Wednesday, 31 August 2011

For Those In Between Days

Hey ladies,

I think we've come to the conclusion that it's no longer summer here in the uk which is totally pants. So I am now being forced into different clothing choices, some mornings I leave & it's quite chilly then by the afternoon it's mild & I look a right div in my winter coat, so I thought I'd purchase some new items & share with you my favourite pieces for in-between seasons.

The Trench Coat
This I got from ASOS & it is just great, not too expensive but really well made & the detail is lovely, I can't imagine why ASOS haven't shown a picture of the button detailing at the back but it just makes it look more expensive than it is plus it is the perfect length. It keeps you warm enough when theres a slight chill in the air & more importantly covered when it's raining. Makes you look so classy & you can play detective/journalist whilst wearing it so fun!!

I feel like i'm living the teenage life I never had, Converse were in my day for skater kids not cool! Well for grown adults let me tell you they're SO cool! They are comfortable, water resistant & nice & casual, yes they may be too casual for some but currently i'm living in mine. I don't think i'll ever look at a ballet shoe again which just make sure your feet are constantly cold & wet at this time of the year.  I aim to get pretty much every shade, I got mine here .

Slouchy Cardigans
I went for a specific cardigan so lets go with it but I live in cardigans of all varieties, this one from Tesco is perfect for this time of year, it keeps you nice & warm when you need it to, goes with everything so you can chuck it on without thinking & (now this is a completely unbelievable scenario but go with me) if it is a warmer day it doesn't have long sleeves so perfect for the in between season.

All I can say is THANK GOD I can go to work as casual as possible so can rock the converse all the time but I will trade the slouchy cardigans for thermal hoodies in winter because it will be freezing!!

I hope you're all doing well, I have officially opened my Jewellery Shop so go check it out, I updated it this week with silver & wrap bracelets!! I should have a couple of interesting posts next week I'm having a quarter life crisis this week & so staging a teenage rebellion ... read new tattoo (semi permanent of course) & updating my hair colour (semi permanent of course) I'll be more committed when I have an actual Mid Life crisis I should imagine!!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Things I'm Loving!

Hey Ladies,

Being the total fail whale that I am I totally failed at editing & uploading my July favourite video so thought i'd show you some of my current favourite things.

Before you say anything, yes I am allowed to have 3 favourite foundations at the same time, no judgement here!

So the run down:

Skin 79 Diamond BB Cream
There have been SO many posts on BB creams recently with every Tom, Dick & Harry releasing them, I personally think the Japanese brands produce the best ones, yes they may be ashy (this being no exception) but I find once they settle on the skin & you add your bronzer/blush over the top it looks perfectly fine. Any way, this one is more suitable for dryer skins & makes your skin look beautiful, really radiant and with a medium coverage is a really good everyday 'foundation' as it lasts on your skin pretty much all day with a setting powder.

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint (out in September)
A very hyped new release from Liz Earle their first steps into makeup & let me tell you they've done it right, it is basically a tinted moisturiser with an SPF, it leaves your skin looking really radiant & pretty, certainly not perfect as there's only a light coverage but this to me is my perfect weekend foundation, light easy coverage that just requires no effort.

ELF Flawless Foundation
The name I have a problem with as I don't think there's enough coverage with this foundation to reward it with the name 'Flawless' but it gives you a really lovely medium coverage with a radiant (are you picking up on this weeks theme) finish & the lasting power is fairly decent i'd say with a touch up it lasts a day of work!

Barry M Peach Melba
I saw this in Boots on Saturday & swore I had it, but the word 'new' next to the name told me I probably didn't (just call me Sherlock)  well what can I say it is the most lovely pastel peach, not streaky & has lasted well on my nails!!

Elf - Teal Blue
Seriously the most gorgeous vibrant jade shade, I totally am in love with it & wore it for a week straight, I even ordered a back up!

Barbara Daly Lash Boost Mascara
This is a great mascara for people who have naturally longer lashes, it thickens them & holds a curl really nicely and unlike some budget mascaras it doesn't make your lashes crispy!!

Sleek Makeup Nude Collection (Out August 31st)
Seriously LOVE this collection, the palette is lovely maybe a tad too matte for me but the shimmery shades are to die for & it is a great one for people starting out with eyeshadow and looking to branch out a little as it has the 'comfort zone' shades & then some more interesting ones. The blush like all Sleek blushes looks totally unwearable but with a light hand is a gorgeous (dare I say it) autumnal blush, really adds warmth to the face and is subtle down the back of the cheek bones instead of on the apples of your cheeks. The lip conditioner is again lovely adds the tiniest nude tint to your lips and conditions them as well, I would prefer the tinted lip conditioners to be slightly 'more' in texture by that I mean like the Mac ones which feel like you have more than a bit of oil on your lips (yes I'm mental) Oh well we can't have everything can we?! I know you'll have all heard loads on the collection hence me popping my opinion on this post about it but I totally recommend it & guess what IT'S PERMANENT!!!

So those are my current favourites/things i'm loving, I am happy to say my jewellery shop TLC Treasures is up & running so check it out, thank you so much to those of you who've already ordered, I seriously love you all!! Hopefully normal blogging shall resume this week (typical i've lost my frigging memory card but I shall soldier on!)

Friday, 19 August 2011

TLC Treasures ... Coming soon

Hello ladies,

Well my plan to get an iPad then blog at lunch has been an utter failure so far but then again I've been a total blogger failure the past week & I thought I'd tell you all why!

I have (with some prompting from fellow bloggers) decided to open an online jewellery shop, a bit different to other bloggers shops I'd say because it will be mainly bracelets & I hand make everything which means I will be taking custom orders or if you have particularly thin or generously sized wrists I can tailor them to suit all your bracelet needs.

Thought I'd give you a sneak peek of a couple of designs. Like I said i can do custom orders so if you see a bracelet & want it recreating then send me a pic to

Hope you're all well & now understand my reasons for being MIA!

I should have it all set up by the end of the weekend & will let you know as soon as I do!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Instant Dip Dye Hair by Colour Xtreme

Hey Ladies,

Some times i'll get an email about a product that will give me a laugh & usually these just get dismissed and I move on to the next however this one made me laugh & then caught my attention; I made some tentative steps into Ombre hair a couple of months ago & it ended in my hair basically looking four different colours! Because I have light blonde hair it is very difficult to ombre as it requires the roots to be dyed darker, so when I saw that Lee Stafford were releasing a colour spray which would enable me to get the look I wanted to achieve I firstly laughed at how ridiculous it would look and then intrigued to see whether it would really work. Once I heard they were releasing coloured sprays I was all over it.

Colour Xtreme Hair Art

So basically this is like going back to your childhood & spraying colour on your hair, I got sent all the colours in the range but had a couple of colours in mind in terms of what I wanted my hair to be like.

First of all I went for pink, but the pink is seriously bright so whilst it was still wet (the spray comes out wet) I sprayed the white over it, once it's dry you brush through it so that is spread nicely throughout the hair and separates it all, I then decided to do the very tips of my hair with the purple spray. I LOVE IT!

Instead of doing pink on the other side like a normal person I decided to experiment with Teal tips, I started off with blue & then spraying the green on top, I could have made it lighter with some white but I liked it dark!

In terms of the actual product, it literally is easy as anything just pop an old towel over your shoulders  & then you can be spray happy, be careful you don't choke yourself because it is rather toxic & then just brush brush brush.

It makes your hair feel AWFUL, seriously dry and if anyone has tried those volumising powders, it makes your hair feel like that but I love the idea of these, if you are craving these hair trends it gives you the option to either try it to see if you would suit it & get it done permanently or just a bit of fun for the weekend and something you can wash out for the working week.

Totally recommend them and for £4.07rrp from Boots you can't go wrong! I can confirm as well that they wash out easily without any staining to your hair underneath. I will be trying the regular ombre with a dark spray tomorrow! Wish me luck!!

What colour would you have??

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Summary & Blog Sale!

Hey Ladies,

Totally stolen from Kelly's Blog
My my i've had a rather busy week mainly revolving around friends (isn't that the best type of week) I had a day off from work & participated in some shopping with my friend Jade on Monday then after a very short week at work headed to the Trafford Centre with Gemma & Kelly for a catch up and shop (rather damaging shop) I tell you what these two beauties are the main reason I love that I began blogging, they will be my bridesmaids at my wedding (if I ever get married) & two of my bestest buds!! Then back with my friend Jade on Saturday night for a Curry & then a day with my two brothers & dad today, i've eaten out all the time, it's been ACE!!

The damaging part of the trip was due to this little beauty ...

Dont you just love him, I named him Sebastian (I name all my technology with old men names, Henry is my iPhone & my Macbook is called Burt!) I know it'll be so useful in my blogging because I can take it to work and blog at lunch, I can also take it to my boyfriends at the weekends instead of my Macbook which will mean my bags will be as light as possisble! Yay!! Now I need you to recommend ebay sellers for covers & stuff & also iPad must have Apps!!

I have also decided this is exactly how I want my hair, I wished I suited a middle parting but I just look like a dork! Need to find a curling tool that will provide me with this wave! Any suggestions?

So that's my week spending money, time with friends & obsessing about hair, what more could a girl want!!

Oh I'm holding a blog sale as well at the moment, there's loads like Illamasqua, River Island Shoes, Nars, Mac, Urban Decay & a Jimmy Choo Bag so check it out!! LINK

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Get Matthew Mcconaughey Into Your Bedroom With The Rules For The Modern Gentleman App! *

Hey Ladies,

Are you forever tutting at the man in your life for his lack of manners, etiquet or style? Is his grooming getting a little bit away from him? or is he smelling like he's drowning in aftershave? Then let me introduce you to the new Dolce & Gabbana Free App for yours or his iPhone 'Dolce & Gabbana Rules for the Modern Gentleman' which has been compiled by the current GQ Editor Dylan Jones, whom I really want to meet to see if he listens to his own advice being a man and all! 

It has tips and tricks on things like instructions on how to tie a tie (yes nice & easy for us girls but apparently somewhat of a mystery to some men) so when you're away & they've got a 'need to put on a tie moment' they'll not be completely like a fish out of water. 

The tips on aftershave are great as well ie don't splash on half the bottle at once, don't you hate it when you walk down the street & some guy walks past you & you choke on his fumes, this app shows men the most effective places to ... well place their aftershave so it's most effective, the shaving tips are also excellent if your man suffers from ingrown hairs or hates shaving in general so we have to put up with a sore face after a kiss (This App benefits everyone!!)

The App was inspired from the Dolce & Gabbana - The One Fragrance, which I personally love the female version so if you wear it the male version compliments it perfectly with its notes of vanilla and pepper which are incredibly sexy scents to smell on your man and their new offering 'The One Gentleman' available in the UK and US just keeps up with the understated allure of its predecessor, with similar notes but added depth from the lavender, cardamon and fennel.

So check out this app & share with me your top tips to get your men on your arm as perfect as you are or have you already downloaded it, if so did it work?

*Please note this app does not guarantee you'll wake up next to Matthew Mcconaughey ... sadly, what can I say it's Free!! ;)

This is a sponsored post in association with Dolce & Gabbana & Handpicked Media.