Sunday Summary & The Best £4 I Spent This Week!

Sunday 23 January 2011

Hey Ladies,

I've had a very hard week, its been full of work & horribleness. At the beginning of the week the heating wasn't working which meant cold cold water, I had to have a freezing shower! no fun! When it was finally fixed I went to Asda after work & bought these bad boys;

N-Spa Vanilla Creme Brulee Shower & Bath Gel & Body Creme

These seriously smell amazing, I want to eat them. There's actually text on the back that says 'This is not food' yes I do need to be told. The bubble bath foams up really nicely & isn't drying at all, I do use it as my body wash as well, the smell doesn't really linger on your skin but I just love the smell when you're in the bath, does make me hungry though.

The body creme smells just as delicious & is very moisturising, maybe not as much as say The Body Shop body butters but lets face it the Asda one is £10 cheaper! Now this product does linger on the skin & you smell scrumptious for hours, scrumptious for yourself maybe not the sexiest smell for the man in your life hence why I apply it twice a day! ;)

These bad boys are £2 each & available in a few different scents, for £2 I dread to know what's in them!!

Shopping & Good Friends

I have had a great weekend meeting up with Kelly, Gemma & Laura at the Trafford Centre & bought a few lovely things, which I will post once I find my camera cable.

Picture totally stolen from Gemma
Job Interview

I have a job interview on Thursday & it could be a very good opportunity to get into journalism & away from my current job, I was hoping to move back home but it's literally a two minute walk from  my current job! insert very bad sad face! But still fingers crossed!!

I hope you're all well & have had a lovely weekend I am very looking forward to IMATS next weekend, lets hope this week flys by so it comes nice & quick!! Let me know if you're going!


  1. i miss Lollipop26 so much, lucky to hang out with her! Yummy, i just adore vanilla...

  2. I LOVE THE PRODUCTS! Im not big on vanilla.. but the raspberry one. Oh my god to die for! xx

  3. I love N-Spa stuff...i blogged about them last week! That pictures lovely... you all look so pretty! xx

  4. Aww man that N-spa stuff sounds absolutely delicious! I don't have an Asda anywhere near me :(

  5. Ooo those N-Spa products looks so yummy! And only £2! So much better value than the Bodyshop ones. Aching to try now! :)

    Aysh xoxo

  6. OMG-My friends flat is right next to an ASDA! I am so going in there to look at these! :)


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