Sunday Summary!

Sunday 21 November 2010

Hey Ladies,

I failed at a Sunday Summary last week because I had very little positivity to report on, my Birthday was possibly one of the most miserable I've had so wasn't really in any mood to lie & pretend it was great!!

This week however has been a little better!!

♥  Christmas Presents! - I've been doing some shopping online & thinking about what I'm getting people, it just makes me so excited & in the mood for Christmas! Why are Dad's so bloody hard to buy for?!

♥  Unhealthy Obsessions - I cannot stop listening to Katie Waissel from the X-Factors performance of I'd Rather Go Blind, the words constantly repeated wouldn't be sufficient! Despite the fact that the nation can't stand her I LOVE HER! 

My unhealthy obsession doesn't end there - The Smurfs App! It's taking over my life! It's such a great free app & there's so many levels! love it!

Blog sales & giveaways - I love clearing out my stuff & doing blog sales (makes you feel less guilty for buying stuff) & giveaways always excite me so I've got the both going on at the moment!

♥ Nars - This is my giveaway at the moment & I've done it because I realised how much I loved it last week on my shopping trip to The Trafford Centre in Manchester. Yes it's expensive but I find I have no problems ever with a product. I used to hate the brand as quite a lot of their products have glitter in them & I'm not a glitter fan, however as I've spent time at counters swatching away I've found there are lots of great things without glitter as well which is my kind of thing! 

♥ My Skin - I've seen an amazing difference in my skin recently thanks to a few additions to my skin care & its making me very pleased. If I had a tan I would go out with just some powder on which = happy Nicola!

So that's been my week apart from being incredibly busy at work as per usual & working late but there was a gas leak on Friday so I got to leave earlier than 7pm which is a bonus, although the gas properly burnt my throat so it hurts quite a bit!

How's your week been?


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  1. i like katie waissel too! well, i can't stand to watch her, but i love her voice x


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