Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Summer Hair Care Checklist

The summer months bring glorious sunshine, and the opportunity to attend pool parties and barbecues. We all know we need to make sure we protect our skin, but sometimes forget about the fact our hair needs caring for too! In the same way we use sunscreen and moisturisers for our skin, there are steps we should be taking to care for our hair. Here you’ll find the ultimate summer hair care checklists including how to use indian lilac for hair care, to how to wash and dry your hair this summer.

The ultimate summer hair care checklist

Here are some of the top things you need to ensure you are doing throughout the summer to keep your hair in the best condition.

Your daily checklist

  •          De-frizz and detangle your hair with oils. All-natural oils such as coconut oil are a great way to take away the summer frizz and detangle the ends of your hair. Simply rub it into the ends and brush through with a wide tooth comb.
  •          Choose loose hair styles. Your hair is at its most fragile during the summer months. The heat can cause your hair to dry out and break easily. To counter this, choose loose curls or braids when styling your hair each day.
  •          A healthy diet means healthy hair. Drinking water and eating plenty of fruit and veg will help your hair stay healthy and hydrated all summer long.

Your weekly checklist

  •          Only wash your hair few days. Over-washing can make your hair greasier due to causing your scalp to over produce natural oils. Every 2-3 days is more than enough.
  •          Use natural products like Indian lilac to condition your hair in between washes. Indian lilac is also a great way to soothe dry, itchy skin and promote better hair growth.
  •          Avoid heat styling. Your hair is likely to dry out quick enough without the added heat from blow drying or using curling tongs and straighteners. Allow your hair to dry naturally when you can and choose styles which require minimal heat products. If you do need to use them, ensure you always use a heat protection spray.

Your going-out checklist

  •          Protect your hair against UV. After applying sun cream to your skin, run your hands through your hair to add some sun protection.
  •          Wear cute accessories. Accessories such as hats and scarves are a great way to ensure that not only your hair but also your scalp are protected.

Other things to do in the summer

  •         Consider getting a trim (or even a restyle!) You want your hair to stay healthy and look its best, so make sure you keep on top of your hairdressing appointments. Why not consider having a summer restyle such as a layered bob or pixie cut. These will mean you need to style less and have a cooler hair style too!
  •         Don’t forget to wet your hair before going swimming! Whilst having access to a pool is a great way to cool off; ensure you protect your hair from the chlorine by wetting it first.

From using Indian lilac to wearing cute accessories, you now have an ultimate checklist to take the best care of your hair this summer.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

In -Flight Skincare Routine

I was supposed to demo this routine whilst in the air however I had to cancel my trip to Greece so I thought I’d share as a post so here’s my in-flight facial to step off the plane glowing and hydrated.

@pixibeautyuk Makeup Melting Facial Cloths Now I am not in anyway shape or form telling you you can use wipes, you can't … except on a plane. I am not removing makeup or washing my face in the tiny toilets so wipes are a neccesary evil. These are compact, effective and don’t destroy your skin!

@drdennisgross Alpha Beta Peel Pad If I've got a few hours spare I'm going for a mini facial, I expect all my readers to be avid SPF appliers so an acid before a holiday is fine as long as the SPF is applied! By starting with an acid you leave your skin perfectly prepped for absorbing the layers of moisture you apply and these travel friendly packets are perfect, the Dennis Gross pads are one of the best for clear bright skin.

@mariobadescu Facial Spray A facial spray will help keep your hydration topped up throughout the flight as well as being a god send when you’re in the heat.

@fgbeauty.official Sky Pack Sheet Mask Sheet masks although not the most subtle really pack a punch with the amount of essence that is contained and subsequently pushed into the skin. If I'm on a short haul flight one is sufficient, longer haul I do this routine twice. This particular mask is designed for flights so I was saving it, any hydration mask will be suitable.

@patchology Flash Patch These are my favourite eye masks for travel as they're individually packaged and work so well, there is so much serum contained in the packet you can reapply the serum long after you've discarded the patches. Long haul you need every perk you can get otherwise you look as bad as you feel and these wake up your face as well as plumping all the fine lines.

@pixibeauty On- The -Glow As soon as I set eyes on this I knew it would be my holiday companion, not only for on the plane but to keep in the fridge and applied after sun exposure for a cooling hydration stick. It's like a shield of nourishment which will help fight off the dehydration and bacteria of a plane. I absolutely love it. #blogpost


Saturday, 1 June 2019


 @waterdrop Microdrink Instagram made me buy it, before I had my CO2 laser I needed to drink as much water as I could in the run up and these little tabs of flavour & minerals were so handy to keep in my handbag to encourage me to hydrate when I was out and about. They come in plenty of interesting flavours and just really convenient, I’m a big fan!

Stimuloval M├ęthode Jeanne Piaubert Since seeing this on Trinny‘s live stream I’ve wanted it, it’s a facial massaging tool and you can really see the difference in the contours & firmness of the face when you use it. It’s great to use at the end of your routine with an oil and I also love it for using with sheet masks to push the essence into the skin.

@milkmakeup Hydrogrip Primer This is the first Milk item I’ve tried and I can safely say it won’t be the last because my wish list from the brand is growing daily. I’ve loved this addition to my routine, I have combination skin which is oily in the T-Zone and dry everywhere else and the Hydrogrip creates a balanced surface for everything that goes on top, although it doesn’t have any pore filling properties it does plump up the skin, it looks fresh and stays in place all day.

@beutiskincare Beauty Sleep Elixir I have used this oil before and adore it, they have recently updated the packaging to this luxe frosted bottle with a dropper, the formula remains the same and as brilliant as ever. There are 14 plant based oils contained in each bottle focusing on combatting redness and inflammation as well as hydrating and lifting, I love to massage this in with the Stimuloval, they are the perfect pair.

@originsuk Drink Up Mask This isn’t a new release by any means but new to me as I always bought their overnight mask, I love them both but the Drink Up Mask has been the mask that I throw on a few times a week when I remove my makeup early and have time to let something sit on my skin and really take in all it can. It is hydration and plumpness in a bottle. It will be a regular repurchase.

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