Serious Hair Envy!!

Saturday 13 March 2010

Hey Ladies,

I was having an Adam Sandler marathon last night with my boyfriend & when I was watching 50 First Dates I couldn't help but yern for Drew Barrymore's messy beach locks.

I wants them so badly, my hair is so straight I wish it could look like this, so this is where you guys come in, can any of you recommend products/techniques to achieve this look? preferably that dont take ages, i'm so lazy!!!

Hope you're having a lovely weekend, I truely am not, but hey ho life goes on!!
Love you all


  1. Theres a product by Lee Stafford that may help!

  2. sleep with it wet, scrunch before you sleep dont use any mouse or anything then youl have natural waves xxx

  3. after washing, spray on some salt spray, or some mousse, tip your head upside down, twist it all together into a bun on top of you head, sleep with it, and when you wake up, vwallah! xx

  4. I love this look too but think my hair is just a lil bit too short to acheieve it - booo!! Love 50 First Dates, such a good film :) xxx

  5. Its called a 3barrel waver and its excellent! I will be doing a post about it soon :)

  6. I love messy beach hair! as other people have mentioned - salt spray is the answer, it creates so much texture, slight backcombing is good too as it roughens up the hair cuticle


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