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Sunday 11 April 2010

Hey Ladies,

Whilst on Twitter a few of us were discussing maxi dresses and now that spring is in full flow its time to get them out, so I thought I'd write a post with some advice for what suits certain types of women & some of my favorites I've seen this season.

First of all I love maxi dresses, I think they're flattering, easy to wear, so pretty & can be dressed up or down so very versatile. Having bought an unbelievable amount of them (mainly returning most of them) I've worked out what the best type is for me & my shape. Shape may not be the best of phrases to use in the terms of maxi dresses as hourglass, pear, apple don't really apply, I'm afraid ladies it's all about boobies!

Basically the bigger they are, I personally think the more you should veer away from one type and towards another unless you wear a vest top underneath (personally i don't like to do this)

My bust size is 36gg & my waist is about a size 12-14 so I've found that low cut ones look dreadful on me, the material to cover the boobs in my dress size simply is just too small so it's cleavage central which personally isn't my style (i know if you've got it flaunt it, but when they're my size its too OTT) So i stick to a certain style unless I want to be swamped in a size 20 dress that covers the boys but drowns the rest of me! no fun!

So here are my recommendations!

Basically strapless maxi dresses that are elasticated at the bust are my best recommendations, they fit you perfectly & I think its so flattering to show your chest off without showing off the boobies, sophisticated sexyness, so get yourself a good strapless bra. Failing that the other type I've shown again is very flattering with the top of the dress in the vest style, you can wear a bra and because the top is solid colour it doesn't bring attention to them, if you're after attention just get a push up bra & you're laughing!

I actually bought the 1st one when writing this post & have the 3rd one already, I kind of want all the ones I recommend for big boobies but must resist!

The only thing you do have to be careful with is if you're belly sticks out further than your boobies because you're bound to get asked how far along you are, which just isn't nice!

These are a few more of my favorites for the larger boobies that i think are great for festival season, I can just see them being worn with wellies or gladiators, millions of bangles up the arm, messy hair & Ray Bans!

Now I really am not suggesting the smaller boobied amongst us cannot wear these styles, on the contrary, I think flat chested people can get away with all types of maxi dresses personally.

Even though flat chested girls can get away with all maxi dresses I'm showing some small booby friendly dress to highlight why they're better for flatter chests than for the big boobied gals. For example the 1st two dresses could be worn with a boob tube underneath & look fine but to me you're too covered, this is meant to show off a chest and so flat chested girls who have a space where the big boobied would have cleavage will look great in this plus no bras with these would be for the best.
As for the 3rd dress, not necessarily for the small boobied but the skinnies, this will look gorgeous on girls who aren't carrying much junk in their trunk as its loose & doesn't grip any curves so will be much more flattering for a smaller frame, on girls with curves it will just highlight the width of the hips & not highlight the waist so can make them look bigger than they are. I'd love to try this on to see what it would look like on my frame i do fear i would look a heffalump but if the belt is moved it would be better.

Just to show that although any of the dresses mentioned can be worn at night if accessorised properly, however you could always buy a specific one & these oneswould look great on big boobied & small boobies so perfect!

As for accessories;
Casual - I love to wear a cropped denim jacket with my maxi dresses along with flat sandals probably gladiators or studded sandals, loads of bangles & jewellery & messy wavy hair with a few plaits thrown in for good measure.
Night time - I tend to just wear the dress without any jacket with a pair of wedges & again lovely jewellery & wavy hair.

Hope this was useful to some people or at least gave you some pretty dresses to look at! Any questions or advice just drop me a comment or email.

Thanks for reading & have a great day!


  1. Hey :)
    I love all of these dresses, so pretty. My favourite is the dark blue monsoon one, I love that type of neckline and I think the sleeves look really flattering. I don't own a maxi dress and I don't think I've even tried one on before but this makes me wanna give it a go! xxx

  2. I really want a maxi dress but am torn about what style to get. My boobs are e cups but I just hate strapless bras! - dilema

  3. @jules my recommendation would be the asos one in the top set of pics as you can wear a bra with it, I have one in a different pattern from last year & you cant see any straps! or wear a strapless dress with a bra & a denim jacket like i do & you wont see the straps! xx

  4. Wonderful post, thank you :) xx

  5. This is a gorgeous blog. i absolutely love maxi dresses! definately going to stock up :)

  6. What a fab post, I'm a sucker for a maxi!

    My absoloute favourite is the Firetrap Bellamy. I have last year's version but I'm seriously lusting after this years now a Firetrap store has opened in Meadowhall!


  7. Thanks for doing this post - Im going to looks for some now as you have made it easier for me :)

  8. Thanks for posting this! I'm really short so I don't know how on earth I'll wear a maxi dress but I really like the spiced up night time ones.

  9. This is brilliant Im going to ladies night at aintree on the 14th of may and cant wear heels as I have a badly sprained ankle. Im trying to loose weight before we go as Iam a 32GG bust and my bbobs dont seem to fit into any maxi dresses but I desperatly want one. Im going on Boohoo to purchase the one you have shown and hopefully I can wear it on SUnday. Fantastic advice and it has given me confidence to bu one online. xx

  10. I had my doubts.... I am a 40DD and need support without slippage. Wow...I am impressed!! It allows me to be at least a size smaller, and it supports extremely well. In addition, it is comfortable. I will be wearing it to a few weddings this summer, and feel confident I will feel great all day. Highly recommend to just my size panties

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