So Many Events So Little Time!

Thursday 16 September 2010

Hey Ladies,

So I'm sure you've seen a few posts about this by now but last Saturday I popped down to London with the company of the gorgeous Gemma  (Gemsmaquillage) & had a couple of events to attend, we actually had to leave the first one early to make the second!!

So first up we went to the Bourjois  event

We were shown their new products for Autumn & Winter, I think the most notable products were the mascara, eyeshadow trio, foundation and concealer.

I think you'll have all seen the Volumizer Mascara which uses the same wand with 2 'settings' one with the stopper (the bit that removes excess mascara) really tight so there's not much mascara on the wand so you get a more natural look & the second the stopper isn't as tight so you get more of an intense effect. What I dislike about Bourjois campaigns with their mascara is the great big false lashes they have on their models! If the mascara is that good you wouldn't need to do that.

They said this was a patented design but it looks familiar ...

It's cheaper than Mac though.

I will do the reviews for the products we were given I just wanted to mention the mascara as its the only one out at the moment but the rest will follow & trust me one of them is unbelievably positive!& a full review of the mascara!

Next we rushed to the Illamasqua event.

They showed us their new shop & new collection!

Add caption

Alex's demo in progress

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Glitter Floor! - I want it in my bathroom!

Alex Box painted all the mannequins

I want these nails!!

Ahhh Nail polish! 

I'm sure you've heard about the new collection & I will be doing a post on it in more detail along with the products I was given

So that was my eventful day, I met so many lovely people & got reunited with a few more scrumptious ones!! All in all a day of laughs & lovely products!

Thanks for reading & i'll hopefully get time for some more posts this weekend!! Are you looking forward to any of these new collections??


  1. I'm outraged that I wasn't mentioned! First you went to Nandos without me and met Henry and now this! Not happy Miss Nicola (just joking really, could never be mad at you) Was a good day! xxx




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