Product Rave - Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation

Saturday 25 September 2010

Hey Ladies,

When I attended the Bourjois event a couple of weeks ago the product I was most excited about trying was the new Bio Detox Foundation which is due to be released in October.

Whilst I held off applying it unlike Gemsmaquillage in Starbucks, I did apply it the morning after and have everyday since.

I love foundation, I think its probably my favourite makeup item to research & try out because I love healthy looking skin and minimal makeup (mainly because I'm lazy so I say its the look I'm going for) I have loads of the stuff from the incredibly cheap (£1.50 2True! Its actually good!) to the expensive (Nars, RMK, Chanel et al!) So I know a good foundation when I see one. This most certainly is one!
This is a 98.8% organic foundation & is eco cert if you're into that kind of thing, personally chemicals are my favourite friend so it's not something I necessarily look for but Bourjois claim that the formula enriched with chlorophyll brings oxygen and filters pollution to purify skin when applied.

I love this foundation I really am seriously impressed, it creates the most beautiful velvet look to your skin so I imagine people with 'normal' skin could just apply this & skip setting it with a powder, on dry skin this finish could be too matt but if you've got oily skin this is a dream; you will still need a powder to diminish your oily bits but this gives a medium coverage which can be buildable to achieve the look you like.

It smells like apples which I quite like despite not liking apples but once its on your skin the smell does disappear, it sets really quickly so you need to work fast but once its blended you get a really naturally bright & healthy look to your skin. For me I find that it lasts from when I plonk it on at 7:30 until about 7pm with a good setting powder, I have oily skin and do have to blot away the shine during the day but the foundation doesn't transfer so stays on your skin.

I think it will be about £13 when it's available which I wouldn't have paid had I not been given it because I kind of hate brands who sell their products in Boots or Superdrug & their prices are pushing up to higher end in some products, kind of cheeky & Bourjois are guilty of this. However now I've tried it I can honestly say I will buy another bottle of it when mines run out & could even be persuaded to try a different one from Bourjois.

When all's said & done, at the end of the day (as footballers always say) I can totally recommend this foundation, yes it was given to me but trust me when I say I don't bull shit my readers - their eyeshadow trio they gave me for example I thought was shit so I don't mess you about! I would recommend this to everyone, they have seriously impressed me into trying their other foundations!

It's funny I can justify spending £30 on a RMK foundation but not £13 on a Bourjois one, strange how my mind works, eh? Anyone else like this! Or am I as mad as I think I am!? Will you be giving this one a go?

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  1. I have not tried this yet but i am interested to see how it does on me!!

    Great review, very helpful.Thanks xox

    My Blog xox

  2. I think I'm going to need to get this one I love healthy mix but this seems more suited to my skin type :)

  3. I have oily skin too, so I'll keep this foundation in mind! Thanks for the review! :)

  4. Ooh i'll definitely be going to see this when it's out :) xx

  5. Hmmmmmmm everyone raved up healthy skin or whatever it was called but on me it literally vanished in a few hours. Bourjois foundations are poo on oily skin =0/ x

  6. I can't believe this foundation got such a rave! It dries so quickly and if you try to build it up you get crumbs on the skin. And I have oily skin! I've tried to persevere with this, but I've thrown it out!


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