NOTD: Sephora By OPI Metro Chic

Sunday 22 August 2010

Hey Ladies,

This nail polish has had some love in the past by several YouTubers & I recently got myself a brand new bottle (I lost my other one, I lose everything) I kind of forgot how much I adore it because I'm only just applying it now & I know I've got a backlog of new polish to apply so It's expected but if I get a new colour & it pleases me I apply immediately disregarding my other 'new' ones!

Anyway enough nail polish politics, this is the infamous Metro Chic
Sephora By Opi Metro Chic
Ah I'm feeling so much love in the room for this one, & once again hate Sephora for not allowing me to buy this without a giant pain in mine & someone Else's arse! Anyway it's a gorgeous mix of brown gray & purple & is just plain sexyness! Mine applies very easily 2 coats & it has lasted me a good 5 days with a minor chippage (from being drunk last night) So perfectamundo!!

... ps do you like my pj's!

Anyway hope you've all had lovely weekends, mine didn't go to plan but I had a great night with my friend last night! I did a tutorial on my YouTube channel as well so check that out! & I made lots & lots of cupcakes & I ate a few as well, tutorial coming soon!

Thanks for reading & I loves you all!!


  1. I lurve Metro Chic! It's a great colour and a real favourite of mine.

  2. Woww gorgeous colour :D Bought three nail varnishes on saturday :( so can't buy another one for couple of weeks :(

  3. This is one of the best colors ever, imo :) Looks beautiful!

  4. i need this, it looks so pretty :)

    Lu xx

  5. love love this colour, ive got a light blue/grey on at the moment but i love this darker shade too - a must have! x

  6. It looks a lot less purple than I originally imagined!

  7. very good choice!!! Looked great today!


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