Monday, 30 April 2012

NOTD: Orly You're Blushing

Hey Ladies,

You know I have a thing for griege nail polish, 'thing' being a serious addiction, whilst my loved ones should be locking me up in a cupboard & not letting me out until I face my problem they choose to ignore it which means me coveting any and all griege polishes released by countless brands (a full time job I can assure you) The latest one to arrive at chez Nicola is from Orly.

Orly You're Blushing
This is such a lovely shade of nail polish, griege shades are normally a mix of brown, grey & purple hue's and the magic (term used quite loosely) of these shades means the combinations from the three elements are practically limitless.

Orly's You're Blushing is definitely dominated by the purple and grey elements with just a helping of brown & I love the polish, it's much lighter than a lot of other shades I own in the genre which makes it stand out in a sea of greige. In some lights it looks purple and others grey which means you never get bored of having it on your nails, I got three shades from the Cool Romance collection & immediately applied this one because it's just so pretty.

This polish (and the other two I received) have made me rekindle my love for Orly polishes, they are just such high quality polishes, their rubberised handle makes it so easy to apply the nail polish with (it's the simple things) the formula is so effortless to get an even coating and is pretty chip resistant & I will say you also get a great amount of product in a bottle, 18mls for £7.50 which is 3ml more than your average bottle! Plus they manufacture their shades in the mini sizes which you can buy at Boots, this is not only cheaper but if you want a shade you know you will only use a couple of times you can purchase a mini one & not feel guilty!

Proper feeling the Orly love at the moment & need a binge buying session, what are you favourite Orly shades??

Sunday, 29 April 2012

REVIEW: Super First Blush Brightening Serum

Hey Ladies,
I love a bit of skincare & especially anything that promises brighter skin, having the most yellow skin imaginable it can at times get as dull as dishwater (wrong metaphor but you get my drift ... DULL DULL DULL) and so when this little bottle turned up on my desk I was more than happy to give it a try.

"This concentrated brightener returns skin to innocence. Its powerful superfood ingredients tighten skin's texture while leaving the complexion healthy and glowing"

This stuff is seriously brilliant, after some skin troubles lately products that claim to brighten the skin have been my new BFF's, it is a very light serum that absorbs instantly and really makes your skin glow and feel tighter. There is quite a strong melon-y smell to it which doesn't bother me but if you're not a fan of the gala melon smell i'd avoid it although it does disappear quickly. I've found my skin since using this has been very soft and the dullness completely gone as well as my darker pigmentation from scarring lightened significantly. 

Now this is quite a pricey item, for the 30ml it'll set you back £35 and is available at Boots, the justification I can think of (& I can always think of them ... it's a gift) is that you really need hardly any to cover your face, i've used it night & day for over a month & only used a quarter so it'll last you a while but the main justification is that it really does make a difference to your skin so worth every penny.

I can't wait to try more from the Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone range, I've got my eyes on the Bright Eyed eye cream & Night Recharge treatment, have you tried anything from the range?

Monday, 23 April 2012

NOTD: I Heart Vegas Manicure

Hey Ladies,

I don't know if any of you have read Lindsay Kelk's books but the 'I Heart...' series I have a serious addiction to, I can read one of the books in a day & cannot put it down, when I read the I Heart Vegas edition last week it made me want to jump on a plane with my boyfriend & go get married there .... Nana if you're reading this don't worry I wont. So my recent obsession with Las Vegas & Stilleto nails basically lead me to spend Sunday filing down some false nails into points & painting them an 'in you're face' kind of manicure.

Before                                                                                                   After                                        
I used Topshop Nail Art Pens in Pink & White & Illamasqua Nomad Nail Polish

I seriously advise to stick the nails on before painting them, it's so fiddly!! Any hoo, I kind of love them, perhaps not an everyday manicure but a fun night out type affair, perfect in Vegas for Casino games sipping on a cocktail blowing on some dice, everything's just a bit OTT there hence these are perfect!

*Sigh a girl can dream I guess!!

Anyone totally digging the pointy nails like me? I've painted them a different shade for work & they make me feel so girly, I just want to be rude & point at everything, only problem is I can't use my phone or type, may be a slight problem in the office tomorrow!!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

REVIEW: Madonna Truth Or Dare Fragrance

Hey Ladies,

I'm not one for 'Celebrity' fragrances, in fact I have never owned one, if you asked me why i'd probably say because everyone so far that i've smelt have been overly sweet & just not for me. I only heard Madonna was releasing a fragrance when I was approached to review it & I was intrigued in what direction she would go with the fragrance, the usual tacky overly young & sweet mass produced celebrity scent or something more sophisticated & grown up, thankfully option A wasn't chosen.

'The unique blend of narcotic florals, balanced with addictive notes of wood and musk create a scent that is timeless yet modern, simultaneously dark and light. The addition of gourmand notes such as vanilla and caramelised amber ensures the scent stands out from traditional floral fragrances and gives it a contemporary edge.'

In a nutshell if I ever purchase a fragrance I always choose one with notes of wood & vanilla as they seem to suit me the most, I tend to run away from florals as they're just not me but I totally agree with the statement that the vanilla & amber giving the floral a contemporary edge as I absolutely love it. 

The floral notes makes it a light fragrance and wearable for the day time, the musk and wood give it a wonderful depth and the vanilla and amber give a sweetness which isn't too sickly all together these elements don't battle with each other for dominance they just balance themselves into a beautiful unique fragrance.

The bottle design is very minimalist which I like & fairly compact so great for the handbag & I have to say the lasting power on this is fantastic, it is only available as an Eau De Parfum so much more concentrated than an Eau De Toilette but I haven't found a fragrance last so long on me before even other Eau De Parfum's.

My overall thoughts on the Madonna Truth or Dare is positive, I'm so glad she didn't sell out for a tacky fragrance just to cash in but really had an input into the development of the scent as it was inspired by her mother's perfume, she said: 'She always smelled like Gardenias and Tuberose' and so wanted to recreate the scent. Well I don't know if she succeeded but if she did Madonna's mum was a lovely smelling lady!!

It's available exclusively in Selfridges until May £32.00 for 50mls & available in 30ml & 100ml sizes too.

Have you smelt this yet? What are your favourite Celebrity scents, are they all as bad as I have come to conclude or are some acceptable to wear?

Monday, 16 April 2012

NOTD: Illamasqua Nomad

Hey Ladies,

Sometimes I see a nail polish & it is just perfection and so this really needs no words! (of course there will be some)

Illamasqua Nomad

This is from Illamasqua's latest collection & whilst i'm not particularly ever going to rock the teal lipstick, the 'Bright Jade' nail polish (Illamasqua's description) I am happy to be on board with. I think bright jade is a fair description, in the shade its a nice milky soft jade shade yet when you are in direct sunlight it transforms itself into an almost neon jade, I completely & utterly love it!!

Like all Illamaqua nail polishes the £13.50 gives you very high quality polish and it manages to be quite a unique shade like a lot of their shades as it is so bright in the sunshine, makes it worth the money in my opinion.

Anyone tried any other pieces from the collection??

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Spinning Jewellery

Hey Ladies,

Unfortunately blogging is a dangerous game in terms of your purse & if you think about all the time you browse online & shop then take all the people you follow on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr etc & their online shopping habits it's bound to end up in you spending money.

Laura aka Lollipop26 aka Buy Now Blog Later this has your name written all over it!

Laura tweeted about a bow ring she had seen with a link to a website & before you know it I was logging into Paypal to complete my transaction but I can't get too mad because lets face it i'm keeping up with my New Years Resolutions and have some rather lovely hand candy to go sporting about my new work place!

Luckily I found these on sale from a site called Acotis, they sell all manor of brands & I have to say impressed me with their shipping, I ordered on Good Friday & it arrived on Tuesday normally bank holidays do mess everything up!

The whole concept behind the brand is to stack the rings, which I do do (resisting a comment about do do) but the above is generally how I wear my two rings. They are stirling silver & the thinner bands retail at around £20 and the thicker bands £30 which is pretty good pricing as they quality is lovely. Thankfully I got mine 50% off from Acotis so it came to £10 for the Antique Jade ring which is limited edition & the Endless Flower ring was £15 plus free delivery!

Has anyone tried the brand before?? If so which ones are your favourites?

In other news i'm totally addicted to my Kindle & Lindsay Kelk, I think I can read one of her books in about a day they're just so easy reading nothing at all of any use to life or philosophical things to ponder just a bit of light fluff for your brain, A Single Girls To Do List is where I'd recommend to start & then onto the I Heart ... series, I cannot wait for the I Heart London to be released! Anyone else read her work? Any similar authors I should look into?? Remember nothing that will hurt my brain by making it think!!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

DIY: Caviar Manicure For £4

Hey Ladies,

It seems that Ciaté's release of their Caviar manicure got us all itching for our nails to look like Nobbly Bobbly's as the kits sold out very quickly & I couldn't seem to get a hold of one, which meant with me being me ie. the least patient person in the world a DIY job was my only option, so I thought I'd share the results with you.

You Will Need:
Some sort of mixing dish
Base Coat - Dr Lewinn's Renunail
Nail Polish - Essie Lilacism
Top Coat - Jessica Top Priority
Micro Beads - Ebay 

(I love the word vestibule so used it here!)
I used equal parts of each shade but you can tailor it to however you want
I found leaving the polish to dry for a few seconds helped the look, dip firmly into the beads & really push your nails into them.
I left all the excess beads on the nails & pushed the beads into the polish to help adhere them together
I then removed the excess & gently painted a top coat over the nails.
So there you have an easy Caviar manicure which costs £4 for the beads instead of £18 for the Ciaté kit, personally if you like the look I'd use my method as it's very annoying to have on the nails, I removed mine the morning after as they kept catching in my hair & it was impossible to wash it! For a special occasion I think it looks ace but I wouldn't say it's an everyday style I'll be rocking!!!

Has anyone tried the Ciaté manicure yet? Will you be attempting my DIY version?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

TLC Treasures on Etsy & Free shipping!

Hey Ladies,

I don't usually post about my jewellery making on my blog just so I don't cram it down your throat but I thought I'd let you know I started an Etsy store as well as my online one just because .... well I wanted to!

I have a new design of bracelet up as well so wanted to introduce it. They're available in nine shades in stacks of three with the gold, silver & rose gold as well as singly!

Plus for the whole of Easter there's free shipping to the UK with the code 'Anchorman' ... no apostrophes!!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

REVIEW: Maybelline Color Tattoo Gel Cream Eyeshadow

Hey Ladies,

We're always behind the US in terms of product releases in sunny old England (note the sarcasm), sometimes this can be great because we can get opinions on products and save money when products are crap but mostly it sucks because when products are released and are amazing we have to wait. We finally had the Lip Butters released & now the Color Tattoo Gel Cream Eyeshadows by Maybelline.

Now I don't know if we only got a few of the available shades here in the UK because I swear the girls in the US seem to have more choice, I had a good swatchathon & the only one I seemed to deem purchasable was On and On Bronze.

Top Eye, just the colour tattoo
Bottom Eye - Nars Nepal over the top & Topshop Pen liner & just the color tattoo on the bottom.
I love cream eyeshadows, they make my eyeshadow last longer than any other primer and if I have eyeshadow on I will always have one underneath, my favourites are by Benefit & Chanel so this relatively cheap product had a lot to live up to.

The Formula is lovely and smooth and applies to the eye nice and opaque and is easily blendable and certainly the shade I bought is very wearable everyday, it is a gorgeous bronze with golden shimmer.

In terms of lasting power with an eyeshadow on top this bad boy lasted on my eye for about 12 hours when I removed it with no sign of creasing or fading during which it was boiling outside & I walked for miles in the sun in a leather jacket (don't ask). Without an eyeshadow over the top I found it resisted creasing for about 6 hours but certainly nowhere near the 24 hours advertised, which to be honest I really couldn't care about as I don't ever plan to keep my makeup on for that long & nor should you.

Price wise they retail for £4.99 which is a brilliant price as they do compare quality wise with the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows which retail for £14.00. I totally recommend them as they look great on the eye on their own, if you want to maintain the colour but need to set it so it doesn't crease just use a translucent powder on a fluffy brush over the top, increases the crease proof life of a shadow applied over the top of it, the price is brilliant and they are readily available now in the UK.

I just wish there was more shades. Has anyone tried these yet? which shades did you go for?