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Monday, 16 January 2012

Griege Is The Colour Of My Soul

Hey Ladies,

I thought I'd do a NOTD for you today as I've had a few new nail polishes arrive on my desk & soaked off my Glitter Tips  so thought I'd give one of the shades a test run (I am going to be getting some more press on nails but I've had major banking issues which you'd know if you follow me on Twitter so postponed buying some for now!)

Essie Merino Cool
Of course I reached for the griege type of shade first, they really are my favourite shades of polishes, they go with every outfit, look classy & flattering to most skin tones. Essie Merino Cool was released as a part of their Fall 2010 collection & is a beautiful mix of brown, grey & purple and is more on the purple scale than other grieges around. What I love is it looks different in all different lights so it never gets boring, I can just stare at it for ages. You can still purchase the shade & it is such a classic I hope it will be around forever, I purchased mine from eBay.

I have a serious problem!
.... Told you they were my favourite shade of polish!

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