Sunday, 28 June 2015

Skin Care Additions: Vichy Normaderm Night Detox

This skin care addition is for the oily girls and guys out there, it’s an overnight treatment designed for adults who have blemish prone skin.

I do go through periods where my skin can be very spotty, dull and a general mess and I found using the Night Detox really helped to clear everything quickly without being too harsh and causing parts of my skin to dry out.

If you tend to wake up with oily skin this is a great product to use as it stops the production of excess sebum and if a pore becomes blocked because of this over production of oil it can cause spots so it’s preventative as well as a treatment.

Overtime my complexion gets clearer, more even and radiant, so if you're one that suffers fro the oilies this is definitely one to try plus as it's Vichy it doesn't cost the earth, its £15.50 but you can pick it up at Escentual for £10.33 (Link) Total Bargain!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

REVIEW: LiLash & LiBrow

Let’s get down to it … this stuff is ah-FRICKEN-mazing, seriously amazing. Both the LiLash and LiBrow just work, I don’t know what witchcraft is used but based on my results if you use these products you will be left with the longest eyelashes of your life in about 4 – 5 weeks and thicker denser brows in about 6 weeks. Apparently the 12 week mark is when you should see the full results but I saw them much quicker so if you’re impatient these could be the lash and brow treatments for you.

I think the before and after’s speak for themselves and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been asked who does my extensions when I’m wearing mascara because not only are my lashes super long the LiLash has given them a natural curl so there’s no need for any lash curlers whatsoever. As I’ve been cursed with blonde eyelashes and brows I have to use products on them every day to look non-alien like but I think if you had darker hair you could easily skip those steps in your everyday routine if you fancied a day off from mascara etc.

As I knew it was a pretty intense lash treatment I did my research into the ingredients as some other brands are known for interfering with eye colour and people with light eyes ending up with brown patches and as a green eye’d gal I wasn’t down for that happening. In my research I found that LiLash hasn’t any of the ingredients that can affect eye colour so you can use it without worrying about those side effects. I will also say it’s gentle on the eyes because I have sensitive eyes prone to allergic reactions (Mac Brulee eyeshadow I’m looking at you) and it never caused me any discomfort or redness at all … like I said witchcraft!

Of course these aren’t the cheapest lash and brow serums on the market but if you have the budget I’d definitely recommend purchasing them if you’re looking to undo the damage from over-plucking as a teenager or if you just aren’t happy with your lashes and have to resort to falsies constantly. I for one will definitely be re-purchasing because I don’t want to live without these lashes or brows ever again! You can buy them directly from with free worldwide shipping (Link)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Currently Obsessed With: Designer Backpacks

Well my current obsession is an expensive obsession; with my various gym outings i'm discovering that I seriously don't have an appropriate bag for my pilates class (I know I know ... first world problems).

I have a Nike sports bag which is appropriate for my swimming classes but my gym classes only really require me to take a pair of trainers, gym leggings and a t-shirt so the Nike bag is wayyyy to big so it got me onto the idea of a backpack. Of course i'm not going to carry any old back pack like my Umbro highlighter orange school bag circa 1999 (I hope you owned one too!)

Mulberry Cara Backpack - £995.00 (Link)
I'm a huge Mulberry fan and adore the oxblood leather, I also love that it's multi-use; you can use this as a regular bag by unhooking the straps and just carrying it in the crook of your arm or just hooking one strap and using as a shoulder bag or both straps hooked and hey presto a backpack. Surely three bags in one is a justification for the purchase.

Chanel Canvas Graffiti Backpack (Not available online)
The most sporty in the category and definitely the hardest to get hold of but I love this bag, I don't love the price as it's not leather and it breaks every rule I have in regards to designer bags but it's fun and I don't have enough fun bags or bags you can just chuck about as i'm so scared of scratching the leather.

Philip Lim 3.1 Pashli Backpack £795.00 (Link)
I love the Pashli silhouette and usually they're really impractical because the flap is so god damn flappy whilst you're carrying it on the crook of your arm, I think the backpack is a better option because you can do the cool kid carry on one shoulder trick when getting your purse out etc. Another major brownie point is that the textured leather is seriously robust and so definitely one for anyone who's slightly rough with their bags.

Sophie Hulme Soft Flap Backpack £625.00 (Link)
Definitely the chicest and most minimalist of design, I love the clasp detail and it looks like it carries a lot and surprisingly the cheapest of all the options so one for the bargain hunters (I kid of course) I do think the leather will be prone to scratching so may not be one for the gym in retrospect but would be a lovely bag to use for the chic mother who wants her arms free for the kids or the fashionista who loves having the perfect Instagram look.

I want something I can use from work to the gym. My current options are above, question is .... which one?

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


There are so many subscription services out at the moment and I’m loving them, I was very apprehensive about them initially when they were introduced to the UK because I didn’t like the thought of paying for the unknown and potentially receiving nothing of interest or worth however having had my monthly boxes delivered for a good two years they do really make you try new products you might not have heard of before or give you great sample sizes to take on holiday/to the gym/a night away etc so I’ve definitely done a 180 on them.

Nailbox is a new subscription service all to do with nails (obviously) and it’s one I am really loving, as you all know I love nail polish and my talons are never bare so a subscription box that delivers purely nail polish and the odd nail tool is right up my street.

So in this month’s box I received four nail polishes and a Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher, Essie Status Symbol, Rimmel Lucky Lilac, Nicole By OPI Alex By The Books And Orly Color Blast Fiery Orange. I have to say I love the Essie, Rimmel and OPI shades but not as keen on the Orly, I think it would look lovely over an orange opaque shade but on its own I don’t think it’s suits me but I am impressed with how opaque it went in three coats to say the base colour is so transparent. As for the others all opaque in two coats and all lovely shades, I particularly like the Rimmel one because although it’s a lilac it’s not the normal pastel shade that I’m used to seeing around this time of year and I really like the brush as it makes painting your nails so much easier.

Nailbox Is a monthly subscription for £15.00 (Link) and I am happy with the overall box, I like that the packaging is just the outer mail box and not another box within it as it’s so wasteful and I’m literally neck deep in empty Glossyboxes I don’t think I’d be able to cope with anymore monthly ‘too nice to throw away’ boxes.

I definitely recommend the service for the nail polish addicts or if you don’t have many and are open to being surprised on what shades you receive.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

REVIEW: Laura Mercier Silk Créme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation

Laura Mercier have recently re-formulated their Silk Cream Foundation, the original is now the Silk Créme Oil Free Photo Edition Foundation and they have introduced the Silk Créme Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation a formula for drier skins. I reviewed the original (Link) and I can honestly say it is my favourite foundation of all time so I was very intrigued to try the new one.

My reasons for adoring the old formula was because it gave you the most fantastic coverage, it was long lasting, and made your skin look really pretty without looking overly made up. The only issue I had with that foundation was that it gave me horrendous spots 24 hours after using it, believe me this didn’t stop me using it but it was put in the ‘special occasion use’ box so if I knew I had to look my best I accepted the impending break out the next day. I hoped and prayed the re-formulation would stop this happening.

For those die hard Silk Cream Foundation fans you need not worry because it is exactly the same, it’s long wearing, gives you good coverage and has that not matte but not glowy finish you just look healthy and like you’ve got naturally beautiful skin.

For those not familiar with the foundation, formula wise it advises on the tube to use a makeup sponge and for once I agree with instructions on the packaging because I think this does need a sponge otherwise it can be a little tricky to blend in and reach the potential this foundation has to offer. I just roughly spread it out on the area I’m working on with my fingers and give it a slight blend then I use a damp beauty blender and bounce it into the skin (which sounds bizarre but the action you use definitely is a bounce) this makes the blending a doddle and makes your complexion look gorgeous.

The Oil free version is definitely for oilier and normal skins, if you have any dryness it does tend to be patchy and cling to those areas but as they have the moisturising edition there’s something for everyone and I do want to try that formula as well for my drier days (when I’ve over done it on liquid gold) and see how it compares.

Now to the question I wanted answering the most; would this new formulation give me the dreaded break out post wear? I initially was super brave and wore it every day for a week and I came through completely blemish free and I’ve used it since and literally nothing has happened so I’m happy to report they seem to have made the formula more tolerable to my skin so it might be worth checking out if this was an issue for you before.

Without doubt the new Silk Créme is my all time favourite foundation and I can now wear it everyday, that is happiness in a sentence! It's £35.00 (Link) for 30mls and definitely worth every penny.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Skin Care Additions: Liz Earle Cleanse + Polish

This is one of those skin care additions I reach for when my skin is all over the place, it can be dry, sore and spotty and the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish will have it back to normal in no time. I love this stuff and raved about it loads over the years and having recently acquired a new tube (a supersized one too) I haven’t stopped using it.

I’ve been using Cleanse and Polish off and on for about 10 years, I discovered it when I was 17 when I used to be glued to QVC when skiving sixth form and everything about it to me now is comforting and nostalgic, the smell can completely calm me after the most hectic day or if I’m in a rubbish mood make me feel so much better. Of course it’s not just about that eculptusy smell that keeps me going back to the product but the fact that it just fixes my skin. I use this as my second cleanse and my morning cleanse, it sooths my skin and balances it to normality and I don’t know what witchcraft they practice over there at Liz Earle HQ but if my skin has dry patches and oily spotty angry patches it calms everything down and even if I don’t change anything about my routine other than this addition my skin looks better after a couple of uses and it’s all down to the cleanse and polish.

I will say this is a great product to travel with as well because you can use it to remove your makeup and it does so with ease without any kind of sting, I wear waterproof mascara on a daily basis and it doesn’t have a problem removing it. I prefer to use an oil most nights to remove makeup because I don’t want to waste the C&P on removing my makeup but if I’m stopping over at my other halves house or at a friends I just grab a tube of this rather than multiple products.

£14.00 for 100mls and it's now available at Boots (Link) can I get a Hallelujah!! Think of the advantage card points ladies ... and gents! I've got the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Canister which contains a 150ml Tube and two Cloths for £20.75 (Link) there's also a Limited Edition Trio of the Cleanse and Polish which contains three limited edition scents (Link) so if you know someone Cleanse and Polish mad it would make the perfect gift!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Currently Obsessed With: Panache Underwired Sports Bra

I have had a little on going (whenever I remember to change it) feature on in the side bar over the past few months with different clothes/makeup/skincare that I’m obsessed with/ obsessing over and I thought I’d follow it up with some regular posts as I think it’s a good way of introducing some non-beauty content to my site which I've been wanting to do for ages.

First up a sports bra, if you have read my monthly favourites you’d know I’ve recently gotten back on my ‘get fit’ mission and I wasn’t feeling my old sports bra. I really think it helps if you’re on a weight loss journey to feel as good as you can when you’re working out and nobody feels good with pancake boobs that are the result of sports bras for women with big boobs as they just flatten them out in order to keep them under control.

Thankfully in my searching I found the Panache Underwired Sports Bra and my days of pancake boobs are over. First of all the reason I adore it is because it gives you a lovely shape that regular bra's give you so you can wear it as an everyday bra (which I have been doing), I also love the fun colours and patterns it's available in; I wanted to be able to wear mine with a low v-neck tshirt and my Nike Dry fit leggings so that a little bit of the pattern could show and I love how it looks, it's nice to have a bit of fun with work out gear like the smaller boobed ladies have. Of course the support is excellent, it passed the jumping about test very well and because I've been wearing it everyday I've noticed my I'm in a lot less pain with my back as the support is excellent and my posture is better as the cross over back encourages you to sit up straight which I very much needed.

I definitely need to invest in a few more and perhaps a regular black and white seen as it's becoming an everyday bra for me! It'll set you back £38.00 (Link) for one but as there are so many stockists you can usually find a good deal. If you are a big boobed gal I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Well i've been a serious failure on my blogging recently but sometimes life takes over, May was my recommittal to the gym month, I say gym what I actually mean is swimming and pilates as I can think of nothing worse than going to the gym but i'm motivated and that's all that matters. Despite my busyness it hasn't stopped me trying out new products and believe me when I say I have a huge back log of reviews to get writing so you can look forward to them commencing. But first the products I loved throughout May:

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil - £18.00 (Link)
This is possibly a lifetime favourite but seen as though my new bottle arrived recently I stopped rationing my existing bottle, the fact that I have repurchased this product says it all because I am not loyal to any body care products apart from Korres products. I use this in a few different ways, firstly using it as a shaving oil leaves your skin oh so soft and bump free, using it under hot running water for your bath produces some great bubbles when you get out of the bath you have the softest skin and finally I use it at the end of my shower on those 'can't be bothered to moisturise' days, I just slather it on my skin once i've done all my washing and leave it on for a minute then I just emulsify it and rinse it lightly off and once again you're left with the softest skin.

Clarins HydraQuench Cream - £30.80 (Link)
I had heard great things about Clarins HydraQuench range and seen as i'd not tried much skincare from the brand I thought i'd give this a go. This is a fantastic hydrating moisturiser and one i've used solidly since I got it, my skin has never been so soft and supple. It's a great product if you're in your 20's and don't want something designed for anti-aging but just good old hydration which sometimes is all that's needed. I definitely give this an A+ and it's making me want to try a lot more from the brand.

Caudalîe Purifying Mask - £22.00 (Link)
I featured Caudalîe's Peel Mask in my Skin Care Additions Post (Link) and I am just as impressed by their purifying mask, it's a non-drying clay mask that deeply cleanses your complexion so great if you suffer from blemishes or congested skin but it's gentle enough for sensitive complexions. I notice my skin is less oily the day after and it really does help tackle the congestion when I use it a couple of times a week plus at £22 I think it's a very reasonable price.

Roger & Gallet Fleur De Figuer Water Spray - £21.33 for 100mls (Link)
My signature scent is Tom Ford Black Orchid I adore how strong and bold it is however starting a new job in a small spaced office I can't say my colleagues for sure appreciate me spritzing myself with something so strong so I thought a 'Spring/Summer' fragrance was the answer and it comes via Roger & Gallet. I have used a few of their different body products and I fell in love with the Fleur De Figure scent of their body oil so when I saw they have a fragrance water in the scent line I was all over it. The scent manages to be fresh, floral and fruity without being overly sweet but has a real warmth and depth to it with the musk and fig milk base notes. A Eau De Perfum version has just been released and I might have to give that a try too because I am in love with the scent.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - £9.99 (Link)
For years I always broke out when I used this foundation but in a desperate moment of all foundations looking crap on me I reached for the Healthy Mix and for some reason my skin didn't do it's usual 'never put that stuff on your face again here's a bunch of spots', So i've been using it non stop. Bourjois hit the nail on the head with the naming of this foundation because when you apply it you just look healthy, it's lightweight and the coverage is build able but you never look like you have much makeup on, it's like constantly having a good skin day. Your skin looks luminous and well healthy.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet - £8.99 (Link)
I am a huge fan of the formula of these lip creams, they are lightweight, fantastically pigmented and non drying. They are better than some of the most expensive offerings in the liquid lipstick world so worth every penny of the £8.99 you pay. One of the newly released shades 'Don't Pink of It' is my new love, as soon as I saw it I thought of Lana Del Rey's signature pinkish nude shade and it very much lives up to this on the lips and does so without being chalky.

What were you loving in May??