Sunday Summary!

Sunday 31 October 2010

Hey Ladies,

Another week has come & gone, its been chaos!!

After a hectic week, this has been me!    
♥ Sleep - My week has been so draining, work has been terrible & stressful, on top of that i've had major BT Broadband troubles, 3 engineer visits booked & they only kept to 1 & did nothing yet again. I wanted to just cry & pull out my hair. Instead I chose sleep & in two nights managed to get 24 hours sleep! All I can say is I needed it!

♥ Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - It is seriously amazing! Its got such a reputation for being hard work & heavy but I find it a dream, perhaps I just am a super blender when it comes to a foundation so it's easy! Who cares, all I know is I am in love!

♥ My birthday dresses - they're both so nice, I may only need one now but nothing wrong with a bit of a choice! One is boobilicious & the other one is just fun sixties! So one makeup is sorted & i'm sure i'll create a 60's look with the other! May need some new shoes!

♥ My Miu Miu Paloma Satchel - I haven't shown this purchase in a video yet but it is such an brilliant bag, a satchel so I can be lazy & just use the long strap & then what I love compared to the Mulberry Alexa is that you can use the smaller handle on the crook of your arm as well as on your shoulder so its so practical. I haven't stopped wearing it since I got it & the leather is the softest leather ever!!

So there's my weekly run down, stressful but lightened by the lovely things in life & chocolate of course!!

Thanks for reading & let me know what your life has been like this week!!


  1. I absolutely love EL double wear - it's my winter foundation, definitely time to get it out again! I've never had a problem getting it to blend either! xx

  2. ah 24 hours sleep! wow i need a bit of that :) my weeks been pretty hectic too! i cant wait to see your miu miu satchel though! <33


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