WTF Mac?!

Wednesday 12 May 2010

Hey Ladies,

I'm putting my accounting brain on & doing a quick post for you of some facts & figures before the launch of the Mac To The Beach Collection tomorrow (it was released online last week in the UK for whatever reason).

I think the item everyone wants to check out as I personally did is the cream bronzers ... see below

Ok so i can here you all oohing & aaahing
Ultra-creamy and simple to apply, this uniquely formulated bronzer glides weightlessly onto the skin to provide sheer, sun-kissed colour. Builds effortlessly and evenly. Presented in a green compact with a shell motif screened on the see-through window. Limited edition.
First of all the packaging of this collection does diddly squat for me personally as it just looks a bit cheap & tacky. (anyone else?)

The thing that's put a bee in my bonnet or pissed me off to put it bluntly is the price...

Here comes the maths, 6g's of product is the amount you get for £18

That's £3/g

So what's your point I'm guessing you're asking me

well ....

May I present a cream bronzer that's 98p/g and is ...

Chanel Soleil De Tan (aka Bronze Universal)
We've all heard of it I'm sure but this bad boy is £28 for 30g so as I said 98p/g amazing value!

The velvety finish of this light cream-gel bronzer leaves your skin with a beautiful sun-kissed look. Wear it on its own to enhance your complexion, or for a hint of outdoors radiance, over or under your favorite CHANEL Foundation.
I recently bought this (will feature in a vid soon I'm sure) & it was love on first application, I cant speak for the quality of the Mac one as I've not tried it but this is a tried & tested product so if you're going to a department store pop by Chanel first & try this out & make a comparison because its definitely better value!!

There's my bit of consumer advice there to save you a bit of money technically (we love that girly maths don't we Ladies!) & if you're in the UK Debenhams are having 10% beauty at the moment so its even better value (can you feel me prodding you with my finger like Mrs Doyle ... Go On!)

Thanks for reading & let me know what you're getting/gotten from these collections they don't interest me at all! whoo .... so i spent my money at Chanel! oh well its classier except my boyfriend said the lipstick was 'slutty .... which i like' ... men!

Hope you're having a lovely week, i made a YT vid on how to wave & curl the hair with straighteners so check it out!


  1. Very useful! I will take this into account the moment I decide to have a look at the MAC corner!

  2. The packaging is really ugly they could have done somthing much better...WTF is that green?!

  3. lol my bf always said slutty if i wear something bright or eye catchy!! which i like... !! hehe

    yea chanel is better value than mac beach collection. !
    thank you information. u smart girl !! lol

  4. I reeeeeally want to get the chanel one, but for me the mac one is cheaper value, hmmmm, decisions!

  5. agreed the mac packaging is a bit shit and way expensive but the chanel one is beautiful and looks like it will take over nars laguna! x

  6. This might be the only time I've ever thought that Chanel was good value/cheaper haha :D

    I agree about the packaging, and I really loathed the Liberty of London packaging too.

  7. god why didnt i think of this? my reasoning for buying the mac one was because the chanel one is so expensive and hard to get hold of- but this makes so much sense to just buy the chanel one!

    ive been using the mac one now for a week and i do really like i though, it feels so velvety on the skin. cant help but feel disgruntled now though! x

  8. I've seen somebody else compare the two, and you're right you can never go wrong with Chanel. I wasn't even interested in buying the creme bronzer. I totaaaally agree with you on the green packaging. Have you seen it from up close? O M G, it looks beyond tacky. And the image looks distorted! Ew! As if they have done the printing last minute. I have also been kind of turned off by this entire collection after watching Temptalia's video. The lighter colored lipsticks and glosses look as if they have no color when applied. I am sticking with a blush and 2 of the eyeshadows, maybe I will get the pink lipliner, don't know yet.

  9. I hate the packaging, it does nothing for me either. I'm hearing people rave about how nice it is and I'm like... wth??

    I'm not getting anything from this collection as nothing appeals and thanks for the advice on the cream bronzers, if I'm looking for one in the future I'll definately be heading to chanel!


  10. I hate the packaging too!

    The only thing I was remotely interested in was the cream bronzer but the glitter has put me off... plus I love love love the Chanel one :-)


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