Monday, 27 February 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Hey Ladies,

We've had what I would call a spell of decent weather ie its not freezing & I've seen the actual sun once or twice so my winter coat has been banished & I officially am declaring Spring! Cue pastel nails & not only that every pastel nail shade I could possibly fit on to my hands.

Pinkie - Essie Van D'Go, Ring Finger - Color Club New Bohemian, Middle Finger - OPI Rumple's Wiggin',
Index Finger - Orly Cotton Candy, Thumb - Orly Cashmere Caardigan.
I'll do a quick summary of each shade but they're pretty accurate in the picture;

Essie Van D'Go - A very light peachy pink, the formulation is good as long as you leave your layers to dry adequately & a gorgeous colour to have on your nails for a polished look.

Color Club New Bohemian - One of my favourite shade families in the nail polish world are these pastel jade shades, this one has a slightly more grey tone to it & at first I wasn't keen but I love it now.

OPI Rumple's Wiggin - This I would describe as a true lilac, theres no real swing towards a blue or pink tone it's right in the middle with a slightly grey tone, I really love this shade! 

Orly Cotton Candy - This is just a gorgous mid tones pinky peach, some lights it can look pink some pink, one of my favourite nail polish shades, it's so easy to wear & a classic.

Orly Cashmere Cardigan - A very unique pastel periwinkle, probably too dark for this post but I actually don't think I own a pastel light blue any more so it had to do!! Love this shade & wear it all the time which is unusual for me but it's such an easy shade to wear!

So those are my spring nails I have to say, I TOTALLY love wearing all different shades, my boyfriend even said he likes them!! What are your favourite pastel shades??

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Product of The Week: Caudalié Eau De Beauté

Hey Ladies,

Apologies for my absence, I can't really blame anything but tiredness & lack of motivation to type but I wanted to show you a product that i've loved over the past few weeks, it will definitely be featured in my monthly favourites as well (which I will be filming tomorrow!)

Caudalié Eau De Beauté
'Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a part-toner, part-serum mist of essential oils and plant active ingredients. This elixir smoothes the skin, tightens the pores and provides an instant burst of radiance, as it stimulates microcirculation'

I had this in my skin care drawer since about September & just thought it was one of those facial refreshers that basically make you look .... well refreshed & that was about it, sort of like glorified water. Once I heard Victoria Beckham used it & Gemsmaquillage recommended it when her skin was breaking out I thought i'd give it a try as I was suffering from a few spots.

I give my face a spritz of this after cleansing in the morning & evening & I have to say love it, it has a real peppermint scent & really makes you more alert in the morning & gives you that little boost at the end of the day before bed, not only that but I really have felt a difference in my skin since using it, it's softer (thanks to the essential oils) & I have to say I've had no spots appear since using it.

All together a total winner for me!! It's priced at £21.60 for 100 mls or you can try the 30ml size out for £8.00 if you're unsure. I am nearly out so i'm off to purchase another bottle once this post is done!

Have you tried this or any product like this before? Let me know how you got on.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Date Night Tesco's Treat

Hey Ladies,

I've had my Tesco Club Card in my purse for the past 10 years probably & used it about 3 times, this is despite going to Tesco everyday, I kind of thought it was pointless because I had no idea what the points were actually for. Turns out you can do some pretty amazing things with the points.

Now you can use your points in two ways, once you have reached 150 points they are converted into £1.50 vouchers which you can spend in store or online, I hope I don't need to point out that the more you spend the more vouchers you get, which come in your monthly statements from Tesco.

Alternatively you can opt to save up the vouchers in exchange for their Clubcard Deals which is anything from days out to actual holidays, there are some amazing deals including villa holidays, days to disney land Paris or you can use them towards Virgin Holidays. I just wish I knew that before my holiday quote to Hawaii!!

Obviously if you don't have your head in the clouds like me at the moment there are loads of different deals you can 'buy' with your points, if you fancy a meal out £10 of points can get you £40 of vouchers at Pizza Express or Bella Italia or go to the cinema to Cineworld with £4 of points for an adult ticket, if you're on a budget this Valentines day it's a great way to spend your points instead of a night at home.

Also if you've treat yourself to a valentines night out with your beloved & have some points spare Tesco have Clubcard Deals which allow charitble giving, you can help Tesco's Alzheimers charity who are aiming to raise £5 million for the cause, you can provide clean drinking water for 10 people by Oxfam or to the Woodland trust if you are more environmentally friendly & want to help your carbon footprint by helping the Rainforest's recover from all the damage done to them.

There are so much rewards with a clubcard i'm definitely going to be using mine whenever i'm in Tesco even if I don't manage to save the points up for anything for myself I know giving it to Oxfam will be my top choice, the people they help are in much more in need than me.

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

REVIEW: Tangle Teezer Vs Tangle Tamer

Hey Ladies,

I was in Boots on Saturday & saw the Denman Tangle Tamer & finally caved & bought it! (I know a whole £6) So I thought i'd do a comparison between this & my Tangle Teezer I have had for a while,  they're are pretty much in competition with each other being that they're bright pink & hair brushes after all & both hyped up as the best things since air.

Tangle Tamer

Tangle Teezer

Lets hear the blurb;

Tangle Teezer £10.99 
"The Tangle Teezer’s unique teeth configuration delivers rapid, pain-free detangling as well as polishing hair for high shine."

Tangle Tamer £6.50 give or take
"The super-soft nylon bristles gently glide through the hair, removing tats and tangles. An air-cushioned pad follows the contour of the head for smooth damage-free grooming. With a bright pink handle, this Denman hairbrush will be every little girl's favourite accessory!"

After hearing so many amazing things on the Tangle Teezer I bought one about a year ago & pretty much penned it down as a massive disappointment the second I ran it through my hair, I don't know if it is because the 'teeth' are too flexible so it doen't actually seem to do anything in my hair (you can see how much they've curved over the year) or the fact that the 'teeth' aren't long enough but this doesn't manage to make it through my hair when its wet or dry, I have to use my other hand to press my hair against it to get it to detangle anything. I may point out here that I don't have thick hair by any means, I have a lot of hair it's just not thick & nothing a paddle brush doesn't sort out with ease. The design of this is supposed to be ergonomic i.e. fit to the shape of your hand but I just find it annoying, it's based on the design of a horse brush I believe just one thing to note, I am not an effing horse.

Moving on ...

The Denman is the Rolls Royce compared to the 3 -wheeled equivalent that is the Tangle Teezer in my opinion, the bristles are longer, it gets through my hair with complete ease & smooths it amazingly without any annoying static behaviour I can sometimes get. It has a handle, is cheaper & all in all kicks  the Tangle Teezer's arse, there's a reason Denman has been around as long as they have because they produce amazing brushes that aren't anything to do with gimmicks or unique selling points just quality functional brushes.


If the Tangle Teezer floats your boats & works for you then I bow down to your hair because mine don't like it too much, if you found the same thing as me that it doesn't actually work try the Denman it's amazing & the fact that it's 'every little girls favourite accessory' just makes it that much cooler!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

REVIEW: Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar

Hey Ladies,

Despite the fact that I always insist I'm not a Lush fan I seem to want to try quite a few of their products, my current obsession was with their shampoo bars, I'd seen some on a YouTube videos & was intrigued so I popped down to my local Lush for a nosey.

Godiva Shampoo Conditioning Bar
It's not often as a Blogger I haven't heard of products so I don't know how I missed these, it's quite nice to go into the store with no preconceptions of what they're like, smell like etc & the same for testing it. In terms of my choice of shampoo bar I chose Godiva over the others as I personally found it was the only smell I could stand of all their offerings, I have a rather sensitive nose to things that smell awful.

Ok so when it came to shower time tonight I stood there & wished I'd read some instructions on what you're actually meant to do but I improvised & went with just rubbing it over my wet hair & I have to say it lathers up very well (more on that to come) & made my hair feel very very clean. It is described as having added conditioning properties but to be honest I needed to follow with conditioner, I could have braved it to see what my hair would be like to brush afterwards but i'm really not brave enough, is it just me that's paranoid about the amount of hair I shed to the point of looking at products aimed at hair loss in women, I was afraid it would be impossible to brush out so I caved & conditioned it.

Once I blow dried my hair quickly I noticed a couple of things, my roots felt amazingly soft (where I hadn't conditioned) & really really light & bouncy, I think this would count as a clarifying shampoo in my books so not one I'd use regularly but once a week/twice a month otherwise the ends of my hair would end up extremely dry but it was nice to have some sort of conditioning agent (although not enough for my long hair) added to my roots as I only ever condition the ends

Overall I have to say I quite like using this, the smell of the shampoo does linger in your hair so make sure you like the smell of the one you go for & it does clean your hair really well, I have just one problem, why is the number one ingredient Sodium lauryl sulphate? I thought Lush was all about the natural ingredients yet they use an artificial foaming agent like this, I have use plenty of SLS free shampoo's that I swear by so I don't know why Lush can't replace this ingredient for a more environmentally friendly natural one. For that reason I probably wont purchase this again & go back to the more natural ones & is why I probably wouldn't want to recommend this to people, it's not worth the £6 they charge when the top ingredient is SLS, go for the Tresseme Naturals shampoo instead (smells a lot better & suitable to use everyday as well).

Have any of you tried a Lush shampoo bar? what did you think about it??

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

My Breakout Buddies

Hey Ladies,

Well me & my skin are so not friends at the moment, for some reason I have gained a few friends who have set up camp on my chin & jaw line & whilst the odd spot or two doesn't bother me when its several all at once I introduce them to my breakout buddies & I thought i'd share them with you.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask, Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner, Alpha H Micro Cleanse & Liz Earle Spot On
Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask - £19.00 rrp 
You can see this is well loved & it is for a reason, this is probably my 2nd favourite face mask that I use regularly as it improves your skin pretty much immediately, if your skin is a bit congested or suffering from a breakout this just helps to clear it up by bringing all the spots to the surface super quickly & manages to do it without drying out the rest of the skin.

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner - £7.00
This is a great toner to use when the skin is breaking out as it is very soothing, I think if you have a seperate spot treatment there's no point covering your face in a very stripping toner as it's probably going to do more harm than good, so I use a gentle toner with aloe vera to sooth the angry red spots & a spritz over the face does wonders during the working day!

Alpha-H Micro Cleanse - £24.00
I don't know whether it's the glycolic acid in the product or the micro beads that exfoliate but this stuff makes even the dullest skin shine, it manages to rid me of blackheads like no other product (ok well maybe one!) plus when I am in the middle of a break out it makes my skin squeaky clean & prevents further break outs by making sure the pores are without any dead skin cells ready to clog them up.

Liz Earle Spot On* - £8.50
I use the Liz Earle as my topical treatment which I can concentrate on the actual spots, its choka block of tea tree for its antiseptic & antibacterial properties & Lavender to soothe & calm the buggars. Let me say tea tree & lavender are possibly my least favourite smells in the world & Spot-on is no exception to my rule I hate the smell of it but this stuff works on my spots so I let it do its thing & hold my nose! The reason I prefer this to the other million or so on the market is that it isn't a gel (which you can't wear under makeup as they tend to peel off your face) this is a liquid which soaks into the skin so I feel it is more effective (of course this could be utter nonsense but hey it works).

So these are my break out buddies, who are yours? what do you use? I have a horrible feeling this is happening to me because I haven't been using my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish or is it all psychological because I assumed this would happen? Either way i'm eyeing up a very good Liz Earle deal on their site for their entire skin care essentials regime for £41.00 ... Hmmm.