Monday, 24 December 2012

GIFT GUIDE: Last Minute Dad Dash

Hey Ladies,

Please tell me i'm not the only one who struggles buying their Dad's gifts, I put it off as long as humanly possible & do a last minute dash to Boots pretty much every year. So I thought i'd do a quick gift guide of the best deals you can get if you nip down to the high street today.

Next Supersoft Robe - £22
An amazingly soft dressing gown that comes in loads of colours & isn't too pricey, great filler present.

James Bond 007 Eau De Toilette 50ml - £25
Lets face it every man would like to be James Bond so you can get them a step closer by letting them smell like him. There's even a fancy smansy gold limited edition bottle at the same price!

Marks & Spencer Fresh Feet Suede Moccasin Slippers - £19.50
Another filler present & what dad doesn't like a nice pair of slippers! The less we say about Fresh Feet element the better.

Philips AquaTouch Wet & Dry Electric Shaver - £42.99
After Movember I think a new shaver will be welcome for any men, this you can use wet & dry (as the title suggests) & has been reduced from £100 so should be a great shaver

Oral B TriZone 500 Electric Toothbrush - £84.99
I believe this is the Mac Daddy of Electric toothbrushes, the original price is £200 & it's on offer for £85 at the moment, if you're not giving the gift on Christmas day & they can wait a few days you can get it from Boots online for £70 with the discount code 'ORAL70'. It's very high techy tech so most dads will love it.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas & good luck getting everything bought & wrapped in time!!!

Thursday, 20 December 2012

REVIEW: Topshop Smokey Eye Palette

Hey Ladies,

I'm all about a bronze smokey eye, black/grey ones look too harsh on me & to be seasonal make my eyes look like 'two piss holes in the snow'. My beloved Mac bronze eye shadow recently passed away when it tumbled onto my kitchen floor (I'm holding back the tears whilst typing!) so I wanted a replacement & found this palette when I was late night shopping in Topshop.

Topshop Smokey Eye Palette in Tawny
The shades are all complimentary & come in a really cute palette which is nice & compact. The pigmentation is excellent & the eyeshadows themselves are nice, soft & easily blend-able. For the day time the two lightest shades are lovely & brightening & then for an evening look you can blend the darkest colour through the socket & along the lash line (Like I did in the picture).

All in all I think this is a really nice palette especially when it costs £12. Topshop makeup never fails to impress me and I think this would make a really nice little stocking filler if you're after last minute gifts (it also comes in a more black/grey option)

What are your favourite Topshop makeup items??

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

HOLY GRAIL: NARS Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Hey Ladies,

Once in a while you get one of those perfect products that you never EVER want to be without most refer to these as their 'Holy Grail' items, well this month I think I may have found a few worthy of that tag so I thought i'd introduce some of them to you.

First up NARS Velvet Matte lip pencil in Dragon Girl

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl
I have never walked out my house with a red lip apart from one birthday night out & when I look back on the pictures it looked awful so I risked it when I purchased this online.

I think i've worn it about 4 times in the last few weeks, the texture is perfect as it is beautifully matte but doesn't dry out your lips at all and the colour is just amazing THE perfect red, not too orange toned not too blue toned so I think most skin tones & shades could pull this off. Plus this stuff doesn't budge, once it is set it lasts through food & drink and so you don't have to constantly reapply it or worry that it is smudging all over your face.

Texture = Perfect
Colour = Perfect
Lasting power = Perfect
Perfect, Perfect, Perfect
Which means (cue Angels singing) HOLY GRAIL!

I will never be without this in my makeup bag! You can get it here for £17.50

Sunday, 16 December 2012

NOTD: Nails Inc Bling it on Leather Effect

Hey Ladies,

A few weeks ago I attended a Debenhams press day & one of the treats on offer was the chance to get a manicure with the Nails Inc team, well there was one polish on my radar so I jumped at the chance.

Nails inc Bling it on Black leather effect nail polish
I have to say the skull was a royal pain in the arse to apply/maintain/get off but I think it looks cool, I don't think I would have had it applied on natural nails as it had to be stuck down with loads of nail glue but the main thing that shone was the polish.

It kind of has a weird texture that does look like leather, not matte not shiny just kind of texturised without it looking like you applied your nail polish 2 minutes before getting into bed & having those patterns on your nails from your sheets when you get up! (bain of my life!)

I completely love this polish, the lasting time is a bit of an issue as you can't add a topcoat otherwise most of the effect is lost so it did wear away (not chip) after a couple of days. However with a statement nail polish like this you're most likely only going to want it on for short periods of time.

I immediately wanted to purchase this but it hadn't been released at that point so I thought I would blog about it when it is available! It is very rare these days for me to get excited about a nail polish but this is definitely on my 'to buy' list (I just did a Nails Inc order last week DOH! should have been more patient) The kit which consists of the nail polish & four skull charms (which are reusable) will cost you £19.00, it is a little pricey & I don't doubt the high street will be on this trend in no time but I doubt the skulls will be reproduced by other brands.

You can get it here

Any of you after these? I wasn't keen on the other shades but I love black goth nails with a bit of bling on the quiet!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Gift Idea: Best of L'occitane Collection

Hey Ladies,

It is certainly 'the most wonderful time of the year' & I for one can't wait for the big day, I love giving gifts. I can spend so much money on certain individuals I have to stop myself buying anymore because as a beauty blogger I know what the best products are & I want everyone to use them. I thought this would be an amazing gift to give your mother, sister or best friend as it's a great introduction to the brand so I thought I would share in case anyone is struggling.

The Best of L'Occitane*
The Set contains the best selling body products from the brand which includes:

  • Almond Shower Oil This shower oil, when in contact with water, transforms into a lavish, softening foam--original and unique in texture--that leaves a satin-like softness all over the body.
  • Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel This shower gel gently cleanses the skin, leaving it delicately perfumed. Used as a foaming bath, it transforms into a rich and smooth foam, realising the delicate and captivating Cherry Blossom fragrance.
  • Almond Milk ConcentrateRich in almond oil and almond milk, this body cream nourishes and softens the skin.
  • Lavender Foaming Bath Formulated with a vegetal cleansing base, this foaming bath leaves the skin clean and supple.
  • Shea Butter Hand Cream - Enriched with 20% Shea Butter, this super-creamy hand cream penetrates quickly to protect, nourish and moisturise hands. Honey, almond extracts and coconut oil are blended with shea butter to create this extremely effective care.
  • Shea Butter Foot Cream Rich in nourishing shea butter (15%) and containing antiseptic A.O.C. lavender essential oil to purify, and anti-inflammatory arnica extract to help reduce redness and irritation, this cream moisturises and relieves irritated and tired feet.
  • Verbena Eau De ToiletteWith its fresh and floral notes, the Sun Verbena Eau de Toilette is a wonderfully luminous fragrance, perfect for those long warm summer days. 
I will definitely be individually reviewing a couple of the items because I am totally in love with some of them already but on the whole the set is perfect for almost anyone because there's no age specific items and the scents are all inoffensive so I doubt anyone will dislike any of the items.

The set costs £60 with the overall value at £93 so a bargain, if that is a bit too steep for one person's gift you could always split the set up & divide it into a few presents for your loved ones & maybe keep one for yourself after all Christmas shopping is rather stressful & a calming Lavender bath might do you some good!

What are your favourite L'Occitane products? Are you all christmas ready??

Monday, 3 December 2012

Venus Naked Skin Challenge

Hey Ladies,

I hope you don't mind the video takeover for this post, I'd seen so many bloggers try IPL devices so was always intrigued and when I was approached to try the new Venus Naked Skin device I didn't hesitate to say yes!

You can purchase it from Boots & they currently have it on offer for £399 plus an additional £50 off with the discount code EB10.

Normal blogging shall commence later in the week so you won't have to hear my incoherent babble you'll just have to read it! If you have any questions leave them below & I will get back to you!