REVIEW: Lip Augmentation at Bianca Estelle Aesthetics

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hey Ladies,

This could well turn into a bit of a controversial post/decision but I am going to discuss it anyway because it's my blog and I want to! Blogging is something I have loved to do over the past 4 or 5 years; it's given me some amazing opportunities and experiences in those years so I am thankful for that however it can be a little disheartening at times to sit and take 100 pictures of yourself and they all look rubbish. Regular none blogging people may take a picture and if it looks rubbish just erase it but when you're a blogger you're trying to capture colours and textures of products on your face and unfortunately that means you study it; you study each and every imperfection most people wouldn't notice and it can start to give you a complex.

My lips I was always ok with they weren't particularly small but I always wanted them balancing out as my top lip was smaller than my bottom lip and the corners were none existent and so when the opportunity arose for me to have fillers in my lips I didn't hesitate to try it and I wanted to share my experience and results hoping it might be useful for anyone considering getting them done.
I had the treatment done by Bianca Estelle Aesthetics (Link) at her clinic in Birmingham; this woman is a jet setter filling all the lines & lips of celebrities and so I knew I was in good hands. The filler she uses in her practice is Teosyal which is a hylauronic acid base of non-animal origin, as Hylauronic acid is a naturally occuring substance in the body it is highly unlikely you will have an allergic reaction to the filler something which is well publicised (Pete Burns) another benefit of the Hylauronic based fillers is that they are not permanent as they are absorbed over time and last around 9 months, also if you have a particularly bad experience and result it can be dissolved.

The treatment was very quick (around 30mins) and pain wise it was a very strange experience, some numbing cream was applied to my lips; I could feel the needle going in but I didn't feel any pain, when the actual filler was injected however it did sting. I will admit to being the biggest girl in the world when it comes to pain and to me it was perfectly bearable.

Something I didn't account for was the swelling and it is a word of warning that it will require a little downtime; my lips did swell a lot and it lasted about 24 hours until they were a normalish size so having them done on a Friday is a wise choice so you can hide out watching Sex and The City for the whole next day.

I am absolutely in love with the results and I really wanted to show you all that lip augmentations shouldn't have the bad reputation they seem to have.

My top tips if you are thinking about having this treatment:
  • Research where you are going; I thoroughly recommend Bianca and going on recommendations is far more useful than any other decision you may have in the process. Going to a 'groupon' type clinic who sell deals might not be the best idea yes it may save money but if you don't get the results you want it will cost a lot more to correct.
  • Research which filler you would want; a none-permanent filler such as Teosyal could be the best option if you've never had fillers before (like myself) so you can see the results without the life long commitment.
  • Experiment with your natural lips by over lining your lips to see if it is suits your face, if your face is balanced with slightly thin lips it may look a little silly if you request huge lips so be realistic about the result you want and what will enhance your beauty not detract from it.
If you have any questions or want any information at all then feel free to leave a comment or email me and I will get back to you all. Also especially for my readers Bianca is offering 50% off all treatments, just follow her on Facebook (Link)and Instagram (Link) and the flyer will be at the bottom of this post. I completely recommend her services, she was lovely and put me at complete ease explaining the procedure and what to expect.

Would I have it done again? Hell yes, I'd even go as far as to say I'd have them plumped even more now I know how subtle it can be; they are noticeably plumper but not completely obvious ... this could get addictive.


  1. Not gonna lie. Looks frickin' amazing!! I've seen some real botch jobs with lip fillers but this is a fab result!

  2. Are the results permanent? You look great. I want that done!

    1. It lasts 9 to 12 months :) I totally recommend it!! xx

    2. Glad you're enjoying your new lips Nicola, hope to treat you again soon. xx

  3. haha thank you! i just was sat there whilst she was doing it thinking 'please don't look like Lesley Ash please don't look like Lesley Ash' xx

  4. I've been considering getting a couple of treatments done with like laser hair removal, maybe even get some of my wrinkles filled, etc, like the whole shebang, but the biggest 'wish' i have is to get my lips filled like you! your lips look great, so glad that you didn't experience any pain either, gives me hope, because i'm like the biggest wuss in the world haha

  5. You look great nicola! I know what you mean I don't particually like my lips either, I always think they could be bigger but I am not sure if I would brave having fillers, what if I don't like it. Could I ask you how much it normally is?

  6. Your lips look amazing and natural you should be really happy with the result just gorgeous!

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