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Sunday, 18 March 2012

REVIEW: Topshop Makeup Liner Pen

Hey Ladies,

I have the fussiest eyes when it comes to eyeliner, the thing is it just doesn't stay put, I have tried most high street & high end liners & most of them fail on me, the problem is they transfer to my top lid & they smudge like no ones business, and so Pen type liners are usually a no go.
Until Topshop came along & created their makeup line, I bought this liner a good 18 months ago & although I don't use it everyday it is still going strong, I think this is a bit impressive for a pen liner which are notorious for drying out. I even bought an ELF one once that arrived dried up but it was a pound so I didn't really care.

This a total product rave because it is the simplest eyeliner to use if you're just starting out wearing eyeliner as it gives you the sharpest line and really easy to correct if you go a little astray. It lasts on my eyes all day without a problem & is a really dark black shade plus doesn't dry out quickly! All for under £7 what more could you ask!

As far as I know Topshop just brought out another version of this liner pen but with a finer tip if you want a more precise application as this is a little chunky for some but I enjoy thick liner so I'm happy with it.

Have any of you tried this liner? Any of the Topshop makeup you recommend?

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