NOTD: Mac Blue India

Wednesday 14 April 2010

Hey Ladies,

Another NOTD as promised in my last post!!

Mac Blue India

I really enjoy this polish, but still can't decide whether its a greyish blue or blueish grey! I find my opinion changes depending on what light it's in and in some lights it even looks green!!
It's a really unique colour that applies very nicely, but doesn't last very long on the nails, not in that it chips it just kind of wears off if you know what i mean, so for example I applied it last night & just shoved another coat on top tonight to cover any of the wearing off. Not the worst problem but could be better, worth getting for the unique colour I think.

Hope you're having a lovely week I'm having a brilliant one! :)

Thanks for reading & i'll see you soon!


  1. It's a beautiful colour, I love it :)

  2. oooh this mac polish looks amazing :) i might need to pick it up :) eee

  3. I wanted this colour when I first saw it and I'm still really drawn to it. It's gorgeous. Pity I can't afford it, I hate being jobless and penniless. Boo. x

  4. Greyish blue, its a gorgeous colour i may have to go to MAC this week xx

  5. Thanks for the pic :), it really is so unique looking...A sort of ceramic denim blue (if that even makes sense, lol).
    May have to get it ;).


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