Saturday, 21 February 2015

Iconemesis | Fifi Lapin iPhone 6 Case

I wanted to add a bit more variation to my blog other than just beauty reviews so I thought I'd start posting some alternative lifestyle-y posts so lets start with a phone case I recently got from Iconemesis; I always get the new iPhone on release date (yes I know total sheep but in my defence I don't queue up or anything) so I seem to always find myself with a fugly case for a while as most case designers don't catch up to the new model until the following season.

Thankfully this time I found the Fifi Lapin Bunny case from Iconemesis (Link) pretty quickly and love this case, it's super thin so doesn't add much bulk to the phone (something I loathe as the 6 is a skinny slinky model), it has almost a rubberised feel to it but doesn’t get filthy (think NARS packaging) and of course the design is seriously cute, I love the grey, I love the polka dots and the rabbit wearing the tea cup is just so me (I love a cup of tea).

I love LOVE my iPhone 6 and with my original bog standard see through plastic case it actually gave me repetitive stress disorder. The Sleep/Wake button on the new model changed from the top of the phone to the side; the combination of a larger phone, the button and the button being cocooned by my original case made for some serious thumb pain. Once I got my hands on this solid plastic case with the correct cut outs for the buttons my thumb has stopped hurting for the most part and I don't list the button being on the side as a negative of the new model when people ask if I recommend it.

Iconemesis have a few designs for the new iPhone models so there's probably something for everyone, definitely recommend if you're struggling for a none-fugly case and can't be bothered scrolling through hundreds of cheap eBay ones! I TOTALLY want the Fifi Lapin mint green rain clouds case (Link) having tried and tested this model I will happily buy more from the range.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

REVIEW: Bourjois Colourband Eyeshadow Pencils

04, 05, 02
Bourjois have some great new launches this month and I thought I'd share as I'm seriously impressed, first up are these Colourband Eyeshadow Pencils. So many brands now product these type of shadow pencils and by far my favourites are the Charlotte Tilbury Eye Chamelon pencils however their price means I'm unlikely to purchase them all.

Bourjois' offering into this market make me happy, the colours are all lovely and very wearable, my favourites of course being the bronze (02) and champagne pink (04) and these mixed together and you're onto a winner for everyday easy makeup. There is also a black which you can use as an eyeliner as well as a shadow (I didn't think an eye swatch was necessary), a gorgeous lilac (05) which will be perfect for the spring and on the waterline if you've got green eyes.

If you're looking for a reliable, inexpensive and long lasting formula these certainly tick all those boxes, I've worn them on their own and as eyeshadow bases and they really last all day (I'm talking 8am until 9pm). I'm glad Bourjois joined the pencil eyeliner bandwagon and also I'm glad they took their time with it because they've nailed the texture, formulation and shade range instead of rushing and releasing a substandard product. I highly recommend these for those of us who enjoy quick easy makeup that requires minimum fuss for everyday wear.

They are priced at £5.99 each (Link) which means unless Charlotte Tilbury release a completely 'oh my god I HAVE to have this shade' shade I will be purchasing the Bourjois Colourband pencils as they do just as good a job at a fraction of the price.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


I've never done an empties post on my blog before and since i've collected quite a few I thought i'd give one a try, I'll try my best to be short and sweet in my thoughts on each product!

1. Alpha H Liquid Gold £33.50 (Link)
An all time favourite, if you have started to experiment with acidic toners this will definitely be a step up! I recommend to everyone who asks about achieving clear bright skin. Caution to those with sensitive skin though as it is strong please see the REN Clarifying Toner below.

2. Elizabeth Arden Prevage Intensive Repair Anti-Aging Eye Serum £95.00 (Link)
This cost me a fortune and I was thoroughly disappointed by it, yes I probably am not the demographic for the product but I thought i'd see at least an improvement in texture but nothing! Plus it ran out mighty quickly! Don't Recommend

3. Bioderma Sensibio / Créaline H20 Micellaire Solution £18.90 (Link)
It pains me when I hear people using this as their main makeup remover; it's totally pants compared to an oil/balm cleanser plus I couldn't stand not washing my face properly over a sink with a flannel ... how I love a good flannel. I actually use this as my morning cleanser to freshen up my face and it makes like very easy and a time saver in the morning.

4. REN Clarimatte Clarifying Toner £12.00 (Link)
This is a very very mild acidic toner, if you are looking to introduce acids into your routine or one for the day thats milder than say Liquid Gold this could be for you, you can read my review here (Link). I recommend for those with sensitive skin, acidic virgins or day time acidic tarts.

5. Rodial StemCell Super Food Cleanser £32.00 (Link)
I do like a cream cleanser to remove makeup, ok it might not be as quick as an oil but they are so nourishing and my skin loved this cleanser plus you get a tonne (200mls to be exact) for your money so it lasted me ages.

6. ProActive Skin Purifying Mask £22.99 (Link)
I actually am a bit of a ProActive fan as I find it works for me if i'm getting a bit spotty; this mask I actually used as a spot treatment rather than a mask as it is a tad drying on my none spotty face and as a treatment it is amazing. Definitely recommend if you suffer from breakouts or hormonal spots.

7. NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil £28.00 (Link)
Although I wasn't a fan of the downsize and price freeze of their new packaging I have to say I love this cleansing oil, it's thick and luxurious and makes you're skin so soft after use. Recommend for those people who love a cleansing oil and who's skin needs nourishing at every step of their routine.

8. La Roche Posay Serozinc £7.20 (Link)
Hurray you can finally purchase this in the UK thanks to Escentual, I've been importing it from France ... along with the Bioderma for years, I use it after my acidic toner and I find it is a face calmer. If my skin is looking a little angry or spotty I just make sure to spritz this twice a day and it really works to calm everything down and balance my skin out. I recommend this for people serious about skin care and oily skin if your skin is red and angry.

9. Clinique Custom Repair Smart Serum £48.00 (Link)
I LOVED this serum, my full review is here (Link) and I stand by every word, it makes my skin smoother, softer and brighter. I recommend to basically everyone as it will benefit all skin types.

10. Korres Fig Shower Gel x 2 £8.00 (Link)
I don't use any other shower gel apart from Korres as I seem to be allergic to everything else, it's not the cheapest I'll give you that but it lasts a long time and using more natural products are surely always better for you. I recommend these shower gels to everyone and the fig scent in particular for people who don't like the typical fruity sickly scents available so quite a unique shower gel that both men and women could use.

11. It's a 10 Miracle Leave In Product £15.95 (Link)
I really really loved this leave in conditioner, I used it up in no time so it's an expensive habit to get into; at about £16 for this tiny bottle I kind of wanted to hate it but the hype is accurate and it makes your hair easy to brush when wet and it feels so silky and healthy when dry but doesn't weigh your hair down. I recommend this for damaged hair gals for sure.

12. La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo £11.62 (Link)
My most repurchased product of all time, my review is here (Link) and all I can say is that when I don't use this I get breakouts unless I use something i'm allergic to. I recommend this for spot suffers as it really could make a difference.

13. NYX Matte Finish £9.95 (Link)
A finishing spray and one I bought in the hope I'd found a dupe for the Urban Decay one below; I have to say it was pretty ok but not quite on par with the UD one however ml for ml I think it was pretty much the same price so it's good to have as a travel setting spray but not as an everyday one as you get through the bottle mighty quickly. I don't recommend this, see the UD one below.

14. Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray £21.00 (Link)
I've repurchased this spray several times, I find this the best setting spray as it keeps my makeup perfect all day and easily available plus the bottle lasts me about 5 months so great value (I'm currently using the original Skindinavia spray (who make the UD one) which is a pain to get shipped to the UK) I recommend this to everyone struggling to keep their makeup on their face all day or those of who are concerned with the powdery look on the skin post makeup application.

15. PCA Skin Brightening Therapy $52 (Link)
I got this post Vampire facial as my after care, I loved using this as a serum as it hydrated my face and made a huge difference to the overall tone of my skin. I recommend this to those of you with discolouration from sun damage or acne scars as it worked a treat on mine.

16. Indeed Labs Hydraluron £24.99 (Link)
The most hyped skin care product ever surely? I was very underwhelmed by this, yes it helped with the hydration aspect of my skin but that's all it did; i'm used to serums that hydrate and brighten or hydrate and something but this just hydrated and for £25 I didn't think it was worth it. I don't recommend it as you can get better products for your money and it lasted about 3 weeks so a very expensive habit.