Nail Rock Wraps, Sometimes I Just HAVE To Blog!

Wednesday 27 October 2010

Hey Ladies,

I've seen these nail wraps been mentioned a few times & was lucky enough to have them sent to me by Nail Rock & all I can say is WOW!! & I don't say that often, in fact i've not even finished doing my nails & i'm blogging about it!

Let me tell you more about them;

'Nail wraps are the new way to adorn fingers and toes. The new NAIL ROCK designer nail wrap range is designed to last up to 7 days on nails and 8 weeks on the toes, with each at home nail wrapping treatment taking just 15 minutes to apply. Unlike nail polish they won’t chip or stain the nail and quicker to apply as no drying time required. '

You basically stick them on lightly use a hair dryer lightly & press & repeat over the entire nail & file off the excess! It's SO EASY!! Seriously easy, I basically am wearing these for my birthday outfit so only wanted to try one out so thought i'd do accent nails & it took literally seconds! Couldn't be happier with them.

I obviously can't comment whether they last 7 days or not at this stage but personally I would only really use them for a night out as something special. You get 2 sets for your money a set that will fit on toes & one for fingers, you can obviously use both on fingers you just need to trim them.

They are £6.50 for a pack available in 24 different styles & you can get them from Asos & Topshop!

My biggest question to myself if i've been sent something is ... would I buy it with my own money?
My answer ... Most definitely yes! There is some purple leopard print wraps which will be in my grubby mitts very soon! & I love them so much I will be giving a few sets of these away soon! I'm that impressed!!

Thanks so much for reading! I might do a tutorial on them if anyones interested! Hope you're having a lovely week!!


  1. Seriously looking HAWT! Love them, am definitely going to check them out xx

  2. they look amazing! Love the leopard on just one nail and that magenta color! Gorgeous combo :)

  3. looks fab!
    im loving the metallic gold and silver numbers!

  4. having unsteady hands means nail art is out of the window so i NEED these in my life x

  5. These look great! I'd love to see a tutorial :)

  6. ooh could you do a tutorial please?? I've bought them (the leopard print ones) and I'm dying to apply them, but I'm convinced I'll mess them up!

  7. I did a post on these the other day.. I love them too! Mine lasted about 6 days before I peeled them off to try out new nail polishes haha.

    I LOVE the leopard print ones! They look really good with just an accent nail done too! I think I'll be trying them next!

  8. :O i saw these in look magazine today and i really want to try them! Now i've seen a good review i'll definately give them a go!

  9. great post nicola, so these are basically like a diy version of minx, right? x

  10. I've seen these in topshop & liked the look of them, thanks for the post babe! xx

  11. They look fab! I'll have to try these out. x

  12. They look amazing! Must must must hunt them down :)


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