NOTD: Chanel Particuliere

Thursday 24 February 2011

Hey Ladies,

Ditching the press on nails means more regular NOTD's for you, today's offering is from Chanel.

I loves it so much! The bottle makes it look like a chocolate brown but when it's on the nails it's so much more than that it is a grayish chocolate brown really interesting and beautiful. On top I used a UV gel top coat so it's a little experiment at the same time to see how long it stays on with the top coat, it's certainly is super shiny!!

Hope you're having a lovely week & looking forward the weekend. Are you a fan of Chanel polishes? If so what shades? I know i'm not a fan of the price!! ... £17.20!!!


  1. This colour looks gorgeous! I think I may have to treat myself to it some time!

    The only Chanel Polish I own is Rouge Noir...I did like the look of the white polish that's in the Spring collection!


  2. I own particuliere and paradoxal, which are my favourite shades. However, they chip on me extremely fast and the Barry M dupes are way better and last longer.

  3. I remember being desperate for this a few months ago but i was travelling and it was either sold out/not stock (try finding Chanel in Cambodia!!) but then i found it in Melbourne airport and my dreams came true! I sat applying it like a loser at 5am while we waited for our connection...everyone was asleep. Yes, i'm sad! xxx

  4. i do love chanel polishes, i tend to get them as gifts for xmas etc... i hate spending that much on myself. i personally love rouge noir.. it is the darket red, almost black lovely :D


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