Garnier Hydralock Moisturiser Review

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Hey Ladies,

As promised here is my Garnier Hydralock review (but you probably guessed that from the title duh!)

Anyhoo! so here's the product i'm sure you've all seen it before!!

So basically I went into boots a while ago & felt my arms were a little dry so being the cheeky moo i am i 'tested' a bit out!! well i didnt like it, so obviously didn't buy it. Then i saw all the hooplaa on blogs praising it, so seeing it in Superdrug for £1 i thought i'd risk that substantial amount & give it a proper testing out to let you know my thoughts on it!

What They Say
Created for normal to dehydrated skin, it locks in moisture for up to 24 hours and is 2x more moisturising than our classic moisturiser. It intensively hydrates skin. Skin will be left looking beautifully dewy while feeling hydrated and revitalised.

What I Say
Ok so first of all, when I tested it out in Boots i can remember thinking it had no smell! However i must have been suffering from a little anosmia (the inability to smell smells) that day because it does have a smell, and a smell i looovvvee!! It smells exactly like Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream! (which is my favorite moisturiser of all time, its just far too expensive £75 for 50ml's ouch!)
As for what matters, does it actually work? Yes it does, after applying & it sinking in my skin feels moisturised, its the sinking in bit that i know is a problem for people as it does take a while, which is a part of the product as it is said to give a 'dewy' finish which is just the unabsorbed product for me. So you do feel sticky at first but once its in, its in & you're skin feels lovely & soft, I apply it at night so the sticky issue isn't a factor for me, i just wake up attached to my sheets!! & wake up with silky soft skin.
This is a relatively low costing cream & on offer in places at the moment as well and for the money you cant go wrong, but bare in mind, i don't have dry skin at all, i can get away with not moisturising & it having no effect on my skin and so most moisturisers work for me. So the effectiveness of this moisturiser may be different on dryer skins, it is tailored for dry skin & promises to 'visibly transform skin in 1 week' & i have heard its great on dry skins but i cant vouch for this!!

So there you go, that's my review, happy?! :) overall a great moisturiser that i would say results wise are comparable to a body butter but cheaper.

Thanks for reading & i hope you're having a lovely week!!!

Cya Later


  1. Great review! I am glad to read reviews about cheap products! Have a nice Thursday!

  2. im loving all these 'moisture lock' products that are popping up, the vaseline one in particular is amazing! xx

  3. I have been using this too and I love it xx


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