Sunday, 26 May 2013

HOLY GRAIL: REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Hey Ladies,

I'm knocking these Holy Grail posts out at the moment aren't I? Today I bring you another and it was an instantaneous favourite.
REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask*

'REN have discovered a powerful combination of a fruit acid complex and papain enzyme, from the papaya fruit, that gives a gentle yet effective exfoliating peel. Helping to eliminate dead skin cells and minimise pore blockages, the REN Glycolic Skin Renewal Peel Mask reduces inflammation while healing and repairing your skin.'
Rarely with skincare can I claim to see an immediate effect and love it from the minute I've used it but this really does live up to it's hype in the Beauty Blogging world.

The first thing that hits you when you pump the product out is it's texture, it's a very strange jam like consistency and the second thing is the smell, I cannot describe how amazing this stuff smells I actually wanted to lick it off the back of my hand rather than apply it to my face, it's a very strong citrusy lemony orange smell. Incredible.

Of course the smell doesn't mean a thing unless the product actually does something and boy does this pack a powerful punch. The usual method of slapping it on and leaving on for 10 or so minutes (or until I can be bothered to move) is required, no manual exfoliation or peeling off nonsense just remove with a damp cloth (included in the box) and your skin looks immediately glowing and healthier.

I loved it from that minute but it's not done there, after you apply your various lotions and potions you'll notice your skin feels slightly tacky so you are left with a residue of some sort on your skin. The next morning your skin will feel like new, it looks bright and glowing and feels softer than it will have likely felt in a long time.

Amazing product, at £30ish (£27 here) it's not exactly cheap but the results mean I will always have a tube (?) of this for when my skin needs to be in tip top shape.

Have you ever had an instantaneous result with a skin care product??

Thursday, 23 May 2013

REVIEW AND COMPARISON: La Roche Posay Effalcar Duo and Effaclar K

Hey Ladies,

A few months ago I got a pesky bout of spots that refused to leave my face, I hadn't used any new products and couldn't pin point what was causing it and so I resorted to purchasing spot fighting skincare. In my research I came across a lot of hype for La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and also Effaclar K but in all the hours I spent looking I couldn't find a definitive difference between the two products.
La Roche Posay Effalcar Duo & Effaclar K

For reference I initially started using the Duo & later purchased the K, during my never ending breakout the Duo performed above and beyond, not only did it clear up my breakouts very quickly it stopped any new breakouts occurring as well as it helping clear up any general congestion. I was hooked from that moment on. During my 'get these sons of bitches off my face' phase I used the Duo morning and night and found it to be way too drying for my face and so switched to using it just in the morning. Once my routine settled I noticed I didn't get any more spots for a good three months and I do put it down to the Effaclar Duo. If you have oily skin that can get spotty (not acne) this is the product for you.

Moving on to the Effaclar K, once my breakouts had passed I moved on to the K and it finally clicked what the difference is between the two products, the Duo is for active skin and the K is for oily skin which is past breaking out but still needs refining and keeping the oilies at bay.

Texture wise the Duo is more of a serum/gel consistency whilst the K is a light cream and I do notice a huge difference between the two under makeup, whenever I used the Duo I noticed when I applied my primer it would kind of rub itself off and I put it down to the actual primer but once I used it over the K it hit home that it was the Duo making it act like this. Definitely something to bare in mind but my solution is fairly simple, in the day I use the K as a day cream and at night I use the Duo under my moisturiser.

Price wise they're £13.00 each and easily accessible from Boots (Link) for such effective products I think the prices are fantastic and I will always have these two products in my skin care arsenal and I definitely want to purchase their Effaclar A.I. for targeted spot treatment.

As a quick summary Effaclar Duo is for oily skin that is breaking out and Effaclar Duo is for refining oily skin.

Have you tried any La Roche Posay products? I am now a life long subscriber to their products.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

HOLY GRAIL: Living Proof Prime Style Extender

Hey Ladies,

First came the eye primer, then the face and now here we have a hair primer. I have heard some great reviews of this on YouTube and decided to bite the bullet and make the purchase.

Living Proof Prime Style Extender
'Prime is a first-of-its-kind hair Primer that extends any hair style 2x longer, enabling you to go longer between shampoos with fewer touch-ups.'

I was very sceptical that a product could extend the time between washes especially for someone like myself with a very oily scalp but I am happy to report this does just that. The most I can survive between washes is normally 48 hours with the aid of dry shampoo and a top knot, with the Prime I can go 96 hours without washing my hair and have two days of wearing my hair down and then two days of top knots again with the aid of dry shampoo.

Not only does it allow me to wash my hair every four days but if I curl my hair the style really does last longer. I actually had curls in my hair for two days which has never happened before because it usually drops out and is back to being straight within 4 hours.

The Living Proof Prime does these miraculous things without weighing my hair down or making it feel like I have any product in my hair which is very impressive. As a warning there is alcohol in the product so not one I recommend using constantly but it hasn't made my hair frizzy or drier at all but as a caution I only use it when I know I wont have time to wash and blow dry my hair.

It is available from Space NK for £19.50, which I will happily pay for time and time again as this is THE hair product for me!

What are your Holy Grail styling products? I'm currently on the look out for something that makes none heat curls stay in my hair and so if you have any recommendations let me know!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

VIDEO: Disappointing Products

Hey Ladies,

Well I've not done a YouTube video in a long time but I was really in the mood to ramble whilst sat in front of a camera and having tried a few products recently that have been a bit of a let down I thought it was a good place to start! Enjoy!

Any questions, video requests or anything just let me know :)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Minty Fresh

Hey Ladies,

As you can probably tell from my newly designed website I love the shade that is pastel minty green. I have a top ten spring nail polish post coming soon and I couldn't pick just one mint green so I thought i'd treat you to a post dedicated to my favourite nail polish shade.
OPI Mermaid Tears, Color Club New Bohemian, Essie Turquoise & Caicos, Sephora by OPI Read My Palm 

OPI - Mermaid Tears - £10.00
A grey toned mint green, applies like a dream and is a slightly more toned down minty green.

Colour Club - New Bohemian - £5.30
This is described as a turquoise but mine is certainly a slightly blue toned mint green, it's the brightest of the bunch and just effortlessly cool.

Essie - Turquoise & Caicos - £7.99
Again not a turquoise despite the name but this is the colour of the Caribbean ocean a bluey green that just demands to be worn on white sand. Definitely my favourite.

Sephora by OPI - Read My Palm - $9.50
A pastel jade green and the most green in tone overall, I have heard this is dodgy to apply but mine seems fine and two coats is all I need. Of course we can't get this in the UK unless you do a swap (like me) but I've not come across a similar shade but am always on the look out, should have gotten a back up ... silly Nicola.

Do you have a favourite minty/turquoise green nail polish? I am not adverse to finding some new ones!!

Saturday, 11 May 2013

April Favourites

Hey Ladies,

My favourite YouTube videos to watch are always monthly favourites and they were always my favourite videos to make so I thought i'd start posting them on my blog monthly seen as though I don't do YouTube videos any longer. So here we go!
Bare Minerals Original Foundation* - £18.75 Link 
I used to use the Matte formulation and loved it however these days I adore the glow the Original foundation gives, I don't use it as an actual foundation but I use it as a setting powder and lightly dusted over the face it helps prolong the life of your makeup and gives you a beautiful glow without look powdery in the slightest.

Urban Decay De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray - £19.50 for 118mls /£9.00 for 30mls Link
I had a really bad reaction to a setting spray before Christmas (It literally burnt my face) and so I was very apprehensive trying another, when I saw that this was available in a 30ml size I thought i'd risk it. This stuff is INCREDIBLE, I spray my face before I apply my primer and then after I apply my powder and it makes my makeup last 15 hours. I blot my face with a tissue around lunch time and that's all I need to do. A must own purchase if you have oily skin.

Nude ProGenius Treatment Oil * - £58.00 Link
I was quite afraid of using an oil on my face but I was ensured by Gemma that this stuff is great and she is right, I apply this over my serum at night and pat it into my skin, it absorbs pretty much immediately and in the morning my skin feels soft as a baby's buttocks and looks radiant and brighter than my usual sallow dull skin.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo - £13.00 Link
I bought this back in February when my skin was having random break outs and using it every morning my skin cleared up and I didn't get anymore spots for months (until an allergic reaction to a foundation). There was so much hype about this product and I am glad it lived up to it, anyone with blemish prone skin should own it and I will be doing a full review and comparison with the Effaclar K soon.

Living Proof Prime - £17.00 Link
Another hyped up product and initially I wasn't interested in trying it as I don't tend to curl my hair very often but when I heard this also helps to prolong the life your hair between washes I was all over it, I have a very oily scalp and 48 hours is the most I can go without a wash and without the aid of dry shampoo I would have to wash it every morning. With this product I can go 4 days between washes (with some dry shampoo on the 3rd & 4th day) which is amazing, I am planning on doing a full review soon, so watch out for it.

Redken Extreme Range - £Various Link
In my picture it's just the conditioner but I'm loving the whole range, the shampoo is fantastic at cleaning without drying out your hair, so when I don't have time to condition my hair feels soft and looks shiny and the conditioner really acts like a deep conditioner to my hair and so after a shower it feels like silk. The anti-snap is the product I have used the longest from the range, it is lightweight, smells of fruit salads and actually helps with split ends and prevents hair from snapping (duhh).

Max Factor Colour Elixr - Vibrant Pink - £6.99 Link
If you want a high street equivalent to the NARS Velvet Gloss pencils that have recently been released these are what you want. This is the most bright blue toned pink and when you wear it in its full force WHOAH it is bright, another way I love to wear it is to pat it into the lips and it sheers out the shade and makes it a bit more office appropriate and brightens your whole face and makes it look like you've made a real effort without any whatsoever.

Benefit They're Real Mascara - £19.50 Link
This mascara makes me never want to buy or try another mascara for the rest of my life, until death us do part. It's the blackest of black and in one coat curls, volumeizes, separates and lengthens my eyelashes, it saves me so much time and effort and a total no brainer. Yes it is bloody expensive but I no longer care, you can find offers quite often on LookFantastic on Benefit products so whenever there's an offer I stock up.

Benefit Coralista Blusher - £23.50 Link
I held off buying this for the longest time what with my oily skin, then one day I thought 'sod it' and bought it. First of all I dislike the packaging as it's so unnecessary & bulky and secondly the fact that it's perfumed is quite an annoyance due to the fact that perfume is the number one reason people react to products including me. Having said all that, this blusher has not left my face since early December and thankfully not broke me out. It is my favourite blusher in the entire world apart from Mac Ripe Peach (Limited Edition), it gives my face brightness and luminosity without looking greasy or oily, sticks around all day and just makes me look good!

Believe me when I say this post could have been way longer I've been loving so many new products recently, what are your favourites from last month?

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

REVIEW: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Hey Ladies,

After trying the Giorgio Armani Master Corrector (Review here) and being suitably impressed I was very keen on trying a foundation from the brand. Off I popped to Selfridges and was torn between the Luminous Silk and Lasting Silk foundations; as I have combination/dry skin I went for the Luminous Silk, the Lasting Silk is more for oilier skins and so if my skin was particularly dry at times it might not be quite right.
Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 4
Top Pictures - Foundation alone
Bottom - With Powder, blush & Bronzer
I have no other makeup on hence my eyes looking terrible!
'Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk foundation has been developed with exclusive Micro–fil™ technology, for a weightless, silky texture. The oil–free fluid glides on seamlessly, offering hydrating all-day coverage that can be layered for a personalised finish.'

Coverage: I would say this is a light medium coverage foundation which is definitely buildable and so it can cover imperfections whilst still looking very natural on the skin.

Staying Power: I do have combination/dry skin and so I do need to set this foundation with a powder and with the right powder this is stuff lasts. I apply my makeup at 6:30am and at 8pm after a day in a very warm office my skin still looks great, not freshly applied but luminous and healthy and most important: very natural.

Texture: It is a beautiful lightweight liquid which blends into your skin very easily and once blended looks incredibly natural. I personally think it would be pretty impossible for you to over apply this and for it to end up looking cakey and heavy.

Price: At £34.50 for 30mls it is a pricey foundation, is it worth it? In my opinion yes. It ticks all my foundation requirement boxes and I can't think of a foundation like it on the market that I can wear. Unfortunately I have found that budget friendly foundations which are similar for example Bourjous Healthy Mix and Revlon Nearly Naked both of which I love and totally recommend I am allergic to  and so I have to look to more 'sophisticated' and therefore more expensive formulas when choosing foundations.

I completely recommend this foundation for people with decent skin who want a foundation with a little more coverage than a tinted moisturiser whilst still looking like you have very natural and healthy looking skin.

What is your Holy Grail foundation? and more importantly tell me WHY it is your Holy Grail!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

NOTD: Essie Maximillian Strasse Her

Hey Ladies,

I think we can all agree this Essie polish has the longest name in the world, I originally had it applied on my toes at an event and loved it. As soon as I saw it in Boots I grabbed it.

Essie Maximillian Strasse Her
It is a lovely combination of mint green and blue toned grey which means it can look completely different in different lights sometimes it looks grey sometimes green making it very unique.

This is from the diffusion line and so formulation wise it is very easy to apply with the lovely thick brush and is opaque in two coats.

Spring nail polish always makes me happy and this is a great one for any nail polish lovers collection, available in Boots for £7.99.

What is your favourite Spring nail polish?