I Got My Jubblies Out For Xen - Tan!

Saturday 8 May 2010

Hey Ladies,

The things I do for you eh? The title is true yes, I did get my bits & bobs out to review the salon Xen-Tan spray tan!

At the moment Xen-Ten are having an event in the Trafford Centre outside Selfridges until the 16th of may, If you spend £20 on Xen-Tan products you get a voucher for a free spray tan! Also if you buy 2 or more products (excluding the mitt) you'll have the chance to win free spray tans for a year, excellent!

So my Xen-Tan spray experience, as Xen-Tan sprays are available nationwide my experience will be pretty much universal, so you'll know what to expect if you have one.

I was taken into the room where the tanning would take place, the girl who did my tanning Kirsty (I think) explained everything, she gave me the options of the paper pants (so incredibly sexy) my own knickers or I could get my McMuffin out if i wished & then the same option with my bra. I chose an order of boobs hold the McMuffin! The only person who would see my white bits potentially is my boyfriend & he can see them white, nobody needs to be that tanned!

She was very professional, applied cream to my elbows, knees (& toes knees & toes hehe) & ankles & then began to spray & kept eye contact at all times didn't take a sneaky glance at my boys I wouldn't blame her if she did they are magnificent (haha), she sprayed the tan starting with my face & making her way down to my toes & then another coat on my face as i had makeup on. It felt like a cold blast of air & wasn't unpleasant at all.

In total it took about 20 minutes which is lovely & quick & I didn't feel rushed, the tan is fine to be out in public with after its sprayed & its not horribly dark I found, like if you get the St Tropez cream applied to you in a salon.

I'm afraid I don't have before & after pics but if you look on my latest haul video on my YouTube channel (should be up later today) you'll see how dark my chest is from the spray compared to my face.

Basically it didn't work on my face & I don't know why, I avoided an oil cleanser when taking off my makeup but it just didn't penetrate my makeup (I must have slapped it on that day!)

Overall I'm pleased with the colour (apart from the face & I'm pretty sure she forgot to do an arm because there's a definite difference in colour from my left arm to my right arm!)

Would I get an spray tan again at a salon? probably not, mainly because I can apply my tan by myself without a problem, I would definitely recommend one for someone who isn't confident applying a tan before an event they're attending though.

I have received some Xen-Tan at home tanner to try so I shall get trying that out soon & see if there's a difference between the salon spray & at home cream!

Thanks for reading & sorry there's no pictures, to make up for it here's one of my dogs Scooby cuddling a teddy! He licked a new born kitten clean the other day & looked after it, i'd have expected him to eat it the fat git! I miss my dogs so much!

Love love love as always!! & thanks for reading!!


  1. oh that dog photo is gorgeous

  2. great post - your dog is a pot double of mine :)

  3. I wouldn't have thought the tan would go through your makeup to be fair, they always tell me at the salon not to wear any on the day xx

    I also love that my word verification below is mingg lmao! will watch the vids as soon as its a bit quieter her x

  4. I want an Xen tan spray! When girls come back from the st. tropez one they're dirt dark! Fake tan never sticks to my face either =/ weird! xxc

  5. lol cute pic :) I really want a Xen tan def goin to get one before i go on hols this year..

    great post :) x

  6. Ahh so cute!

  7. I have natural tan skin.. but ppl in my country usually wants whiter skin,. what a world! looool.,



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