Sunday, 30 September 2012

REVIEW: REN Radiance Perfecting Serum

Hey Ladies,

I love a serum, they make a huge difference to the condition of my skin & when my routine is lacking the addition of a serum you can tell just by looking. I have the most yellow skin imaginable so it can look so dull and sallow at times and so brightening products are my best pals.

REN Radiance Perfection Serum *
'A multi active serum formulated to reboot the skin’s energy cycle, visibly perfect skin tone and leave skin looking energised, radiant and luminous.'

I have never found a skincare product that has made such a positive difference in my skin in such a short period of time, after about 4 days of using this morning & night my skin looked brighter & just generally healthier. Longer term i've noticed the dark pigmentation left after some nasty break outs has faded much more quickly than it normally does I am putting it down to the serum as nothing else has changed within my routine.

At £35.00 rrp it's not the cheapest of serums but you need very little to cover your face so you don't go through it too quickly and the results you get are worth every penny, I certainly will be getting a bottle when i've run out & maybe a few more things from the range, the brightening mask looks amazing!! (you can get 10% off online orders for new customers) Oh it also smells really nice!!

Overall I totally recommend this serum, I really like the whole ethos of REN in that it is cutting edge bio-active skincare with none of the skin nasties such as parabens, sulfates & synthetic fragrances, also barring two products in the range is totally vegan.

Have you tried any REN skincare? What do you recommend?

Thursday, 6 September 2012

DUPE: Bourjois Intuitive Liner a £7 Three Dot Liner Dupe ?

Hey Ladies,

So this week I have been mostly craving the 3 dot liners that have suddenly hit the market, Clarins have cornered the high end with their version and now the high street have caught up and on September 15th you can get your hands on it so I thought i'd let you know what I think of the £7 Clarins dupe.

Bourjois Intuitive Liner*
Apologies for the fact that I have ZERO makeup on in this pic apart from the liner & mascara!
When I first mentioned the '3 dot' liner on twitter the main response was 'what is the point of it?'

The main use for this liner is to focus the dots in-between your lash line which makes it more defined & appear thicker. As you can see above it really does make a difference without looking too 'done' (I hope I don't have to point out which eye has the liner on & which doesn't) perfect for the office or more natural days, I think the most significant difference it will make is for people who suffer (yes I said suffer) with fair eyelashes like yours truly as we tend not to have a natural line which darker lashed ladies do.

Of course you can join all the dots & also use it as a regular liner to flick out to your hearts content on the days you want to look a little extra spesh! For lazy buggars like me this liner is amazing, it takes 10 seconds to do in the morning on top of your current routine, it makes you look more polished & your eyes stand out a little more.

Bourjois claim a 24 hour wear from this product, I haven't & will never test this promise because the 14 or so hours I have my makeup on for every day is enough of a test for me & this eyeliner did not budge on me all day in my sauna of an office and so a mega thumbs up for that, it certainly outlasts the Clarins one which transfered onto my upper lash line after 5 or so hours (something most liners do on me).

As a comparison with the Clarins liner the dots are a little more spaced out with the Bourjois one but I'm talking micromillimeters, everything else pretty much is the same except two main things;
1. The Bourjois one lasts significantly longer on myself
2. The Bourjois one is £6.99 rrp & the Clarins one is £20.00 rrp (I have seen it slightly cheaper online)

My advise put your £20 note back in your purse & whip out a tenner & wait for your change. Have you tried these liners out yet or are you on the fence about them??

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My Holiday Hotlist

Hey Ladies,

I was recently approached by the Most Wanted lifestyle magazine from to create my Holiday Hotlist, the products I have found are the best for taking away with you on your jollies with a budget of £70. I thought it would be a stroll in the park ... I was wrong. Turns out I struggled but I managed to find 10 products that I wouldn't dream of leaving the country without.

1. Wella Professionals SUN Hair & Body Shampoo - £6.36 at BeautyBay
This shampoo was designed for taking with you on holidays (if the name didn't already hint at that) as it clarifies your hair from all the salt, sand & chlorine it is bombarded with but doesn't dry your hair out with the added vitamin E leaving your mane clean, bouncy and shiny ready for the evening after a day at the beach.

2. Wella Professionals SUN Protection Cream - £7.40 at Beauty Bay
This leave in treatment not only smooths your hair to avoid the 'Monica' holiday hair it actually works as a UV filter for your hair and prevents any sun damage.

3. Malibu Lotion SPF30 - £4.79 at Superdrug
Of course you can NEVER go to a sunny climate without an SPF, in fact we should use one everyday regardless of where we live. On holiday I prefer to stick with a high SPF the whole time, you will still have a glorious tan without that pesky skin cancer worry.

4. Maui Babe Amazing Browning Lotion - £9.99 at BeautyBay
This is one of those brilliant multi-purpose products perfect for holidays, it's main purpose is a tan accelerator so apply it over your sun screen more towards the end of your holiday and it increases the rate at which you tan which means staying in the sun for less time and getting a lovely deep tan. Not only is it a tan accelerator it adds a tint to your skin so your tan looks more even and the sheen left by it looks lovely at night, plus apparently it's an insect repellant (it smells like coffee which apparently insects hate, a ladybird once told me)

5. The Body Shop Beautifying Oil - £9.00 at The Body Shop
Another great multipurpose product perfect for holidays, there are loads of different scents to choose from including sweet lemon & coconut (the ones I would choose, I have the cocoa butter which is also lovely) You can use them on your body after being in the sun to soothe & add moisture back into your limbs, they are gentle enough to use on your face if you've over done the sun & its dry or use them as a hair oil to deep condition your hair.

6. Essie Fiji Nail Polish - £7.99 at Boots
The temptation when you're on holiday is to go coral overboard as its such a summery shade, my recommendation is to try Fiji by Essie, it is a pink toned white which is such a flattering nail polish to pretty much all skin tones plus it makes you look super duper tanned and with Essie's new brush in their diffusion line with 2 coats is perfect so no messing about it your hotel room waiting for coats of nail polish to dry.

7. Korres Lip Butter - £6.30 at Feel Unique
Dry lips are not an attractive look but the lovely vitamin D giving sun loves to dry out not only our hair, skin & nails but are lips too (we actually pay for this to happen) The Korres lip butters are brilliant for nourishing dried lips and keeping them in tip top condition whilst leaving a lovely bit of colour to them, they are available in six different shades (I heart Jasmine the most) so your lips look plump & healthy & a little bit sexy.

8. Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara - £4.99 at Superdrug
Of course we couldn't mention holidays without mentioning waterproof mascara, now I am a firm believer that you shouldn't wear makeup to the pool or beach because well why would you?! At night however you want a waterproof formula because it's so bleeding humid that your mascara can transfer & you'll have panda eyes! Not a pretty site, this mascara is a classic from Maybelline, I really like how tiny the wand is so that it can get each & every lash & have lovely defined eyes.

9. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - £4.19 at Boots
I am a firm believer that holiday skin should be shown off and so you don't want a heavy foundation that covers it up, so the key to looking your best is a good concealer, this one from Collection 2000 is great because it's level of coverage is fantastic as well as being very reasonably priced and so you can buy a darker shade without worrying about wasting money after your tan has faded.

10. The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Gel - £11.00 at The Body Shop
When your skin is tanned the last thing you want to apply is powder (a little down the T-Zone is sufficient) you want to glow & this bronzing gel is perfect for the task. It adds a lovely bronzed colour to your face and a beautiful sheen that you just can't achieve with a powder.

So there's my go-to hotlist for your holidays, if you do happen to get your calculators out erm don't because I may have slightly gone over budget but believe me the £2.01 was a lot less than my original draft. I had so much fun creating this list as I've not had the luxury of a holiday this year to take these away with me so the grass in my garden has been this years beach!

What are your top holiday products??

Sunday, 2 September 2012

GIVEAWAY: Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Hey Ladies

I have a spare Real Techniques Stippling brush at home & as I have a tonne of stippling brushes I thought I'd do a giveaway with it!!

So just enter below with a comment either by telling me about your favourite Real Technique brush or just a general comment & you just have to be a subscriber & if you're under 16 please get permission from a parent or guardian!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In other news I have officially fallen in love with the Batman trilogy (bit late to the party) & cried my eyes out at the final one, totally obsessed with the new Clarin's 3 dot liner after trying it out today & also lusting after some Neocutis skincare!