Illamasqua Dystopia Event!

Sunday 6 September 2009

Hey ladies

So as many of you will know from all the blogs & YT vids there was an Illamasqua event! One in London on the Thursday & one on Friday in Manchester. I attended the Manchester one, which by the way was for the cool people! It was held in a bar called Ithaca, as soon as I heard it was this venue I wondered why I never guessed it would be there as its so Illamasqua! Dark & sinister type modern bar/restaurant, I’ve been a few times & love it.

In the early afternoon I met up with Kelly & Karen at Victoria train stations & we hit the shops, then met up at Nando’s with some other gals & had a lovely lunch. After a trip to Starbucks teaching Kelly about coffee we headed to Harvey Nics for a few of the girls to get cupcakes!

We arrived at Ithaca a bit early thinking we’d have a drink in the bar before the event but they ushered us up to the 3rd floor bar where the event was taking place, so apologies to Illamasqua for our early arrival its all my fault!

We were greeted with very friendly faces & sat down & had a play with the makeup & a cocktail or two! When everyone had arrived they ushered us to one end of the room to hear the presentation, because there was a slight technically glitch with the sound Alex Box stepped up being the professional she is & started talking about the development of the collection.

Alex explained explained that the collection was inspired by the film Metroplolis, it’s centred around the creation of perfection, the perfect society, the perfect woman - Utopia. But by trying to create perfection, all that is created is imperfection, therefore if perfection is Utopia then imperfection is Dystopia. I loved hearing Alex talk as she spoke with such passion & was so friendly.

We then were passed over to Slyvia Lancaster who talked about the awful attack on her daughter Sophie & Sophie’s partner Rob in August 2007, Sophie sadly passed away a couple of weeks later due to the severity of her injuries all because she dressed ‘differently’, looked ‘differently’. Sylvia explained how she set up the Sophie Lancaster Foundation to help create respect for and understanding of subcultures within this country by teaching in schools and by helping change the law so that if a person who is attacked because of the way they choose to look it will be treated as a hate crime. I know quite a bit about this story as it happened in my area & so I talked to Slyvia after her speech and asked how I could help out if possible with the work she does, I see Goths/emo’s in my local town & they all just look amazing, although its a style I would never adopt I always wonder how they do such things with their makeup, they’re dedicated I can’t even be bothered to apply eyeliner so much respect to them! And for someone to be killed because of this is just disgusting it shows such scum we have in this country to me. Slyvia is the most brave & inspirational woman I have possibly met, to be that strong after having your daughters life taken from you is amazing and to turn it into such a positive thing is phenomenal, I think she deserves some major recognition for what she is doing and I’m glad Illamasqua is helping her with the awareness of this campaign.

After my conversation with Slyvia a crime truly occurred! I was cornered & asked if I wanted my makeup doing, a few girls had had some eye shadow applied & it looked great so I tentatively agreed. What happened next I cannot discuss as it will be used in court against this makeup artist when I press charges for raping my face. She started to remove my makeup with a wet wipe & I wanted to get away from that point onwards, it was terrible I still wake up in cold sweats reliving it in dreams. I’d say she was butchering me for a good hour applying coat after coat of eyeshadow, layer after layer of foundation. I wanted to break free, I had to have a bathroom break in the middle it took that long, everyone was saying it looked nice but they were LIARS!! I looked like a hooker not even a high class one! Basically she applied a smokey eye with black & silver & then added purple & glitter & not only that she applied it to about 5mm below my eyebrow so far too high up & then chose a bright white highlight that wasn’t even blended in with the darker shade.

The reason I was so pissed off was that I missed the entire event because I was sat down with my eyes closed the entire evening and at the end of it I didn’t even look good! I really wanted to talk to Alex Box but missed out on it, all I can say is thank god I was drunk from the cocktails otherwise I’d have kicked off & just told her to stop. Alcohol makes me love everyone! Once she’d finished applying the last bit of slap I had to dash as everyone was leaving, to say I kept the makeup on all night would be a lie, it was basically removed by the time I got out the building. When I got to the train station I looked in the mirror & my skin was awful, so cakey it was untrue. I wiped my face on my scarf & the amount thats was transferred was ridiculous, I then splashed my face with water & patted it with tissue to remove most of the rest, after about 90% of it was removed my skin looked flawless.

Overall the day was good, personally the Dystopia collection isn’t my style I’m much more a Siren’s girl as I love the bronzed metallic look over a darker sultry look. I received the Synth eye shadow from them, It’s a light lilaccy pink with glitter which really isn’t my colour so if I can’t find a way to use it, it will be given to a friend, I loved the look of the nail polishes though so they will be on my wishlist as will be the lashes and liquid metal & maybe the light lip gloss. So maybe in those terms it is a good collection in my eyes just not the eye shadows as they’re not my colours. As for the makeup artist experience she wasn’t part of the Illamasqua team may I add & the cakyness was from the powder she added as she piled on tonnes of the stuff. I did like the actual foundation so I may look into purchasing that.

So thanks to Illamasqua for holding the event & Alex for organising it I would have had a lot more fun if I had chance to look at the products a bit more & talked to a few more people instead of getting abused by the MU!! But lovely too see all the bloggers again & I have learnt my lesson to never EVER let a makeup artist do my makeup when I’m drunk!!

Learn from my mistakes kids! Thanks for reading, I was gonna do this in a YT vid but It would have too much swearing in it I imagine. Let me know what you all think of the collection!

You can see my pics of the day & night on my flickr here
including the scarf after wiping my face on it.

& if you made it this far well bloody done!!!

Cya soon


  1. Oh dear, you're almost as bad as I am when someone else does my make up! I end up teary eyed as my waterlines are so tickly!

    I loved Jen's make up! Stunning!

  2. The post we've all been waiting for, hahahaha! Jeeez luckily you were tipsy I could imagine you telling her to piss off and masacre someone elses face haha! Glad you still had fun though Alex Box sounds like an amazing MUA!
    I would have cried at the Sylvia Lancaster speech that's awful what kind of human being does something so cruel like that, makes me sick, I'll defo be looking into it :)
    Thanks for the post chick, can't wait for a few giggles at Maybelline hehe xxxxxxx

  3. Funny.. This always happens to me at beauty counters. :))

  4. lol you are hilarious! bless, it looked nice at the start, but 40 minutes later your face looked like you'd fallen face first in a bowl of flour!

  5. great post hun..ure sooo bloody funny..face rape! xx

  6. Yes, cupcakes !! Hi, this is a really cool post - thanks. Great blog too - loads of interesting things here.

  7. I was one of the people who said it looked good ha ha sorry I was trying to distract her from coming after me :D Your skin was kinda scary cakey even under the dim lights you could tell she was slapping it on! The eyes would have been nice if the smokyness was limited to just the lid but she must have enjoyed raping your face OMG how wrong does that sound x x


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