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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Of Course They're Real

Hey Ladies,

I love mascara, I am very fortunate that I have long curly lashes naturally so when it comes to mascara i'm pretty easy going, a cheap one will normally tick all my boxes. I used to use Dior Show religiously but when I discovered that the Rimmel Sexy Curves pretty much gave me the same results I swore I'd never purchase a high end mascara again. Of course I was talking BS because when I see something that is raved about I have to try it!

Benefit They're Real Mascara

Excuse the lack of under eye concealing!

So I betrayed my sworn oath to myself & bought an expensive one, this mascara was incredibly hyped up when it was released & I wanted to try it immediately, I was patient as I have a million mascaras to use & when I saw it on offer I couldn't resist.

This mascara is fantastic, It gives you incredibly black, long, thick & curled lashes in no time whatsoever not only that but they aren't crispy & feel like they'll snap & the results last all day, I apply this mascara at 7:30am & when I take it off at 9pm my lashes are as curly & lifted as when it was applied & no smudging underneath either. All in all the perfect mascara, its fairly easy to remove too which is good for the lashes underneath as you dont have to pull & tug.

They're Real Mascara retails for £18.50 which hurts to say, it is a very expensive mascara when you are used to el cheapos like me. Now what's even more painful is that I would buy this item full price (I got mine from BuyaPowa) which means this is going to be an expensive habit! Totally worth it though!!

Diet Coke have currently collaborated with Benefit Cosmetics in the UK & if you buy one of their very prettily designed cans you can get £5 of a £20 spend on Benefit's website!! Time to stock up I think! (this sounds like a sponsored message .. it isn't I happened to see it yesterday & thought it was useful to include)

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