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Saturday, 8 January 2011

My New Hair!! Toni & Guy Loose Perm Review!

Hey Ladies,

I've had the straightest hair since I was born, I brush it & that's about it, don't blow dry it, don't straighten it. Nothing. It's all well & good having straight hair, getting ready is easy & quick but it's boring. Very boring.

I can remember wanting a perm when I was in high school & I'm talking 80's perm. Don't ask!

Maybe not quite this permed!!
So when a fellow blogger Amanda  was talking on twitter about her equally straight hair I told her about loose perming (having never tried it before) She got it done (obviously not just because I told her to!!) & I instantly needed it.

So today I headed to Toni & Guy for a perm, I had my consultation on Wednesday on what to expect from it & to have a strand test and she booked me in for today I think if I had left it a couple of weeks I'd have talked myself out of it.

I was greeted by a very lovely young man with a menu of drinks (whom i later found out was 16!! god I'm old) he got my hair washed & prepared & then my technician got to work.

I have to say she wasn't chatty & just concentrated on my hair, which I kind of like, she was perfectly polite just didn't ask the traditional questions 'you going out tonight?' 'going anywhere nice on holiday this year?' etc (i hate small talk)

I have to say when I saw the bendy rollers my heart sank, I've used them on my hair before & they just end up with a horrible curl. From that point I thought it would be a disaster, but I had faith, she said the most it could be was beachy waves so I prevailed.

sexy or what?

It took an hour to put all the rollers in she did it in such small sections, once the perming solution was added (which stinks!) it only took about 20 mins, then off to get it washed out & neutralized which took about 30 minutes.

I was taken back to my seat & as she started to dry it I could see how curly it was, my heart sank all I could think was 'what the fuck have I done!' I hated it. She told me it was best to leave the ends to dry so it didn't go frizzy. As it dried the curl got less & less harsh & I love it now!! Phew!!

So the moment you're all waiting for ...

Before, very straight.

After. CURLY!!
I love it, I am aware that it will be less wavy once it's settled, it was a little frizzy once I got home thanks to the weather so I literally put it in a couple of plaits for 30 mins took them out & it was sorted. Finally none boring hair!!

Overall I was really impressed with Toni & Guy which I always am, all the staff are friendly & know what they're talking about. As soon as a drink is finished they offer you another & not crappy Nescafe (other coffee's are available) they have proper cappuccinos & champagne which I love! Yes it's expensive but I prefer to pay a little more & know I'm in the best hands possible.

Thanks for reading & if you've got curly hair let me know you're favourite products to use, a whole new hair routine is needed now!! :) Hope you're all having a lovely weekend so far!!!

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