Who The Hell Are The Saturdays? & Why Do I Want Frankies Hair?

Friday 6 August 2010

Hey Ladies,

It would seem I have very coveted hair, everyone always tell me they want to take it off me, It's very long & in good condition (I don't blow dry it or straighten it & rarely colour it) Most of the time I thank christ it is so easy, I do nothing with it & it looks fine. Every so often I want a change & it's just one of those days!

This morning I had no idea who the Saturdays were until Sophie on twitter mentioned she wanted one of the groups hair (being an old fart who hadn't a clue who they are went & googled it so I could see) All I know is I want Frankie's hair!

I really fancy chopping it all off! Here's a style I love!!

I love this style, my fringe is long enough now to create it, the only issue is parting with my hair, its just too hard! I know i'd regret it because it would take effort to style it! So what I might do is buy a wig & have it chopped in this type of style, I wouldn't wear it everyday (I'd feel a right tool wearing it for work) I'd just wear it on nights out when I want to look a little different!

The question is could I pull it off? I really don't think I can, hence the purchase of a wig before any scissors touch my hair! I'm not precious about my hair I tell my hair dresser to cut off whatever they want but this is a drastic change. Better safe than sorry!

Let me know if any of you fancy a change & what style you're lusting after. Thanks for reading & hope you've had a good week! Mines getting better thank god, no promises but i'm going to aim to film a tutorial tomorrow for my YouTube channel, I will start with no makeup so this is a warning! :)

Love to you all!


  1. i loveee your luscious long locks! dont cut :( xx

  2. You didn't know who the saturdays were??? Is that a joke? lol!

    But i would say don't do it. I have cut my hair shortish before and regretter it instantly :(

    But if you are brave enough then go for it, it is only hair and it will grow back x

  3. I don't know the Saturdays either, but that girl is pretty...BUT, don't cut off your luscious locks! xxx


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