Essie Super Duper Top Coat! & NOTD

Saturday 10 April 2010

Hey Ladies,

If I was to do the over hyped products tag (which I probably will do at some point) Seche Vite would be in. Why everyone loves it so much I have no idea, It's good for about a week and then goes all gloopy & peels off along with your polish! Very extremely find that top coat & chuck it out annoying!

I got sick of it so bought a No7 Top Coat with one of those £5 off vouchers, it was ok, nothing special but did the job. I was then on one of my ebay sprees & decided what the hell, i'll buy a 'more expensive one' (actually not, because No7 charge ridiculous prices, I detest the brand as they try & charge so much for shite products, the £5 off vouchers is the only way i'll buy anything & its only ever nail stuff)

Anyway I decided on Essie as I wanted to try a new one, here's what I got.

Essie Super Duper Top Coat, not only does it have a great name but it's a brilliant top coat as well. It dries very quickly, i'd say just a tiny bit longer than Seche Vite dries it in, its super shiny and prolongs the life of your colour by reducing chipping and hardening the nails. Not only that it's not too expensive, as I said it works out cheaper than the No7 one, I got it from this ebay seller & it costs approximately £5.50 or less if you buy more polishes as the shipping will be discounted.

Overall I really recommend it, much better than the No7 or Seche Vite and very well priced as long know where to order it!

As for my NOTD, I was at work today feeling, not a little but a lot miserable, so during lunch I ran for Boots & cheered myself up with a few new skincare bits & a nail polish to paint my nails with immediately. I knew the one I wanted before I got to Boots, I had my eye on it forever but I hate paying what I would call a lot for a 'drugstore' product. I personally think £6.99 is a lot for a nail polish especially Revlon because I can get OPI for about £5, and personally it is my favorite brand!

Anyway I finally got Revlon Tropical Temptation

Sorry about the Blackberry pic but i was at my desk as you can tell from the phone cord! I love this polish, it needed 2 coats to become opaque & it is a lovely coral colour, I'm very glad I got it as coral is my favorite summer colour to wear on my nails and this is no exception. This instantly improved my mood along side the sunshine & I finally felt like summer was on its way so couldn't be in too foul a mood! I definitely recommend it to people who didn't pick it up last year, its like summer in a bottle to me!

Thanks for reading, hope it was useful to someone!


  1. Thanks for the review hun, im gonna order it today x

  2. Wish i had known this a few days ago :(

    I ordered the Seche Vite base coat and top coat like 3 days ago from ebay!! ARGH! hehe


  3. I'm so glad you mentioned Seche Vite. I bought into the crave a few weeks ago and my polish was already goopy with an annoying tangled up brush and although the shine is brilliant it does peel the varnish off too easily, I thought I was the only one!

    I love this coral colour though, really pretty. x


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