Monday, 28 March 2016

Favourites: March 2016

ThisWorks Light Time Skin Plumper - £29 (Link)
I am a huge fan of the Light Time Cleanse & Glow from the same range and really wanted to try this skin plumper; I'm actually not sure if this should be used as a serum or moisturiser so I use this as my morning serum and it really does brighten and hydrate your complexion but isn't at all greasy so perfect under your makeup.

Starskin Red Carpet Ready Mask - £8.50 (Link)
This is just amazing; Sheet masks seem to have hit the mainstream and whilst there are definitely cheaper options on the market I don't think you'll find a better brand than Starskin, I have been so impressed with all the products i've tried so far and this hydrating mask is seriously THE best. When I apply this mask the next morning my skin is so incredibly soft, hydrated and plump; yes not one for everyday application but before a special occasion a must for me plus you can get it on ASOS so next day delivery for a skin care emergency. Also price in mind there is 30ml of serum infused within the mask so there's quite a bit in the pouch left over, I keep this and use it at the end of my skincare routine and leave overnight for a dose of hydration without the sheet, which does make the price a little less steep as you do get more than one application ... technically.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette - £59.00 (Link)
I actually owned one of the lighting powders before and I didn't get along with it, I don't know if I had a random duffer but I just didn't like it; when you constantly hear YouTubers and Blogger whittle on and on about a product it gets stuck in your mind and you start thinking 'surely I was wrong, i'll repurchase and see if I like it now'. Turns out ... yeah I was wrong! They are lovely powders which give such an ethereal glow to the complexion and you don't look at all powdery, this palette is so useful as it's my face powder, highlighter and bronzer in one so I don't need to faff about with anything else!

Spectrum Flawless Finish C03 Brush - £8.99 (Link)
I received this in my January LookFantastic beauty box and to say I'm not normally a coloured brush fan (it's so unnecessary) I love this brush, I use it as my contour brush because of the tapered shape and it blends my contour beautifully as the hairs are so soft. I definitely am going to try more brushes from the range as they're great value, wash great and do the job! Mac Smack I say!

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Clueless- £11.96 (Link)
I love a liquid lipstick so I had to try the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip, turns out you can't get them in the UK unless you pay about twice the price and buy them off eBay ... Which I totally did because I have no patience. I decided on a neutral shade to try and went for Clueless which is a mauve pink shade, lets face it from the swatch (below) it is a totally Kylie Jenner shade, not a bad thing but not my norm. The formula is very matte (duh) but not drying and lasts a serious while on your lips. I will be purchasing some more shades so that is enough of an indication to say I really like this brand I just wish they'd ship to the UK. It's 2016 come on already!!

Model Co More Brows - £13.00 (Link)
Another LookFantastic beauty box discovery and one I wouldn't have ever made without it as I thought this brand was just a cheap throw away brand I had no idea this was £13.00 until I wrote this! I was thinking it was a really cheap Benefit Gimme Brow as it contains the hair fibres within a brow gel, formula wise it's a lot wetter but basically dries down the same and I get the same results so it's a £5 cheaper Gimme Brow if that tickles your fancy!
So those are my March favourites, whats been tickling your pickle this month?

Sunday, 27 March 2016

25% off Discount Code - My Must Haves and Must Try's

I had a lovely discount code pop up in my inbox which gives you 25% off the whole of that is valid from Monday 28th March until Thursday 31st March so whilst I was planning my purchases I thought i'd share my must have and my must tries from the site.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum (Link) £14.33 with 25% Discount
One of my all time favourite serums that does exactly what it claims to, it hydrates your skin making it look and feel wondrous without breaking the bank.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + (Link) £9.86 with 25% Discount
I think i've whittled on enough about this over the years, I must be on my 30th tube and whenever there's a discount I repurchase; if you're prone to blemishes you must try this as it sorts my skin out and keeps me blemish free.

Clarins HydraQuench Cream (Link) £23.10 with 25% Discount
Another product that hydrates your skin beautifully and paired with the Vichy Serum your skin will be singing, on the expensive side but you get 50mls and it lasts a long time. I adore when brands don't pack their skin care with fragrances and just let the product do the talking and this one does just that.

RapidBrow Brow Enhancing Serum (Link) £27.75 with 25% Discount
If you have over plucked or your brows just don't seem to want to grow I definitely recommend this product, I had half brows when I started using it and it really did the trick of extending them and thickening them after a rather brutal encounter with a beautician and isn't crazy pricey like some others I've seen and used and works just as effectively.

La Roche Posay Effaclar BB Blur (Link) £10.50 with 25% Discount
This is fantastic; if you have large pores I urge you to give this a try because it is like polly filler and really improves the appearance of pores. Not only that I personally think it's the perfect 'day off' makeup as it can pass for foundation, perhaps not enough coverage for my normal makeup routine so I use it as a primer but when I just want to look fresh and polished but not covered in makeup it really does the trick and keeps the oil at bay so lasts all day on my skin.

BareMinerals Stroke Of Light Eye Brightener (Link) £16.68 with 25% Discount
Perfect to pair with the BB Blur for 'no makeup makeup' (ugh hate that phrase) it's incredibly brightening without looking like you have anything on, I think for most people who only require a little coverage under the eyes this will be all you need and if you have more substantial dark circles it acts as a great corrector under your usual concealer.
Nuxe Nuxuriance Ultra Re-Plumping Roll-On Mask (Link) £27.75 after 25% Discount
I mean a roll-on mask, this has to be tried! No mess and I'm guessing a bit of a facial massage plus I assume you won't use as much, this mask claims to regenerate the skin, promote radiance and leave you with a smoother plumper complexion.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Night Spa (Link) £16.58 after 25% Discount
Boasting similar results as the Nuxe mask this is a traditional slap it on your face and sleep in it mask which I'm all for, I never see the sense in rinsing off a hydrating mask because it isn't likely going to do any damage. This mask is packed with hylauronic acid and the Vichy Thermal Spa Water which will deeply hydrate and replenish the skin whilst you sleep.

Dior Forever & Ever Wear Extreme Perfection & Hold Makeup Base (Link) £21.75 after 25% Discount
I have heard very positive words spoken about this primer/skin care hybrid, mainly that it does indeed hold your makeup on forever and ever which is always a feature I look for in my primer. As it is part of the DiorSkin range the formula has skin care ingredients incorporated and is supposed to refine your skin as you wear it which I guess softens the blow of the price tag for some as it's improving your skin not just being washed down the drain when you remove your makeup.

Niod Photography Fluid (Link) £15.00 after 25% Discount
Two primers seem a bit much but I've heard amazing reviews of this product from Niod, I have been meaning to purchase this for ages to be honest but keep forgetting. Finding products to stay on your oily skin all day but that don't make your makeup look matte is so difficult so using a primer like the photography fluid should add a bit of a glow back to your skin after your mattifying primer/foundation.

Dior Nude Air Loose Powder (Link) £27.00 after 25% Discount
This powder is supposed to give your skin a real glow which again is so hard to find when you have oily skin and need to powder your makeup as most powders are matte, hopefully the Dior Air Loose Powder can be that final step which keeps my makeup in place all day but doesn't make my skin look caked in makeup and overly matte.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector (Link) £11.85 after 25% Discount
If I see the lip perfector's with a discount I will usually pick up a shade as these are so handy for in your handbag/on your desk. They are a lovely balm with a hint of colour but not a lip product you need a mirror to apply so perfect for on the go and I get a bit crazy if I don't have some sort of balm in my possession at all times so usually have one in every handbag and the next shade on my list is Nude Shimmer.

Roger & Gallet Fleur De Figuier Precious Replenishing Balm (Link) £10.84 after 25% Discount
I can't shop at Escentual without picking up some Roger & Gallet as they've become my favourite body product brand over the last year, their new Replenishing Balm in the Fleur De Figuier is a must buy for me as the weather is getting a little nicer and there's potential to go tight-less I need to up my leg game and get them summer ready with lots of scrubbing and body balming ASAP! There will no doubt be some repurchasing of their body wash, soaps (you can keep them in your underwear drawer unused to make it smell amazing) and hand cream also all in the Fleur De Figuier scent as it is just the best!

So those are my Must Haves and Must Try's for their Discount Code, have you tried anything I'm recommending/wanting? what are your must haves?