Saturday, 31 January 2015

FAVOURITES: January 2015

Bare Minerals A Stroke of Light - £19.80 (Link)
A new purchase, I wanted to use as my weekend under eye concealer and I've really been enjoying using everyday, it brightens my under eye really well without being cakey or heavy in the slightest. I'm very impressed with the formulation and the effect it has and I can see this being a repurchase which is definitely a seal of approval for me.

Mac 'All That Glitters' and 'Patina' Eyeshadows - £10.00 each (Link)
If you've ever had one of those nights where you can't switch your brain off when you need to get to sleep you will know the situation I was in at 2am looking through my eyeshadow drawer trying to find a single pressed eyeshadow to put in my makeup bag as I was spending the next night away. I can't describe how good a feeling it was when I found a Mac duo palette I didn’t know was there containing All That Glitters, a gorgeous pinky beigy champagne shade and I simply popped out my Patina eyeshadow from my Mac Quad and I found my ultimate eyeshadow duo, blended into each other they look lovely but for my lazy every day eye a swipe or two of each on my eyeshadow brush and applied to the eye give the most gorgeous shimmery neutral eye perfect for work.

RMK Powder Foundation - £45.00 (Link)
I think RMK products are going to soon take over my whole routine as I love everything I've ever tried from the brand, I have a couple of samples of the powder foundation and when I was in need for a setting powder that was a lighter shade than the current one I was using, I grabbed the RMK packets and gave one a try. I've worn it every single day since; the finish on the skin is just stunning, it's matte with a glow and gives you perfect looking skin. If you're looking for airbrushed makeup I cannot recommend this enough as a setting powder, I am in love and definitely need to purchase the full size.

Mavala Double Lash Serum - £11.00 (Link)
Now I've used this for around 3 weeks and seen a difference, I'm using it predominately on my eyebrows; I've seen a huge increase in my hair growth around my main brows so my goal of having Delevingne brows is looking promising and it was only around £11 so a total bargain compared to some brow and lash growth products.

Red Carpet Manicure 'An Evening To Remember' - £12.95 (Link)
I purchased some darker gel shades before Christmas and 'An Evening To Remember' is a really great shade to have, it's a black filled with holographic shimmer and looks so interesting on the nails than just a solid black, plus I find the shimmery shades last longer on the nails!

L'Occitane Almond Hand Cream 30ml (can't find this size online) - £8.00 (Link)
A little beauty resolution of mine for this year is to use hand cream after each hand wash as I'd like my nails to be healthier and hand cream is a major part of nail care so I purchased this hand cream and it is without doubt the best hand cream I've ever used; my favourite L'Occitane product is the Almond Shower Oil and this hand cream smells exactly the same and I can just sit and smell my hands for minutes at a time ... and look like a weirdo at the same time. 

What have been your favourites for January?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

REVIEW: Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Straighteners

These luxury straighteners from Nicky Clarke have sat on my dresser whilst I've been testing them out over the past month, I would normally finish using straighteners and wrap them back up and put them back into my hair tool drawer as the black ugly things would just stand out in my pristine white room. With these Nicky Clarke Diamond Shine Straighteners they sit proud as they're just so pretty, perfectly white so they stick out like a sore thumb and although I don't shop for straighteners regularly I've not seen many white ones on the market.

Looks aside I really like these straighteners, they feel great in the hands when you're working through the hair, they don’t drag or pull and of course make your hair smooth and straight but the shine, oh the shine is fantastic. Being someone of alternate hair colour it can often look very dull and these straighteners make them shine like nothing else.

As I have very straight hair naturally I love these straighteners to curl the hair, as they don’t pull when you're running them through you get such a beautiful uniform curl and the shape of the plates and actual tool make it a doddle to curl your hair very quickly. The variable temperature means if I can prevent as much damage as possible for example if I need to straighten my hair I can use the coolest setting as I'm likely just getting rid of a kink or two but if I'm curling it I whack it up to maximum to ensure my curls last all day (which they do with these straighteners)

A couple more features I have to point out are that they have a swivel cord, as someone who isn't the most co-ordinated this feature is a big deal as you don’t have to keep changing the angle of the straighteners when you're trying to create your style. The straighteners also heat up in 15 second and have an auto shut off after 60 minutes so you don't have to keep second guessing yourself if you switched them off or not when you leave the house as they'll do it for you. I think these are nice touches that do make a difference when you use hair tools on a daily basis.

You can purchase these from Argos on sale for £56.59 (Link)

Thursday, 22 January 2015

REVIEW: Tom Ford Wild Ginger Lipstick

Ok so I think we can all agree I took these pictures a LONG time ago (ahh how I long for my Blonde hair) I just kept forgetting to write about the ULTIMATE Orangey Red Lipstick (not cool I know).

I call this the ultimate only because of the price, let's just say I was having a 'no good very bad' day and it just had to be done, I was near Selfridges and I just thought F**k it I'm going to walk to that counter and spend a ludicrous amount of one tiny lipstick and I did it. I walked on air for approximately 30 minutes and then the guilt set in.

Tom Ford Lipsticks are incredibly luxurious, the packaging is beautiful, weighted and the click sound when you open and close the lid is incredibly smug sounding, it just screams rich bitch. The actual product is everything you want from a lipstick, it's quality, incredibly pigmented, none drying and long lasting.

I purchased the lipstick because the shade is just so flattering, it makes my teeth look as white as Simon Cowells, it brightens up my face and generally complements my skin tone perfectly. It's a very orangey red which looks amazingly striking and I'm guaranteed when I wear it that someone will stop and ask what's on my lips. I find the wear time is brilliant, not as long as a stain of course but for such a creamy colour it lasts really well and looks pretty perfect after a meal with a drink and doesn't go all over your face, although I'd advise not to eat a huge burger with it on.

Now I've mentioned the price and I will hope to god my other half never reads this post when I state the price because he'd likely murder me, so at £37.00 (Link) is it worth the price? … Yes and No; no because you can probably get a similar shade in Boots these days so if you're on a budget stick to it. Yes because it's a fantastically, luxuriously, wonderful lipstick, will I purchase another from the range? Probably, but it would most likely be either a completely unique shade or a perfect nude that I can use everyday, I would also have to be feeling flush that day otherwise it's a trip to Boots for me.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

REVIEW: Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanse

Due to Alpha H repackaging the majority of their products recently quite a few websites had some great offers on and I had to partake, I managed to get the Liquid Gold and Triple Action Cleanser duo for around £23 (The liquid gold is £34 on it's own) and I only really bought the duo because of the saving on the liquid gold.

I thought I'd give the Triple Action Cleanser a whirl as I had it so though I may as well, I didn’t look at reviews or descriptions so I didn't really know what to expect. On the back of the product it says you can use it as a makeup remover … Don't! Use something else as this stings the eyes and not in a good way.*

If you have blemish prone, sensitive, angry skin this is a great cleanser to choose, it contains Aloe Vera which will calm down any irritation and sore skin and Triclosan - an antibacterial ingredient that reduces the spread of bacteria on the surface of the skin which will reduce in the amount of blemishes. The none foaming cleanser also helps balance the pH of the skin which again will reduce the amount of break outs without drying out the skin.

I've used it for about two months now and I love using it, it's a great cleanser for the morning as it gentle and leaves your skin refreshed without drying it out or bringing out any redness. For the evening I use as my second cleanse again it cleanses my skin without any drying or tightness and is designed to be used before liquid gold so it sets my skin up perfectly for the next step in my routine.

The results I've seen are a reduction in blemishes and I can tell the difference from when I don't use it if I'm away, I've also notice the dryness in certain areas of my face improve; this may not be to do with the cleanser entirely but I really think it sets the skin up perfectly for the products that are applied on top making them more effective.

I highly recommend this and will continue to use and would likely repurchase when I eventually run out of face cleansers … so about 2020. I would also like to encourage Alpha H to make travel sizes of their products because I spend at least 2 nights a week away from home and lugging the full sizes around is a little tedious! It is £25.00 for 200mls (Link)

Are you an Alpha H fan? Or did you partake in the QVC Today's Special Value earlier this month? What did you think?
* Anchorman Sex Panther Reference

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Favourites: 2014

Bit late on this post but I really wanted to think about the items that I truly think made the biggest difference to my life beauty wise over the past 12 months and here they are.

Bianca Skin TCA Peels and Bloodless Vampire Facials
This had to be my number one favourite, perhaps even of all time. I was always so conscious of my skin, I never really had acne but I did have enlarged pores and I hated it, so when I had my lips done and Bianca mentioned she could help me with my skin and I have never looked back. With a combination of TCA peels (Review) and Bloodless Vampire Facials (Review) I have seen a massive difference and I urge anyone who feels down about your skin to look into having these treatments, I wholeheartedly recommend Bianca her treatments are effective, she is so friendly and she is such a professional. It's made a huge difference in my life and skin is not worth being miserable over especially when you can do something that actually works.

Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation £32.00 (Link)
I really disliked this foundation when I first had a tube, I thought it was utter rubbish and I thought all the bloggers who were praising it were either deluded or just plain lying if I'm honest. When I gave it another shot over summer I drastically changed my opinion and I have loved using it, I have actually just bought my winter shade so the fact I have two tubes means it's love. You can read my updated review here (Link) where I eat my words about my initial thoughts.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation £29.50 (Link)
I had always eyed the Double Wear Light up but as I wasn't skin confident I always went for its heavier coverage cousin Double Wear as my skin has improved over the year I wanted to finally be able to wear the DWL and I love the stuff, It is the perfect every day foundation; not heavy at all, blends in like a dream and lasts all day. My only criticism and it's probably quite a bad one is the shade range, why Esteé Lauder don't have their usual foundation shades available in this formula is a travesty because they would have my custom for life if they did because the shades are just too pink for my very yellow skin so I can only just get away with the shade I own in summer! But for those precious tanned months I live the dream!

Laura Geller Balance n Brighten Powder Foundation £28.02 (Link)
I actually purchased this powder twice in a year … unheard of for me because I haven’t ever formed an attachment to a powder before, you can read my full review here (Link) but if you want to set your makeup so it stays put all day without looking cakey and so it looks radiant and glowing use this. Like with the Esteé Lauder DWL all the powders in the range end up looking pink on me so I've retired my current powder for summer as it doesn't look as obvious when I have a tan! Why wont cosmetic companies cater to us yellowies??

Bourjois 1 Volume Second Mascara £9.99 (Link)
BUY IT. Enough said this really is one of the best mascaras I've ever used, the best mascara I've used for the price for sure. My original review is here (Link) and I stand by every word I wrote and have used it every day since May.

RMK Eye Balm £38.00 (Link)
Although my skin may be quite oily the skin around my eye is fairly dry, the RMK Eye Balm has been a godsend and I've seen a huge difference in the texture under my eyes, this is a solid balm that you use a little spoon to get out the pot and massage it around the eyes; the spoon and massage instructions are supplied and it's a real treat. I've used mine for months and I've barely used any as you need so little so it's a good investment as I can see a pot lasting a good year, I use as a night time treatment over my Alpha H eye cream (which is a gel) and I wake up with hydrated none puffed eyes. Winner.

RMK Concentrate Cream £64.00 (Link)
This came to my rescue over the autumn and winter months, I had a few dry patches of skin and overall was dehydrated and the Concentrate Cream just sorted it in no time. My skin is now plump, hydrated and very happy. It is an investment as it's not the cheapest cream on the market but I always think effective skin care is something worth investing your money in. You only get one face!

Korres Shower Gel £8.00 (Link)
This may seem an odd one but bare with me, every shower gel I seem to come across used to bring me out in spots on my chest and back especially Radox ones which were more like a full allergic reaction so when I discovered Korres did a fig scent I naturally had to try everything from the range and also came to a conclusion that my skin got on tremendously with the shower gel and now nothing but Korres touches my body … product wise! The range has some fantastic scents so I never get bored and the shower gel, body milk and body butter are all firm life favourites.

Tom Ford Black Orchid £52.00 (Link)
I fell head over heels for this fragrance this year having loathed it for years, I have no doubt it's because I'm older and can handle the more intense dark scents and wear them without feeling like a street walker or in this case like I'm wearing aftershave. I want this to be my signature scent because it's so memorable and unique in the sense that no one I know wears it and I feel very few actually do because they might think it's more expensive than it actually is so never really look. It's not as expensive as Chanel fragrances so if you're happy paying for those check out the Tom Ford fragrances … just avoid the square bottomed bottles they'll set you back a few pennies!

What were some of your 2014 favourites?

Thursday, 15 January 2015

REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Flimstar Bronze & Glow Palette

Have you ever seen a more stunning palette, this really is the ultimate dressing table accessory with its luxurious art deco rose gold packaging all I want to do is look at it and in my head I'm a Hollywood bombshell from the 20's applying my lipstick … on a bus.

Packaging aside as with every other product from Charlotte Tilbury's line I've tried the Bronze and Glow itself is fantastic, containing a contour bronzing shade and a highlighter this adds dimension to the face in a beautifully subtle way.

The contour shade is the perfect cool tone to sculpt your face without looking grimy which can happen with the wrong shade of contour and a makeup mistake I see so often. The Bronze and Glow adds the perfect dimension to your face without looking too 'done' and you can also use the shade as a bronzer if you're not into contouring and it is no way an orange oompa lumpa look, because it’s a cool tone it just appears to give a healthy glow; Nothing shimmery or sparkly just overall radiance and it couldn’t be more pretty if it tried.

The highlighter again imparts a stunning subtle glow onto the face without any sort of sparkle which can look a bit beauty queen contestant-y. Anyone with oily skin would definitely get along with this product as matte products can make the face look dull, with the help of Bronze and Glow you get the longevity of the matte makeup but can look beautifully luminous without the oily skin look and have wonderful radiant skin we all crave … well most of us.

Of course it isn't cheap but the pure luxury product is definitely worth the purchase, you get a bronzer/contour and a highlighter in gorgeous packaging with a large mirror and the very very very sad day I run out of the products I will definitely be using it as my everyday makeup mirror (I'm a little too afraid to do that at the moment in case I, god forbid scratch the product with the end of a makeup brush)

It is available from Selfridges (Link) for £49.00, I definitely think this is the most luxurious product I've used, have you tried anything so beautiful before?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

REVIEW: RMK Refreshing Gel

My thoughts on overnight masks must be public knowledge by now surely … I can't get enough of them - quite simply it's effortless beatification; Let's face it who can be bothered mid week to spend the joyous 5 minutes taking off their makeup, slapping on a mask to only have to get back up and remove it .. Not me! So sleeping in a treatment is heavenly, you wake up looking refreshed and once I hit my midweek slump this is totally needed.

Having used the RMK Recovery Gel I was eager to try their new offering: Refreshing Gel - it promises to 'cool and calm your skin whilst you sleep. Boasting a lightweight yet luxurious texture, this multi-tasking gel thoroughly hydrates your skin from its lowest level to its outer barrier, as well as tightening your pores to reduce surface shine. Enriched with rose fruit and bilberry extract, it will drench your skin in lavish moisture, whilst helping to comfort areas of irritation. You'll wake up to even-toned, radiant skin that is hydrated and protected'

Although I have oily skin it can get very dehydrated at times and look very sallow and my pores look much bigger, whenever this happens I tend to reach for an overnight mask as they just fix my skin, I wake up with plump hydrated skin and my pores appear a lot smaller. During the winter my skin gets battered by the wind and rain and I can't describe how calming this gel is and how much it soothes my sore skin. In the warmer summer months this is has such a cooling effect on the face and it stays cool for a long time not just initially so I couldn't recommend it enough if you've had some sun exposure. A must have product for a holiday to ensure your face is well hydrated and calmed after a day in the sun.

It has a menthol smell which I personally love as it feels so refreshing (wise name choice) and invigorating it also helps to decongest if you’re suffering from a cold, my skin feels like silk the next day and I find my makeup glides on my skin as everything is so well hydrated and plump. A definite treatment to use before a special occasion because it doesn't encourage any purifying of the skin like a lot of masks which will bring your blemishes to the surface, this mask just makes your skin look so much more plump and much brighter.

All in all another top RMK product and one I recommend to anyone with sore skin whether it is from too much sun or too much winter. RMK is available from Selfridges and LookFantastic, you can pick up the Refreshing Gel for £35.00 (Link)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

15 to buy in 2015: Makeup

1. Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer £28.00 (Link)
My biggest skin concern/paranoia is my pore size and although my peels and vampire facials with Bianca Estelle have helped tremendously I still want the smoothest skin humanly possible so primers that target pore size are always on my radar to try. I tried the original Smashbox primer years and years ago and have wanted to try their newer formulations for a while and since my favourite primer (Sarah McNamara ) isn't available any longer now is the time to buy.

2. Per-fekt Skin Perfection Gel £13.63 (Link)
I think this will be quite similar to the Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin primer as it has some colour correctors in it and can be worn alone on no makeup days which was one of the main things I loved about the SNMS so if I can find a dupe that would be great, unfortunately you don't get as much product but it is easily available and it tends to be in a lot of sales.

3. Bare Minerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightner £19.80 (Link)
I wear makeup everyday for work and when I give my skin a break from makeup at the weekends I find that I get spots which is probably the opposite reaction to the majority of the human population but I feel makeup gives my skin a barrier against the elements so perhaps that's why. My aim for 2015 is to perfect my weekend makeup, I want to look polished without looking like I've got much makeup on, I tend to wear full coverage concealer to banish my dark circles so trying BareMinerals Stroke of Light at the weekend will hopefully result in brighter eyes that don't look like i'm wearing a lot of makeup.

4. Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer £23.00 (Link)
In total contrast to the above I want to try the new offering in Laura Mercier's concealer collection for everyday use to combat those end of week horrific dark circles I end up with by not going to bed on time, hopefully the full coverage will sort them out and I will fake a well rested face.

5. YSL Fusion Ink Foundation £30.50 (Link)
I have found searching for a foundation that is suitable for oily skin that is lightweight quite a struggle (I know first world problems) according to reviews I've read the Fusion Ink by YSL is my long awaited saviour, '24 hours of soft matte perfection and comfort' whilst I wouldn't want my foundation on my face for 24 hours I like the ambitious promise it's making me.

6. Makeup Forever HD Foundation £32.00 (Link)
I have tried this foundation before, I really disliked it however due to my complete 180 on the Illamasqua skin base foundation I thought now that I'm a bit older I should try the formulations I once discarded. This is supposed to give you fantastic coverage which is invisible on camera and in real life.

7. Dior Skin Nude BB Cream £30.00 (Link)
This was majorly hyped up a couple of years ago on YouTube and blogs and I always ignored it as I wanted full coverage foundation however in keeping with my light weekend makeup aim I think this might be a good one to try out, my only issue is the shade range as all the shades look pink to me and as I have very yellow skin I may not find the right shade but I can only go to a counter and see. Hopefully I can find one and be left with glowing pretty skin at the weekend that looks like I've woken up looking polished.

8. NARS Radiant Powder Foundation £33.00 (Link)
I seem to be jumping from full covereage to sheer coverage in this post I know but I like to cater for every coverage situation and day to day I do tend to set my foundation with a powder foundation; It adds a little bit more coverage and more importantly lasts longer than a sheer setting powder on my face. I loved using the Laura Geller Balance n Brighten last year but I've concluded it's just too pink for me so never looks a good match for my skin, hopefully the NARS product can give me a similar radiant look but with the correct colour as it comes in loads of shades in yellow, neutral and pink tones.

9. NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Alhambra £25.00 (Link)
As I tend to spend a lot of time away from home I try and choose easy to travel with palettes and I've been looking for an everyday eyeshadow pallet and although this NARS one looks rather bland the combination of champagne's and gold's are my most used shades so thought this could be perfect for my travel makeup plus the packaging is nice and sturdy.

10. Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil in Champagne Diamonds £19.00 (Link)
I already own the amber haze shade of the colour chameleon and use it pretty much everyday as an eyeshadow base, as it's a fairly dark bronze I thought purchasing a lighter champagne shade would be useful when I want a bright lighter eye day to day, plus I think it would make a stunning inner corner highlight.

11. Charlotte Tilbury The Feline Flick £22.00 (Link)
I have pretty much given up on all forms of liner that don’t apply with a pen, I don't know why people still bother because with a pen it is a 2 second job and with a bit of practice you can get the liner perfectly even every time as they're so precise and easy to use. I have heard some great things about the Charlotte Tilbury liner so it's definitely one to try out this year.

12. Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara £18.50 (Link)
Another I've tried but every time I see a Chelsea Wears video and she has her lovely curled lashes on camera it makes me want to use it again, although I've ADORED my Bourjois 1 Volume Second mascara in 2014 and still loyal I think I have room for Smoky Lash in my heart for the occasions I'm not wearing liner and want the biggest flutteriest lashes possible.

13. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Glastonberry £23.00 (Link)
Each year when the berry tones are out in force I always say to myself I need to find one that suits me because we all know I'm not afraid to rock a bold lip yet each year I totally fail to bother, well I've set a reminder for September to get finding one if I havent before that because once the purple is out my hair and I'm back to blonde I think I'll be able to find one that suits me.

14. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk £16.00 (Link)
I could probably count the amount of lip pencils I own on 3 fingers and there is a serious gap in the nude section, I love a lip liner and since Kylie Jenners extremely inflated lips have become all the range nude liners are back and I have no interest in her MAC choice so the Charlotte Tilbury is the one I want to try.

15. Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in Apricot Shimmer £18.00 (Link)
I have an aim in life to be one of those women who always look polished and who always have something on their lips, I really fail at apply lipstick daily as I am extremely lazy so my logical thinking is to purchase a Clarins Lip perfector in apricot so I can have it in my handbag and apply it regularly so it always looks as though I have at least attempted to apply colour to my lips even if it technically is a balm so a total cheat.

So those are my 15 to try in 2015 makeup wise, what are you eyeing up for the year ahead?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

REVIEW: Charlotte Tilbury Kissing Lipstick in Bitch Perfect

Charlotte Tilbury was probably my most loved beauty brand of 2014, I haven't had a disappointment from the brand so far and although pricey you really do get what you pay for.

The Kissing Lipstick's I had my eye on from when the brand launched but I needed to see them in person before purchasing because lipstick and in particularly nude lipsticks can look different on your lips than swatches on the internet. 2013 and most of 2014 saw me in a orangey red phase of purchasing every lipstick of this hue and due to my dramatic hair change it didn't always look right with my new wacky colour. Although an orangey red lipstick is in the line I decided an everyday nude was a wise purchase so I could wear it as much as it deserved.

I chose the shade 'Bitch Perfect' and secretly prayed this would be the shade that suited me most because I LOVE the name, thankfully it was my perfect peachy pink nude and one that brightens my face and suited me the most as the other options either washed me out or were too brown. It's the perfect handbag lipstick that you can just chuck on without a mirror so it's been all the lipstick i've needed in the latter part of the year, although Christmas didn't seem complete without my signature red I was happy to play up the eyes and go for the nuder option ... and this meant I could intake more beverages and crisps. Win Win.

The quality of the product definitely deserves a mention, from the rose gold packaging down to the hydrating creamy formula, it's a little bit of luxury and you feel it every time you apply so it makes you feel a bit special on those days were you're not feeling your best. As it's a creamy formula it obviously doesn't last as long as other lipsticks can but it never gets messy and you can re-apply easily if and when you need to.

I definitely want more of the Kissing lipsticks and the new Matte Revolution ones ... maybe in the orangey red for when I have my blonde hair back and perhaps a deep berry tone who the hell says it has to be a winter only shade! You can purchase Charlotte Tilbury at Selfridges (Link) and the Kissing Lipsticks are currently £20.70 on sale!

Have you tried any Charlotte Tilbury? I have another review to do of the Contour palette which is just glamour all the way.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

REVIEW: Vichy Idealia Life Serum & Eye Contour Cream

After the over indulgences of Christmas and New Year I can imagine some skin care woes which need to be addressed, fatigue, stress, lack of sleep and diet all wreak havoc on our skin.

The Idélia range from Vichy are both great additions to a skin care routine lacking in a serum and an effective eye cream, I'd say it was particularly good for 20+ skins as the main focus isn't anti-aging like the majority of serums and eye creams saturating the market; Both formula's are light and easily absorbed into the skin yet very effective.

Lets talk about the serum, I always recommend people use a serum in their routine and this is a great product to introduce if you've not used one before as it absorbs instantly and is incredibly light on the skin. If you are looking for a product to brighten the complexion and even out skin tone this will tick those boxes, It is definitely targeted for the mid 20's market as it's designed to correct unbalanced diets, cigarette smoke, late nights, overexposure to the sun etc and I can confirm using this makes you look fresher and can help combat some late night drinking sessions (I tested this out thoroughly!).

The Eye Contour Cream I have to say I love, I often get asked to recommend an eye cream for women who haven't used one before and since using this I have recommended this every time. It's supposed to brighten the appearance of dark circles and reduce the look of fine lines; I definitely think it helps to brighten the eye but that might be because its slightly tinted pink but who cares because it works and it really moisturises and plumps up the whole eye area so your fine lines do look diminished.

I have really sensitive eyes and they've loved this Eye Contour Cream, they can also get really dry at times and this product hydrates them and very quickly absorbs into the skin so I've found it the perfect base for makeup everyday.

I really recommend both these products if you're looking to step up your skin care in the New Year and undo your over indulgences over the festive period without wanting to step into the anti ageing market (which is really hard to avoid these days). Both these products are on offer from Boots, £22.12 (Link) for the Life Serum and £17.25 (Link) for the Eye Contour Cream. Even at full price I think these are worth the money so with a bit of money off definitely one to get your mitts on!

Sunday, 4 January 2015


I wanted to let you know about an amazing deal happening today on QVC because it's a serious bargain!

Today's Special Value Contains:
- Liquid Gold 200ml (Supersize) - My skin saviour at times this acid toner combats dull congested skin.
- Absolute Eye Complex 30ml (Supersize) - I have heard good things about this eye cream and wanted to try it for a while, it helps combat dark circles and uneven texture.
- Balancing Cleanser 200ml (Full size) - Not a product I have tried before but it's a makeup remover which balances the PH level of the skin.

Now you can purchase the 200ml supersize of Liquid Gold which retails for around £45.00 and seen as the 100ml bottles are around £32.00 you think bargain right?
Well this set will set you back £34.92 + £4.95 p&p so £39.87 .... £39.87

That is an amazing deal and even better you can get the deal on auto delivery which means QVC will send you a set every three months (I think) for the exact same price! You would be silly not to partake  by clicking HERE

Saturday, 3 January 2015

15 to buy in 2015: Skincare

At the beginning of a new year like everyone else I like to set myself goals and aspirations and one of them is always to stop spending money on useless rubbish so I like to make a list of the things I would really like to purchase in the following year, I find this stops me going into shops and just buying stuff I don't need and spending money that could be put to something I do actually want. This works and I had a look back on my 2013 list and I pretty much got it all without too much flotsam along the way.

I'll start with skin care and there will be a makeup one to follow and perhaps another with other stuff (handbags mainly), so my top 15 wish list skin care items are as follows.

1. Balm Balm 100% Organic Coconut Cleanser £13.25 (Link)
I love oil cleansers and whilst I enjoy chemicals on my skin I think with the makeup removal stage organic is just as effective if not more so when removing your makeup with oil, this is nice and simple (with one ingredient) and fairly inexpensive and a great introduction to oil cleansing if you've not tried it before.
2. Balm Balm 100% Organic Frankincense Deep Cleansing Balm £15.50 (Link)
This is a solid balm so great for a massaging cleanse which I usually do on a Sunday so it's a great pamper product to remove your makeup, of course you can use it daily without the massage and it will be the perfect makeup remover ... I also LOVE the smell of Frankincense, if it was good enough for Baby Jesus it's good enough for me.
3. Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm £22.00 (Link)
This is definitely a cleansing balm for the masses as there's Clinique counters in most towns so unlike the others in this post if you run out without ordering more you can just pop down to a counter and pick up another tub, I have heard this is as good as more expensive balms like the the Emma Hardy so why pay £40 when you can pay £22!
4. Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser £24.99 (Link)
This just sounds cool so i've wanted to try it for a while, it starts as a gel when you apply it to the face it then transforms into an oil and finally into a milk. How could I refuse such a cool product, I have heard it is good too which is always a plus.

5. Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum £42.00 (Link)
I tend to get dehydrated skin quite a lot (I really need to step up my water intake) and at night I like to pack on the moisture and give my skin a real treat, i've wanted to try this serum for a while and it is supposed to be quite light whilst being able to hydrate thoroughly so I'm hoping I can use this as a morning serum as well as at night.
6. Medik8 Hydr8 B5 Serum £38.00 (Link)
I would feel a total skin care pro using this every night and there's major science behind this serum as it's supposed to enhance the skin's moisture retaining capacity as well as containing anti inflammatory ingredients if you suffer from itchy irritated skin (which I often do).
7. Sarah Chapman Intense Hydration Booster £57.00 (Link)
The basis of this serum is hyaluronic acid which we should all know by now is the holy grail molecule of rehydrating skin, this product also defends the skin against airborne bacteria and irritants.
8. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collegen Booster £47.00 (Link)
I want this serum for when my skin needs a pick me up of vitamins and if my skin is a bit irritated this should fix everything so always a good one to have in the cupboard when needed.

9. Diptyque Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay £44.00 (Link)
This can either be used as a scrub or a clay mask; whilst I don't tend to manually exfoliate I suppose if i'm in a rush I could use this for some instant glow, I will use this as a mask for when my skin is looking congested and in need for a deep cleanse.
10. Peter Thomas Roth Enzyme Mask £40 (Link, It doesn't seem available in the UK)
A wonder product for dull congested skin and this is a definite must have for me, the fact you can't get it in the UK makes me want it even more as sad as that is!
11. Biologique Recherche P50 £50ish
Another hard to get product in the UK and one that needs importing to the UK, there are two varieties of the P50, the original and non-phenol version. I want to try them both to test the differences and I hopefully I can get my mitts on them.
12. Sarah Chapman Overnight Exfoliating Booster (Link)
This gently resurfaces the skin overnight and a perfect travel companion as the packaging is quite small and you don't have to lug a potential leaky bottle around and keep your skin care routine to its maximum. As it contains salicylic acid its great for oilier skins as it helps to prevent blocked pores overnight which will help lessen breakouts making it another great travel component as stressed skin can equal spotty skin.

13. Clarins HydraQuench Cream £35.00 (Link)
I think paired with the HydraQuench serum will result in plump happy skin, the moisturiser helps to hydrate, protect the skin against environmental aggressors and pollution. I think the price point is good too as it will last you a few months as you won't need much especially on top of the serum.
14. Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream $65 (Link)
Another product that you can't get in the UK but thankfully Kate Somerville now ship to the UK, the Goat Milk cream contains lactic acid which helps to renew the complexion overnight and is gentle whilst doing it, it is soothing as it contains aloe so great for people with more sensitive skin too.
15. Peter Thomas Roth Power K Eye Rescue £67.25 (Link)
I have read studies on vitamin K and its ability to actually correct dark circles (total geek I know), now i'm talking about hereditary fully rested gals who still have dark circles aka ME! The studies basically found the only ingredient to actually make a difference is vitamin K so I've wanted to purchase this Peter Thomas Roth one for a while ... the price however has stopped me purchasing on many occasion but this is the year I bite the bullet and buy it! I'm very surprised how little vitamin K is used in eye care and the PTR one is pretty much the only one i've found!

So those are my 15 skin care purchases of 2015, i'm pretty sure i'll purchase more along the way, just to clarify my lack of a day time moisturiser in this post is because i'm 100% loyal to my La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo and nothing will separate me from it! What do you have your eyes on at the moment?

Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 Goals

1. Pass My Driving Test
This is a little bit of a cheat i'll admit as my test is booked for January but driving was a massive fear for me and in 2014 I conquered it so 2015 is the year I WILL pass and get my car and get my drive on so watch this space ... i've already noticed shopping for cars is not as fun as clothes and make up shopping!

2. Do More Exercise
This was in last years post and I'm continuing with it; it was actually a goal that I stuck to for the majority of the year but when my driving lessons began I stopped going to the gym because I wanted to focus on driving and the thought of the gym three times a week after work and driving lessons twice a week after work wasn't appealing. So once January is out the way and hopefully my test passed I can dedicate some nights to the gym/ exercise classes, I want to master yoga and Pilates especially as I suffer with a very bad back and if I can relieve at least some of that pain I will be happy.

3. See Friends and Family More
This also links into driving but when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere (where I live) it's kind of hard to see friends as often as I would like so my 2015 goal is to get out more and see more of my friends, the last part of 2014 saw some great nights with friends and I definitely want to continue that. I adore my family and Christmas always reminds me of this as I see them more so I want to make 2015 more about seeing family too, my Nana lives 10 minutes from me and it's shameful I only see her a couple of times a year so with my car I aim to see her as much as I possibly can, as well as visiting my brother who lives in Reading as i've never been ... also shameful!

4. Maintain Being Organised
2014 definitely saw me step up in my organisation, I end up doing to-do lists pretty much everyday in order to use my spare time wisely, most people think I'm a little crazy and the fact I don't watch TV makes them freak out a little but I love being productive and not just sitting wasting my life caring about fictional characters who live the most unrealistic lives (seriously how many tragedies can happen to one street? surely you'd move!) so I will maintain my level of crazy and I definitely want to improve on the blogging front as i've been so busy it's been hard to stick to my goal of at least two blog posts a week.

I think they're quite attainable and rewarding goals so hopefully I should stick to them! What are you aiming for in 2015? I should probably aim to shop less but we all know that would be an EPIC fail!!