The Body Shop Event!

Sunday 27 June 2010

Hey Ladies,

I know you'll have heard about The Body Shop event a squillion times but i'll get mine out of the way now. My day was extremely tiring but lovely, I met up with Caroline & Zoe before the event and had a mooch round Mac Pro where we bumped into the lovely Kelly. After a quick scoffing of a sandwich we went into the event, which was held at a very posh hotel.

We were taken through the new haircare line, the new additions to the Vitamin C skin care range & then the new Baked To Last makeup range.

The Hair Care

It is basically an eco friendly range that has minimal impact on the environment (something which i never even considered) so when you've washed your hair with it after 28 days when the water has reached the sea there is no trace of the shampoo/conditioner. A great concept which i haven't seen before i'm just wondering if the econess will affect the formulation time will tell.
There's is a separate range for a few different hair types and then a deep conditioning mask which i want to try as I use them once a week & don't bother with conditioner the rest of the time. The shampoo & conditioner are going to be priced at £4 each which isn't too bad.

The Vitamin C Range

This is the most exciting for me as I love skin care, there are 4 new products, a microdermabrasion scrub, a vitamin c powder treatment, Vitamin C capsules and Vitamin C eye duo roll on & brightener.
So far i am loving the microdermabrasion as its so fine & smells lovely, the powder treatment I haven't used so far but I do own a similar product from Philosophy so have a comparison to measure it against, I didn't receive the capsules so can't give any opinions of that but if i hear good things I will probably purchase them at some point. I do like the vitamin C range from the body shop as the smell is just lovely, so will be enjoying testing these products.

The Baked To Last Range

This range consists of two bronzers, two blushers and eight eyeshadow duos. So far I love the bronzers, the shade golden bronze is a great overall bronzer for my skin & the warm glow shade is a beautiful highlight. The blushers look very similar to me & i probably will be giving them away along with the majority of the eyeshadows as they're just shades I would never wear apart from the copper shade so i've given a few to friends & family.

Finally we had a talk about the ECPAT campaign which I talked about after the last body shop event, it is a charity to help stop the trafficking of children & young people. The last campaign involved customers purchasing a hand cream which is still available in a smaller handbag friendly size, with all profits going to the charity. The new campaign involves the signing of a petition for the government to give children greater protection against trafficking, you can sign the petition at . It'll take two minutes of your time so i say get it done ... that wasn't a request!

Me, Caroline & Zoe. Photo stolen from Zoe's Facebook!

So that was my day, after the event me, Zoe & Caroline headed to Westfields for a bit of shopping & you'll see the results in my next haul video. Overall a lovely day with friends & a very enjoyable event! & Chase Aston is as camp as camp can be! He said a phrase at one point & I swear i nearly peed myself laughing!

Thanks for reading & i'll see you soon


  1. That pictures is missing a Northerner. That is all I have to say =( xx

  2. oh i really like the vitamin c range, im glad they're extending it. the bronzers look good too.
    love this post, straight to the point! x


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