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Sunday, 8 April 2012

DIY: Caviar Manicure For £4

Hey Ladies,

It seems that Ciaté's release of their Caviar manicure got us all itching for our nails to look like Nobbly Bobbly's as the kits sold out very quickly & I couldn't seem to get a hold of one, which meant with me being me ie. the least patient person in the world a DIY job was my only option, so I thought I'd share the results with you.

You Will Need:
Some sort of mixing dish
Base Coat - Dr Lewinn's Renunail
Nail Polish - Essie Lilacism
Top Coat - Jessica Top Priority
Micro Beads - Ebay 

(I love the word vestibule so used it here!)
I used equal parts of each shade but you can tailor it to however you want
I found leaving the polish to dry for a few seconds helped the look, dip firmly into the beads & really push your nails into them.
I left all the excess beads on the nails & pushed the beads into the polish to help adhere them together
I then removed the excess & gently painted a top coat over the nails.
So there you have an easy Caviar manicure which costs £4 for the beads instead of £18 for the Ciaté kit, personally if you like the look I'd use my method as it's very annoying to have on the nails, I removed mine the morning after as they kept catching in my hair & it was impossible to wash it! For a special occasion I think it looks ace but I wouldn't say it's an everyday style I'll be rocking!!!

Has anyone tried the Ciaté manicure yet? Will you be attempting my DIY version?

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  1. I've done the same as you and bought some Ebay ones, I had a little play this afternoon. Agree though it's not something I could wear all the time. Liking the colours you bought :-)

  2. Looks lovely, although I would probably only do one finger rather than the whole set.

    (Also I'm not sure if your Ebay link is right, it goes to a Sun article about Anne Hathaway)

    But you've made a great saving from the Ciaté version and it looks virtually indistinguishable.

  3. Good colours! No way will i be spending £18 on an impractical nail art kit which I'll end up picking off before 24 hours- love your cheaper take on it (but still not sure i'll indulge £4 in it!!) xx

  4. I love this look and I keep looking at micro beads on eBay but I really think it would annoy me if It kept catching on things. X

  5. I've never seen this look before! I really like it. Def going to try it for myself. Did the beads stay on fine?

    I've just started a new blog.


  6. Love this! I'm going to try this before I try the Ciate version!
    Fab post!