the moment (also something I can easily do on my iPhone at work!)

So here it is!

Now when I saw that Pixiwoo had been using this I didn't think it was for me as I don't have particularly dry skin however then I got a chest infection & flu & suddenly goose fat would have been slavered on if someone recommended it for dry skin (don't worry no one did) They recommended Oilatum Natural Repair Face Cream & by god I'm glad they did, this is so rich & lovely on your skin, it really does a great job of moisturising & soothing any sore skin. I can't believe I am currently using such a rich cream for my day cream & then two moisturisers at night (Eve Lom TLC cream & Oilatum)

Love it & totally recommend it to anyone who's got dry skin!! Hope you're having a lovely week!!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Colorsport Eye Lash & Brow Tint Review

Hey Ladies

Unlike some of you lucky ladies I was born with blonde hair, yes people spend loads of money getting their hair blonde but I have the problem of spending money getting my blonde hair darker specifically my eyebrows & lashes.

I have spend most of my adult live going to salons & getting them tinted, not only is it costly at about £15 a time it's the time factor which I don't have to get them done these days, and so when I saw Pixiwoo's video on eyebrow tinting I decided to give it a go, so I thought i'd report to you how it went.

I actually got the dark brown version as I was only going to tint my brows, It comes with a tube of colour, some developing liquid, a built in mixing bowl & a mixer/applicator.

First of all I didn't do a patch test (naughty me!) but i've had my lashes & brows tinted loads & never had a reaction so didn't bother (plus i'm too impatient to purchase something & then have to wait 48 hours to use it!!)

Mixing is easy but I don't enjoy the lack of detailed instructions saying up to 10 drops of the liquid is no good as i got a massive drop which was too much! I prevailed until I had the mix the consistency as they recommend, I applied it to my brows with with a spooley (mascara wand)  (the applicator they give you is shit, don't even bother) & then left it whilst keeping a close eye on them, after about 2 minutes I wimped out & took it off thinking they'd be black. They weren't just a very nice shade of mid brown. Overall I'm thrilled with the brows and the good thing about this kit is at £6.50 it's supposed to last you a year!

So I let my curiosity get the better of me & applied it to my lashes & it did tint them just not dark enough for my liking so I will purchase the black kit & try it out!

I will give you a pic of what they look like now but I was too impatient to take a before pic, trust me they were practically see through.

I obviously have mascara on my top lashes but nothing on my brows!
Overall I think it's a great kit if you adapt it by using your own applicator & it will save me a fortune in salon bills by doing it at home! I really recommend it but don't be silly like me & do a patch test just in case.

Thanks for reading & hope you're all doing well!

Monday, 3 January 2011

Sunday Summary! ... On Monday!

Hey Ladies,

Hope you've all been enjoying your bank holiday, mine has been spent helping fixing (& breaking eek) my boyfriends laptop so lots of shouting & screaming ... & swearing has been exchanged between us, but we got it fixed & all happy chappies!!

Bath Blogging is the way forward!!
♥ Sale shopping - Now I really hate sale shopping don't get me wrong but I do it right, Christmas day I took advantage of the Space NK sale whilst most ladies were opening their presents I being the saddo I am was pillaging their stocks from my lounge watching Elf & it came on New Years Eve which I was mightily impressed by (2 working days!) Then on the Tuesday Bank holiday I needed to return some pre Christmas sale items & quickly popped into French Connection & Topshop & was done. I hate people pushing each other for clothes that they are unlikely to wear but just save so much money on the item they buy it (don't tell me I'm the only one that does it! Damn you Kurt Geiger boots!)

♥ Bank Holidays - I have been loving all these days off & it depresses me the thought of being Monday to Friday next week but I've got a nice catch up coffee with my gorgeous friend Jade at the weekend to look forward to!

♥ Food - Now I'm not an over indulger at Christmas, I'm allergic to most of the festive stuff & not the biggest roast dinner fan & turkey is my sworn enemy. However since moving to my boyfriends & enjoying the fact that it takes me 15 minutes to get home I have been doing some proper cooking & loving it! I made Chili last night & reaped the benefits of left overs today!

My boyfriend made us some Nachos! god they were good, I'm suffering from eating too many at the moment! He also ate it with Strawberry yogurt?!? (don't ask) I chose the more traditional route - sour cream!

♥ An Idiot Abroad - I have loved Karl Pilkington since I heard the Ricky Gervais podcasts when they came out & his series I didn't watch purely because it was on Sky one & I never watch TV in my lounge! My brother bought me the DVD for Christmas & I watched it on Christmas day & LOVED it, he is hilarious & so dumb! Pure comedy & it kept me company in the bath this evening (don't know if taking my macbook near a bath is a good idea!) I hate baths I'm much more a shower girl but I found it really enjoyable watching something & this is just the best! May have to carry on this little habit without the addition of Lush of course! (Yak!)

Hope you've all been well since my last summary (I tend to only do them if I have something to say) Do let me know how your Christmases & New Years have been!!


Sunday, 2 January 2011

My Favourite Products of 2010!

Hey Ladies,

I thought i'd show you my favourite products i've found this year, I would have done it in a YouTube video but i'm full of a cold & would be sneezing all the way through it! (not a pretty site I can assure you!)

L'oreal Studio Secrets Primer - I absolutely loved this primer, it lasts ages, makes your face really smooth ready for your makeup on top & helps it last longer than if you had nothing on!

Estee Lauder Double Wear - This was a toughie as I found some excellent foundations this year but this just blows me away because unlike any other foundation I've used I don't have to 'touch up' during the day & it keeps the oil from appearing on your skin.

Make Up For Ever Full Coverage - This is such a lovely concealer to use, doesn't settle in any fine lines & keeps the dark circles under control so you look nice & fresh! (I don't use concealer on spots so don't have one for that!)

Make Up For Ever HD Powder - This is so fine & I find it applies completely invisible on me & unlike other powders which I've makes me look like I have no powder on.

Mac Ripe Peach Blush Ombre - I loved this when I first got it & must have used it every day for months, pink blushers don't suit me but peach ones seem to just look more natural on me & this has to be my favourite, I cringed when I first heard (a minute after ordering it) that it had sparkle in it but it is absolutely minimal & looks lovely I just wish it was permanent!

Nars Luster Blush - If you want the J-Lo glow which she is famous for you need this, it imparts the most beautiful sheen on your skin & makes you look glowing & healthy.

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows - These just make life simple, give you some colour on your lids without creasing all day or use it as a base & its stops your shadow from creasing on top as well.

Urban Decay Primer Potion - It's the classic that everyone loves & gets annoyed about because Urban Decay refuse to change the packaging but you can't deny it is a great product & isn't that expensive.

Eye Shadows
Nars Nepal - It's a gorgeous shimmery rose colour & I can happily plonk this over a primer & leave my makeup at that, super simple & flattering shade.

Nars Key Largo Duo - I love this duo, it contains a lovely matte peach shade & a really rich bronze they blend together really nicely & they are really flattering on my green eyes!

Nars Fez - This is a beautiful chocolate brown shot through with a sheen of gold, I love using this with
Nars Nepal but if you can blend well it makes an excellent colour on its own, very sexy!

L'oreal Voluminous - Seriously an amazing mascara, I don't need much length adding to my lashes but I love to have volume this mascara does it with very few coats. What I also love about it is how soft your lashes are when wearing it, which means it is really easy to get off & doesn't flake everywhere.

Max Factor False Lash Effect - At first I didn't enjoy this mascara mainly because I poked the wand right in my eye (yes it was painful) however after a break from it I went back & loved it (I find I do this with most mascaras) It adds loads of volume & doesn't clump thanks to the spiky brush. It's a tad expensive though so i'm most likely to repeatedly purchase the L'oreal one as its quite cheap!

Stila Smudge Pot - I have these in loads of colours & I love them, they are the only gel liners I've found that i'm not allergic to & don't transfer to my eyelids!

Mac Impeccable Brow Pencil - I bought the 'dirty blonde' shade at duty free on my last holiday (July) & haven't touched another brow product since (well almost more about that on a later post!) It is a great product if you have blonde hair as it isn't too dark & very natural looking.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar Anime - Seriously the most fluorescent pink I've ever seen, I wore this on a night out & every one I saw asked me what I was wearing.

Mac Chatterbox - Its a gorgeous bright pink (not as bright as the Lip Tar of course) It's an amplified creme so has really good coverage & doesn't dry out my lips.

Chanel Rouge Allure Genial - It is a bright coral (Sadly limited edition so you can't get it anymore) A gorgeous summer shade & a great alternative to a red lip if you're not into those.

Mac Freckletone - This is the shade of lipstick that caused me to turn into a lipstick nut, its a very boring shade of peachy brown but it is my perfect nude shade & I can plonk it on at any time.

Lip Treatments
Paul & Joe Lip Treatment - This comes in stick form & hydrates your lips with a really luxurious coating which stays put & imparts a really glossy sheen which makes your lips look fuller.

Mac Lip Conditioner - This has the classic Mac vanilla scent like their lippies & it really does a great job at hydrating my lips definitely a handbag staple.

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse - This has been my favourite oil cleanser of the year, it ticks all the boxes - works well, smells great, not too expensive & easy to use. I just wish it came with a bloody pump as you waste quite a bit of it!

Neals Yard Orange Flower Blossom Cleanser - Really rich & none drying it leaves my skin nice & clean & none tight, really a lovely cleanser to use plus it smells great as well.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion - This is really great stuff, it gets your skin smooth as silk in one go & is really well priced and lasts ages (I find all the Body Shops packaging breaks on me, I've had to cut the end off & decant all of mine!)

Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask - This stuff is one of my emergency products if my skin has broken out in spots, it's the most effective charcoal masks I've ever used & my skin throbs whilst its drying (could be a bad thing but it makes me think it's working) & it helps all the nasties get to the top of my skin & get it cleared out as soon it is possible.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre - This stuff is amazing, makes my skin baby soft & is a great winter moisturiser & not too expensive either which is always a bonus.

Eye Cream
Strivectin - SD Eye Cream - This stuff is a little pricey (I got a good deal) but it lasts forever, i've had mine since March & use it night & day & it's still going strong. My eyes used to go through really dry patches but this seem to have prevented it which is great, doesn't do anything for my dark circles but I don't believe eye creams can really reduce it they just claim to & reflect light with a shimmery product.

Clarisonic Mia - I had to obviously add this, this addition to my skin care has made an unbelievable difference to the clarity & brightness of my skin, spot numbers have reduced dramatically & when I get one it seems to go pretty quickly and my skin is much softer & smoother. I couldn't recommend one enough, definitely worth the pennies!!

Boots Botanics Beauty Balm - This is a great little extra in my skin routine, if I have a rash anywhere I slap a little of this one & it seems to get rid of it. When I have allergic reactions on my eyes they become as dry as an Arab's sandal & make me look disgusting, one night when I had a reaction I put this on my eye lids & underneath & the next day they were back to normal, I was well impressed! It's cheap too!!

So those where my favourite products of 2010 & it was an epic post, if you made it to the bottom well done!! What a year it has been, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas & New Year mine was very busy hence no posts so apologies for that!!

Hope you're having a relaxed Bank Holiday & thanks for reading!!