Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Review: @lumene_uk Nordic Hydra Hydration Recovery Aerating Gel Mask

Claims: Containing pure Arctic spring water and Organic Nordic birch sap, the light water-gel formula delivers intense hydration to promote a healthy-looking complexion.

Price: £19.90 for 150ml

Suitable for: All skin types

Thoughts: This mask completely fixed my skin at the end of November, I had a patch of relentless dry skin that wouldn't budge. I purchased this and two applications later my skin was back to normal. I often remove my makeup early in the evening so have been looking for a hydrating mask that I can leave on for a couple of hours in between washing my face and finishing my routine and this has definitely taken top spot.

It's not expensive for the amount you get so you can use it a few times a week for wonderfully plump and hydrated skin, it’s an essential part of my routine in the colder months. The texture of the mask surprised me, as it’s a gel I assumed it would be wet and thin but it's more a jelly texture and when you apply it almost feels like you are applying a decadent cream. I highly recommend this mask if your skin needs a bit of a boost!

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