Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows/Liners Review/Swatches

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Hey Ladies,

I recently bought a few of the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadows, so I thought i'd share some swatches of the ones I have & my opinions on them & try not to repeatedly convey my hatred for Benefit Cosmetics.

The Ones I Have ... So Far
Left to right ---> Birthday Suit, Carte Blanche, RSVP, Samba-dy Loves Me
So there are the shades I own so far & as you can see all pretty wearable shades no scary black ones in this bloggers closet!

Birthday Suit - A lovely neutral champagne with just a hint of taupe i'd say, one you can wear everyday at the office.
Carte Blanche - I'd describe this as a chocolate with a golden sheen through it so it turns almost bronze (If something is bronze I will buy it eventually!)
RSVP - This is a champagney pink! Exactly the same shade as Nars Nepal eyeshadow so paired together they are a dream!
Samba-dy Loves Me - It is the most gorgeous peachy gold shade, I think this is my favourite because it looks so beautiful alone on the lid, one for everyday plonking on the eye & one I want a back up for because its a limited edition shade.

My Thoughts On Them
There's a reason I own four! These are a lazy girls dream & by lazy girl I mean ME! They are perfect when you're in a rush because they are applied best with your ring finger & don't need any blending, I literally plonk it on & go! Simples! I'm far too lazy for eyeshadow & blending before 8am on a weekday so these are perfect for me.

The Packaging
Whilst most people love the choices Benefit make in the packaging department, I do not! They compromise the practicality of the packaging & the function of the product for the sake of packaging. In the creaseless cream shadows case they did well & had their sensible caps on because it functions in the exact way it should & manages to look cute as well with the birds on the lid & a nice glass container.

The Price
These sell at their RRP at around £14, I have found them to be much cheaper & only have paid full price for one of the ones I have (Which I hate myself for, I swore i'd never do it not after Powderflage) I found the rest for around £5 each so value for money on the cheap is great, if you buy them full price they still are good value for money as they last ages!!

Lasting Power
As an eyeshadow on my lids they last all day, a good 10 hours without creasing which is amazing for a cream eyeshadow. I've often thought about setting with a tiny bit of transparent powder on hot days to prevent any movement!
As an eyeshadow base they last & last & last & prevent the eyeshadow on top creasing for as long as you keep it on for, in my case 15 hours!
As an eyeliner - I have no clue I've never tried them as one!

These get 10 out of 10 from me, they do everything I want them to do & come in so many shades you're bound to find one you like!! I can see me ending up with a lot of these! The next will be Skinny Jeans!!

Some cheap ones on the links below!

Cheap Smells

Ebay As always with ebay be careful they are reputable sellers!!

Cosmetics Wholesale

Isis Fragrance

Thanks for reading & hope you found this useful let me know if you have any & what shades! if not which do you want!! Anyone else detest Benefit like me?


  1. i dont detest benefit but something about the brand does put me off. i dont know what it is, but the prices arent exactly cheap yet they seem so "drug store" that i always pass by the counter :S

  2. Samba-dy loves me is my all time fave. I do like Tattle tale as a base though - and don't bother trying them as an eyeliner. They're not intense enough, even the darker shades like Strut and Skinny Jeans. Love these xx

  3. I def need one as I'm tooooooooooooo lazy for blending eyeshadow etc. :) Thx for the review!

  4. Your blog is very informative. I also think Benefit, is not all that, the packaging is lovely, but it's what's inside that counts. Have you tried the new perfumes yet?? They're meant to be nice.
    Milli xx

  5. Just a bit of advice.
    China is churning out tons of fake Benefit along with Mac, Chanel, etc.
    Almost all Benefit are on ebay is fake.
    The creaseless cream eyeshadows are around £5 and are fake.


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